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Keenan Glover Gives Worst Job Interview Answer EVAH

Keenan Glover might have just killed his job prospects after graduation from pricy Howard University. Would you hire this guy after this question? Forget for a moment his entitlement mentality. (BTW if you wanted living proof Democrats want to enslave black people to government, you can get no better example but forget that for a […]


Matthew Yglesias is a Special Kind of Stupid

After years of pushing liberal policies and denying the reality that they do not work, Matthew Yglesias comes face to face with liberalism and whines that regulations stifle new businesses. And then he gets moronic. Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain By Matthew Yglesias|Posted Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, at 6:30 AM ET Last week, […]


Andrew Sullivan Melts Down (Again) Over Obama Debate Performance

Andy’s latest rant is sure to raise a smile.  The great irony is that he identifies the problem with laser precision but is clueless as to the cause. The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 – 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 – 45 lead. That’s a […]


Surprise! Andrea Mitchell Humiliated by John Sununu – Again

You would think as often as Andrea Mitchell get humiliated by Sununu she would either quit inviting him on, improve her game or not challenge him so much. But at some level I respect it for it. She could just refuse to let him on the show and save herself the embarrassment but she takes […]


NY Times: Debate “Unhelpful” Because Romeny Won

Before the high fiving from last night ends, enjoy a minute of pure Schadenfreude. Imagine the poor slob who wrote this; trying -desperately- to avoid the fact Obama proved himself to be clueless and incompetent last night. You can see them at the keyboard, the partisan rage oozing from every pore… Normally the Times tries […]


BREAKING: DNI Takes Fall for Administration Lying About 9/11 Two

Nothing like a Friday night late to get some ‘truth’ in Washington. The Good News: The Whitehouse has finally officially admitted the obvious that Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died in a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. The Bad News: The WH picked the Office of the Director of National […]


Jimmy Fallon Does TV Theme Songs

Happy Wednesday! via Althouse


Wait a minute… The Replacement Refs Got it Right (no really)

Wait a minute… The Replacement Refs Got it Right (no really)

When I blogged about this story earlier, I didn’t even bother discuss the play or the call… I figured it was self-evident to a tree. And that’s pretty much how every else saw it too. But then the NFL released a statement yesterday saying that it really was a catch. Everyone dismissed it and I […]


Beggar The Dolphin Lived Happy Carefree Life Thanks to Humans

If a Dolphin dies in the ocean is man to blame? Of course. Famous Begging Dolphin Found Dead A dolphin known as “Beggar” for his tendency to approach boaters for food has been found dead, possibly as a result of his poor diet. Beggar was found floating in the water near Albee Road Bridge on […]


Is it Unfair to Bash the Refs for the Worst Call in NFL History?

If you have not seen it by now, it’s being called the worst call in NFL history. Looks like Roger Goodell is going to have to reevaluate this whole replacement referee idea. I’m sure they are doing their best but these guys simply are not NFL talent. Many years ago I was a stringer (freelance) […]


Confirmed: Democrats Love Killing Babies, Hate God and Jews

One more time for emphasis: And yet, the mainstream media says tea-parties are extremists because (wait for it) they want a smaller federal government. Where is the narrative from the media that radicals have taken over the Democrat party? Because here’s video proof that they have. If a man who happens to be white talking […]


LEAKED: See Obama’s New Plan to Jump Start the Economy



Paul Ryan Shirtless is Here! The Photos!

Paul Ryan Shirtless is the talk of the internets now and thanks to the unceasing effort of TMZ there finally is a pic! More as we get them but in the mean time ladies, enjoy Paul Ryan as shirtless as we can get him.   Great work getting it TMZ but next time can you […]


Great Moments in Liberal Journalism

The Miami Herald, Sunday Aug 12, 2012   The very next day: That is all.


Busted: NY TIMES Lies To Slam Paul Ryan

Stone. Cold. Busted. The New York Times was the first Pro Oabma Super PAC to launch a salvo against Paul Ryan. And in doing so they treat the truth just like all the other Super PACs out there. From the Times Slimitorial: More than three-fifths of the cuts proposed by Mr. Ryan, and eagerly accepted […]


New Anti-Allen West Ad Appeals to Democrat’s Racist Base

The message from The American Sunrise PAC couldn’t be more clear. If you vote for the black man, he’ll punch white women in the face and take their money. –  And the racist Democrat base will lap it up. They even even go for the racist cheap shot of portraying West with a gold tooth. […]


Karen Finney: Free Contraception More Important Than Whole Economy

Karen Finney is a lunatic. The MSNBC political activist analysts says that women getting free contraception (which by the way can be had for $9 a month) should be more important to them than the state of the nation’s economy. She also said that working women voting based on the economy and not free contraception […]


Froma Harrop, Uninformed Dumbass of the Day II

Froma Harrop is beclowning herself again, this time on the Daily Show, in a clip so good even Allahpundit called it a must watch. So monumentally stupid is Froma Harrop in this clip, that Allah thinks she must be playing along with the joke.  No AP, Froma Harrop really doesn’t understand irony and hypocrisy, that’s […]


AP Edits Story to Blame Republicans for Obamacare Failure

Obama pulled the plug on part Obamacare because it was ‘unworkable.  And that’s how the AP reported it. That was until Drudge picked it up and they did a bit of editing to blame it on Republicans somehow. The original read like this: Obama pulls plug on part of health overhaul law The Obama administration […]


How a Lowly Blogger Can Teach Obama to Create 15 Million Jobs

I know I’m just a lowly right-wing blogger … which to the media means I’m a dumb, violent  racist… but I have written my own one sentence  jobs plan and I’m happy to let Obama present it tonight and even have him take the credit. As an added bonus, I’ll provide proof my plan is […]


The Unified Betty and Veronica Theory

If you've followed the l'affaire de le Weiner, you probably know by now that Betty and Veronica are fake. (more here) This begs the obvious questions of who created these…

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NY Times Humiliates Itself on Citi Hack Story

It is really hard to believe that in 2011 two technology reporters for 'the paper of record' could humiliate themselves and their paper so completely by botching a simple technology…

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Thoughts on Japan From a Katrina Survivor
Part 1, The destruction.

As many of you know, after Katrina devastated New Orleans, I spent several months studying why it happened and the damage from the storm. I probably single-handedly made the price…


Froma Harrop – Uninformed Dumbass of the Day

Froma Harrop – Uninformed Dumbass of the Day

You know there's an old saying. It's better to be thought the Dumbass of the Day than open your uninformed mouth and remove all doubt. Froma Harrop decided to…

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Is Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc. Anti-Semitic?

I won't call Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc Anti-Semitic. I'll let their actions help you decide. Via Caroline Glick we learn that Youtube pulled a parody about the recent Gaza Fauxtilla…

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