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The Reverend Al Sharpton Almost Chokes On His Own BS

News-worthy:  No (Not much that is blurted out by the good Reverend is.) I believe this occurred Wednesday, on something called MSNBC. Not sure what the exact bodily function this would be classified as, but, it’s pretty damned funny. Turn up your volume a bit to get the full effect. W.T.F….    


The Wussification Of America Continues

I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch resident CNN dufus Fareed Zakaira on Sunday. His guest? One Malcolm Gladwell,  a writer for The New Yorker. His topic:  Comparing playing football to engaging in dog fighting, and that college football should be eliminated due to the possibility of injury, specifically neurological disorders. Zakaira:  You compare football to dog […]


George Zimmerman Helps Car Accident Victims

George Zimmerman, seemingly the worst human being since Hitler, assists a family in an auto accident. This criminal mastermind MUST have planned this..  (Video report can be found here.) “(CNN) — Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle […]


My New Favorite Person

Charles Ramsey is a hero. He, with other local residents in a section of Cleveland, helped rescue three young women and a 6 year old from 10 years of captivity by a trio of perverts. Though the substance is serious, Mr. Ramsey’s account of what happened is quite animated.   Someone needs to give this man […]


Mum’s The Word About Hillary’s Health

Sifting through the seemingly endless bookmarks of articles I had hoped to read these past recent hectic months, I came across a few things which just defy reality. Back in January, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate, gave a press conference in Union Beach, NJ concerning the painfully slow process with […]


Quick Thoughts On Gay Marriage

I make it a point to watch the likes of MSNBC just to get an idea of where the enemy’s thoughts are.  It seems much of this past week’s coverage on both MSNBC and CNN was devoted to the issue of gay marriage and the Supreme Court.  These information outlets, with the support of their […]


Which One Would You Trust?

A few days ago, I saw the viral picture of the now famous dog ‘Tonik,’ who looks like he has a human face. “That’s real news!” (As proclaimed by Ralphie’s father in the movie ‘A Christmas Story,’ refering to a newspaper article about a man who swallowed a yo-yo.) Disturbingly, it seems as if this dog has gotten more […]


The American Experience: Atlanta Style

(The following video isn’t exactly news-worthy, but, it is a worthy watch. The action gets better (or worse, depending on your interpretation) as the video progresses, especially around the 2:50 mark. There’s a bit of crude language in this snap-shot of urban life, so if you are particularly sensitive to that, feel free to cover your ears.) If this […]


And The Liberal Explotation Of Children Continues

As I was driving home yesterday from my weekly assault-gun show sponsored by a militia of rich, old, homophobic white guys kicking cute puppies (’cause that’s how we Conservatives roll!), I heard a cringe-worthy radio advertisement from the Amalgamated Transit Union, which represents 8,000 New York City school bus drivers. The union is on strike because […]


“How Did It Come To This?”

Well, as we are all aware of by now, the latest crisis being used to spook the bejesus out of Americans is the upcoming, scary-sounding ‘fiscal cliff.’ Though the fiscal cliff may indeed have the potential to cause some uncomfortable financial consequences for the American taxpayer, let’s not kid ourselves about the true motives behind […]


The Messiah Weeps.

In a video released by Team Obama last night, Mr. Obama cried while giving a speech to his faithful campaign minions. Not for the victims and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.  Not about the 23 million Americans who are under or unemployed.  Not about 4 murdered Americans in Libya.  Not about 42 million people on […]


Video: Hate Crime Caught On Tape

I know this has been covered extensively in the MSM the past couple of days, but, just in case you somehow managed to miss the deafening outcry, this hate-crime was caught on video: The hostility and harassment displayed by the bus driver toward the youths is obvious. The young man, clearly feeling threatened, acted out […]


Pretty Creepy, Even For King Barack The Dunce

I find this simply stunning:   Google decides to leave video on YouTube By: Michelle Quinn September 14, 2012 07:11 PM EDT  Google will leave a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad on YouTube despite a White House request that the company review it under its own policies, the company said Friday.The White House […]


What Will It Take?

(Regrettably, I have been so busy over the last 36 hours that I am not completely up to date on every fact, report, investigation, or tweet that has surfaced concerning the attacks on our embassies or the deaths  of our four American brethren.  That said, I wrote this out in a state of fatigue last […]


It’s Good To Be King

By now, everyone has heard and seen Obama’s response to Clint Eastwood’s empty chair bit at the Republican National Convention Thursday night. For those who haven’t seen Obama’s witty retort, almost immediately after Eastwood’s jab, Barack ‘tweeted’ the following picture with the statement “This seat’s taken.” “This seat’s taken.” Classy stuff from Barack, considering, as Eastwood correctly stated,  “Politicians are employees […]


Joe Biden: Vice-Dunce

Just when you’ve figured Team Obama has quite possibly hit their lowest point in campaigning and rhetoric, they trot out something else just to make sure the bar still has a few rungs left. This time, it was Old Man Biden again. You know, “Joe just being Joe.” In Danville, Virginia, Tuesday, the audience, which […]


‘Skynet’ Begins.

Hey everyone! Just in case you already have trouble sleeping and don’t know why, here’s something to justify your insomnia. Sheesh…


Right On, Mitt

“Russia is not a friendly character on the world stage and for this president [Obama] to be looking for greater flexibility where he doesn’t have to answer to the American people in his relations with Russia is very, very troubling, very alarming,” he said. “I am very, very concerned. “This is to Russia,” Romney said. […]


Funny Stuff – Jersey Style

I caught this two days ago. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Thank God!) and Democratic superstar Newark Mayor Cory Booker, teamed up for this surprisingly funny skit. For a little back-story, Mayor Booker ‘Tweeted’ his snow-shoveling efforts during our 2010 Dump-of-the-Century here in New Jersey (Though, there was widespread condemnation of the over-all Newark […]


And This Helps Gays Why?

The announcement from President Obama that he is in favor of “same-sex” marriage has been crowned by many in the media as “historic.” A sitting U.S. President has personally endorsed gay marriage. Never in the annuls of “historic” events has an act meant so little. This literally changes nothing. It may ingratiate Obama further into […]


BARK!! Character Matters! (Now…)

By now, most all of us who follow politics have heard the collective barking over Mitt Romney and his dog, Seamus. Seems in 1983, Mitt saw fit to attach Seamus’ kennel to the top of his car while driving to a family vacation. I adore animals, including our clunky, slobbering, faithful doggies. And while I […]


A Quick Time-Out From Politics

Hey everyone! My apologies for not actively posting more in recent memory.  Been a tough time.  (More on that a bit later.) Figured I’d post outside of the nutty political realm for a minute, and share a great video sent to me by a friend. I’ve written here before that I am a ‘birding geek’. […]


Highway Robbery – Obama Style

The Chevy Volt, hyped by Government Motors as one of the most anticipated Electric Vehicles to hit the market, has, by all accounts, been a dismal failure. Sales last year were projected to reach 10,000 units. The actual total sold:  1,139   7,671. So what’s the problem?  Could it be the $44,000 price tag?  Middle-class people […]


A Picture Is Worth 10,000 Words. Er, Dollars.

Sigh… From the Chicago Tribune: When first lady Michelle Obama comes home to Chicago next Tuesday, a group photo with her at a campaign fundraiser won’t come cheap. The asking price for a ticket to a “family photo reception” is $10,000, according to an invitation to the event. The invitation specifies that there may be […]


Dissent Is Patriotic. Bitching Isn’t.

From the “We Are the 99%” website: “We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we’re working […]