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Obama DID Answer Ladka on Libya: Privately, It’s State Department

Even with Barack Obama’s feigned righteous indignation last night on diplomats, security and Libya, he still managed to deflect blame for his failure as Commander in Chief onto his subordinates at the State Department and, ultimately, his nemesis-kept-close, Hillary Clinton. You didn’t hear it because, well, it was in a private conversation after the broadcast […]


CNN Plays Where’s al-Waldo

It’s 12:00 pm. Do you know where your dictator’s wife is? What registers as ‘news’ is an endlessly debatable, subjective argument. But what rates as ‘above the fold’ or top dead center headline news is much less so. For CNN this morning, there was no debate. The most consequential development in US and world events was […]


Mark Levin Show Yanked In Toledo By Ron Paul-Supporting Program Director

It’s a stupid business move, but it’s fine. Stick with me here… I first read this posting at The Examiner today and had two reactions. The first reaction was toward WSPD Toledo’s Lew Rockwell, the Ron Paul-supporting program director (and on-air host), for what on its surface smacks of personal pettiness. Rockwell decided to not […]


Whitney Houston, RIP

With few details as of yet, the Associated press is reporting that Whitney Houston has died at the much-too-young age of 48. While her life took a reckless and drug-addled turn after marrying Bobby Brown, most Americans (especially we Gulf War veterans) will forever remember her as the queen of our patriotic hearts for her […]


Government Spending Erodes Weak GDP

A funny thing happened on the way to Utopia today. There I was, just galloping along, humming my happy tune and dreaming of unicorns and rainbows with my fellow travelers. Suddenly, there descended an abrupt assault on paradisaical bliss, halting and horrifying. It’s fins screaming that distinct aero-whine that flash-freezes the spine in the realization that there’s not […]


Priorities: Obama In Afghanistan

Skip ahead to the 1:03 mark for a remarkable statement to the troops in Afghanistan by President Barack Obama on Monday. "Most of you, you didn't get a lot of…

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Voyeuristic Govosexual

I heard a very interesting conversation between Mark Steyn and a conservative lesbian while driving. (Her blog is here, I believe: Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian.) She described, much to…

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Bankrupting Liberty

A reader e-mailed Mark Steyn at The Corner on National Review Online regarding the financial impact on companies that Obamacare has had – immediately. Pay close attention here. 3M Corporation…

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Co-Hosting on Fargo's WZFG 1100AM The Flag

I will be co-hosting tonight from 8-10PM EDT on the 50,000 Watt AM 1100 The Flag out of Fargo with Rob Port. Thanks to Rob for the gracious invitation. Tonight,…


Live Blogging the Defending The American Dream Summit

I’ve set up shop her at the Defending The American Dream Summit held in DC by Americans For Prosperity. There are great people all over the place and there is…

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2009 Defending the American Dream Summit

I will be at the Defending the American Dream Summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity in Arlington, Virginia, Friday and Saturday. I’ll be Live Blogging portions of the Saturday events…

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Sophistry: Obama, Painkillers and Pained Words

I want you to pay very close attention to the whole of Obama's response to the woman's question on treating her 105 year old mother. Because it is with biting…

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RE: North Korea Warns of Military Strike

In response to the news that North Korea is warning of military strikes and disengaging from the armistice (see: Lorie Byrd minutes ago), I shared a note among friends also…

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How Does Closing GITMO Make Us Safer?

The question is fundamentally basic. The contrarian answers are full of nuance and little sense….

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Mission Before Me: When The Warrior Class Runs For Office

At The Tank on National Review Online, I have written an article perhaps of interest to Wizbang readers: Mission Before Me: On Supporting Vets Running for Public Office. It is…

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Understanding the Gallup-ing Ghost Poll on CardCheck

In the mail this morning were notes referencing a new Gallup poll on public reactions and perceptions to the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as CardCheck. The new Gallup…

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Farewell, Sir.

After watching President George W. Bush deliver his farewell speech to the nation, there remain two images that in my mind define President Bush. One is personal, which I may…


Heroism and Beauty: Behold, Namrata Nayak

The Anchoress has written the most poignant paragraphs I have read in months, introducing us to Namrata Nayak. Her home was bombed because her family is Christian and, as you…

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New York's Gubernatorial Gift

Patrick Ruffini doesn't scoff at the myriad new taxes and fees New York Governor Paterson is hoisting atop the flagpole. He calls it "a gift on so many levels." Of…

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ZIRP v. Tax Rate Reductions

At UPI, Martin Walker asks, Could U.S. go bankrupt? Is the Fed running out of firepower? Or, to rephrase the question, is it possible that the central bank of the…

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No Fear: Shoes For Bush As Arabs Cheer

Last night in an interview, my buddy Crane Durham at 97.1 FM TALK – St. Louis asked me on his Nothing But Truth program about the Iraqi shoe throwing incident…

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What is wrong with Mike Huckabee?

I tried to watch the Dr. Helen & Instapundit interview with Mike Huckabee. (Interview starts about 7 minutes into video.) I really tried to watch the whole interview. I happen…

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Call It “The Audacity of Victory”

Over at The Tank on National Review Online, I expressed a few thoughts going forward as Michael Yon confidently called in from Iraq to say, “The war is over and…

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Faces of Courage

A teenage Afghan girl who had acid thrown in her face for attending school vows to go back to school, “even if they kill me.” An Afghan teenager whose face…

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Unintended Consequences In War

Because no one is perfect….

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