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I'm not an author, lawyer, or professor. These seem to be the most common careers of bloggers these days. I'm just an average, commonsense, conservative who lives in a red state that flipped blue. America is lacking in the commonsense department. We've got plenty of lawyers and professors.

Jerry Sandusky Guilty On 45 Of 48 Counts

Jerry Sandusky, the retired Penn State defensive coordinator who shocked everyone with allegations of sexual deviancy toward young boys, has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts. The jury in the case deliberated for two days, reaching a verdict earlier tonight. Under court order, the verdict could not be reported until court had been […]


Georgia: KKK Won’t Be Allowed To Adopt A Highway

As invariably happens, especially in a story with natural racial overtones, when a conservative tries to point out where the obvious hypocrisy would be, I’ll be branded a racist. But here goes anyway. A one mile stretch of highway in North Georgia will remain unkept, at least until another, more suitable group applies to adopt […]


Liberals Are In Disarray

To say that liberals, and more specifically democrats, are in a state of disorder over the upcoming Presidential election would be a major understatement. Liberal pundits and politicians are throwing every possible excuse up against the proverbial wall hoping that something will stick; hoping that something, anything, will turn the tide for their guy, who […]


A Tale of Three States

It’s been a tough few days for Barack Obama. The fallout from the failed Wisconsin recall probably won’t be fully known until November, he’s got an ex-President (that Democrats still love) running around undercutting him at every turn, and now, three separate stories about states that he carried in 2008 come out showing that he […]


Will Wisconsin Go Red In November?

The fact that the Badger State, which Obama won handily in 2008 is now considered by many to be in play, is not insignificant. It’s beginning to look more and more likely, that Obama will have to use resources that he would have liked to have used elsewhere to keep Wisconsin in his column. To […]


EPA Overreach: Did Order To Investigate All Communications With Al Armendariz Come From Washington?

I promised further updates about Larry Keller and his battle with the EPA over an innocuous email he sent about Al Armendariz. As you’ll recall, Larry Keller was visited by two armed EPA agents in regards to an email he sent inquiring about the contact information of then regional EPA official Al Armendariz. I’ve posted […]


EPA Agents Visit Man For Sending Email

The following is NOT a work of fiction. It did take place. It took place in the most liberty rich country in the history of the world. It didn’t happen in one of the old Soviet Eastern Bloc nations. It didn’t happen in Cuba or Venezuela. It didn’t happen in Iran. It happened here, in […]


Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee Saga Takes An Unexpected Turn

It’s not known if Elizabeth Warren’s great-great-great grandparents had high cheekbones or not; what is known is that instead of being members of the Cherokee Nation, they were involved in rounding up the Cherokee and sending them down the road on the infamous Trail of Tears. Michael Patrick Leahy did a little investigating into Elizabeth […]


The Bigotry Of Lawrence O’Donnell

Bigotry, stupidity. Same difference. Lawrence O’Donnell, the guy who took Olberdouche’s spot on MSNBC, went off on an anti-Mormon, anti-Romney tangent, which will unfortunately become rather frequent once the general election campaign heats up. You know, freedom of religion is only good in the minds of liberals if you’re talking about radical Islam or being […]


Next Time, Keep The Change

A waitress in Minnesota has decided to sue the police department after they told her that a $12,000 “tip” that was left at her table is being held as drug money. According to a local CBS affiliate, the waitress at a Fryn’ Pan restaurant in Clay County Minnesota found a box at her table, left […]


Obamacare Is Hard To Defend Or Something

Not because it’s unconstitutional, but because it’s not socialist enough. According to Reid Cherlin, who was the White House spokesman on healthcare, the easiest way to defend Obamacare would be to have passed single payer healthcare and then simply tell the Supreme Court, and everyone else, to just get over it. It so happens that […]


George Clooney: Obama Is Awesome, It’s Just That He’s Not Awesome At Telling Us How Awesome He Is

Where I come from, when you’re awesome, you don’t need to have someone to tell other people of your awesomeness. But according to George Clooney, the only reason that Obama’s Presidency isn’t being deemed successful is because Democrats stink at telling everyone about Obama’s wonderful accomplishments. Sitting down with NBC’s David Gregory (who thinks Obama […]


Obama’s NCAA Tournament Picks….Yes, He Did It Again

I always fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for sport, but I always do. Then again I don’t have the kind of job where I’m spending trillions of dollars in other people’s money, trying to manage a possible Iranian nuclear crisis with Israel waiting in the wings to take action, a […]


Gloria Allred: Rush Should Be Arrested

Seriously? Rush Limbaugh has drawn the ire of celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who sent a letter to the Palm Beach County state attorney requesting an investigation into whether the popular radio host should be prosecuted for calling a law student a “slut” and “prostitute” last week. “Mr. Limbaugh targeted his attack on a young law student who was simply […]


Why We Need Rush Limbaugh

The following is a piece I wrote yesterday for my personal blog. I feel so strongly about it that I wanted to share it with the readers of Wizbang as well. Andrew Breitbart was an exceptional American. He will not easily be replaced; as a matter of fact, I don’t think there’s anyone who honestly […]


‘Stick It To Obama’ Campaign 2012

In general, I hate sticky notes. For several years now, I’ve always seemed to have an abundance of sticky note packs in my office, in my car, in the kitchen, always in the way, taking up room, not being used. I throw them out when I find them, but somehow they seem to return. I […]


‘Breitbart Is Here’

Remember “Who is John Galt?” Now it’s real, now it’s “Be Breitbart.” From I Own The World: HERE IS THE LINK TO “THE SHIRT“ ALL MONEY LEFT AFTER THE COST OF MATERIALS,  SHIPPING AND HANDLING WILL BE GIVEN TO THE ANDREW BREITBART FAMILY. UPDATE 4: Here is the graphic that will go to the shop. […]


Joe Arpaio: ‘Probable Cause’ Obama Birth Certificate A Fake

Lost in the news of Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death, was the news conference held by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on his ongoing investigation into the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate that was released to the public on April 27, 2011. According to Arpaio and his “Cold Case Posse, probable cause exists that the […]


Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43

There’s not really much to say about this news, other than it comes as a great shock. Breitbart was a revolutionary when it came to the new media and taking on the left. He will be greatly missed. Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles. We have […]


Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Hold News Conference Concerning Obama’s Citizenship Questions

Well this should be fun to watch, regardless. As much as I’d love to see Arpaio’s press conference reveal that Obama was born in another country, thereby making him ineligible to hold the office he now occupies, I doubt that’s what will happen. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was asked to investigate Obama’s citizenship eligibility on behalf […]


Liberal Opposition To Natural Law

New York Representative Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is no doubt completely ignorant when it comes to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There isn’t, unfortunately enough for us, a requirement that anyone seeking elected office have at least a basic understanding of our founding documents and how those documents came to be. The founders […]


‘Hey, Where Can I Get Me One Of Them There Algae Cars?’

Speaking at the University of Miami, President Obama took the occasion to point out that they in Miami were sitting on a goldmine. You know, because they have so much algae around. Admitting that there is no “silver bullet” (I think he meant magic bullet) solution for high gas prices, he touted the “investments” being […]


Discrimination: Susana Martinez Hairstylist Quits Her Over Her Views

Despite the progress we’ve made in America over the years, discrimination and bigotry still raise their ugly heads on a daily basis. Discrimination is defined as: treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or […]


Rush Limbaugh: Santorum Will Have To Answer On Satan

Well, I guess it’s better than having to answer to Satan. Limbaugh said that Santorum’s comments about Satan were meant to demonstrate that he is nothing more than the religious wacko that the left has tried to portray him as. But he will have to answer for them because he did in fact say what […]


Herman Cain: 50% Of The Electorate Is Stupid Or Ignorant

Well, yes. Therein lies our greatest problem. Former candidate Herman Cain speaking in Suwanee, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) said that when it comes to voting in this country, half the electorate is either stupid or ignorant when it comes to what’s going on in this country.  The former GOP presidential hopeful, campaigning on behalf […]