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Massive Explosion In Oslo – Suspect Detained

Some sort of bomb went off in downtown Oslo, Norway: A massive bomb shattered Norway’s main government building in Oslo Friday, killing two people police were quoted as saying by local news agency NTB. There was no claim of responsibility, though NATO member Norway has been the target of threats, if not bombs, before, notably […]


Chris Matthews…oh you know what he usually does

The usual. This time it’s the “crazy protesters” Honestly, this guy has some kind of bee in his bonnet. He’s going off the deep end over this thing. It’s like all the spending like a drunken sailor the past couple of years can only be saved…by more spending. Make that make sense.


Photos Of The Minot Flood

Wizbang blogger emeritus Rob Port uploaded over four hundred pictures of the devastating flooding in Minot, North Dakota.

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All You Teabaggers Need To Move To Somalia

You’ll love it there! Libertarian Paradise! Because, as we all know, small government == crazy-go-nuts Muslim dictatorship. This meme brought to you by Melissa Clouthier.


Jan Schakowsky On Our Understanding Of Social Security: “You Don’t Get It”

Social Security is bankrupt, right? There’s no lockbox, right? President Obama threatened that we won’t get those Social Security checks if something about the Debt Ceiling isn’t raised. Listen as Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) explains how Social Security works to us plebs. Well, not really explain it, more like explain how we’re just too stupid to […]


August 4th

The president’s birthday. It’s not this week. It’s not next week. He turns 50 on August the 4th of this year. This was from Friday, the 15th of July. They have got some kind of mathematical skill over there in the White House these days. Remember when Bush was an idiot for stuff that wasn’t […]


Chinese Ghost Cities And Towns

What happens when a government focuses on infrastructure projects and nothing else? In one case, you get Chinese Ghost Towns. This is what happens when you ignore real market pressures, and focus on just building crap that nobody can afford. This could happen here. Make no mistake, this could be the United States.


Where Obama’s “80% Who Want Tax Increases” Came From

Obama’s bombshell that 80% of Americans favor increasing taxes is blowing up the blogosphere now. Reactions range from “it’s a lie” to “they can’t do math” to Traffic Santa calling the president’s bluff: “I challenge you to introduce legislation raising taxes on 80% of Americans.” The answer, however, I culled from my years of creating […]


DNC Shill Chris Matthews And What He Thinks Of You

Whining babies in the back seat: “On one side are those kids in the back seat, Tea Party members of Congress and their stay-at-home blogging cheerleaders who either don’t understand or don’t care about the consequences of default – of the U.S. not meeting its obligations, of us looking like a joke. They’re willing to […]


Today’s Wizbang Search Engine Terms News

Scrolling through the Wizbang statistical analysis tools, I ran into something that pretty much embodies the spirit of what Wizbang is all about. See if you can spot the same thing I saw. Level of difficulty: not “volleyball thighs”. Hint. And now for something completely different: Say, didn’t somebody want some links that went to […]

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China Says We Spend Too Much On The Military

Think about the poor. Think about the middle class. Also, there’s absolutely no reason to pay any attention to the coast of Oregon on November 16th. Heck, that’d be a good day just to have the entire state move any defensive weaponry to other places, possibly on the East coast. Also, no sense wasting any […]


Obamanomics: “Accountability”

The American Action Network saw what I saw and took my idea and made a political video out of it. Not that they stole the idea from me, just great minds thinking alike: Now maybe somebody will have the guts to put and updated version of this into a commercial.


Shiny Happy People Holding Obama

  New York Magazine has a photo essay entitle, “President Obama Receiving Sycophantic Laughter,” full of pictures just like the one above. Laughing. Dan Amira goes as far as to say Obama is “receiving sycophantic laughter.” To seem them all collected in the same place, just seems…creepy… These completely-out-of-context shots are probably not the best […]


Eric Holder’s Justice Department Declines To File Charges Against Attorney With Child Porn

Here’s yet another scandal for our embattled Attorney General (although not as shockingly stupid as the Fast and Furious debacle). This less-deadly yet still dangerously-incompetent mess brought to you by child pornography, dangerous addictions, and The Daily Caller: Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder Thursday requesting an explanation […]


Georgia Leads The Way With The Nation’s Largest Education Scandal

Atlanta is the home to America’s largest cheating scandal


Is This The Candidate Obama Would Fear the Most?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry? Really?


Obamanomics: The Moderate Class

Will you raise taxes on the middle class?


The Evil Of ATM

Mary Katherine Ham gives us the real source of tyranny in our nation: the ATM

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Twitter Town Hall

I hear they’ll be talking about “jobs” and “the economy” via a live webcast so I’m sure everything will be completely expected.


Uncle Jay Explains: Troop Withdrawals

Uncle Jay (not to be confused with our own Jay Tea) explains why the president’s recent speech on troop withdrawals in Afghanistan sound sorta…familiar…

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School House Rock

If you’re really old like me, you’ll remember these


Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says

In case you’re one of the six or seven people who haven’t seen this yet, a parody of the New York Times where Darth Vader takes credit for finally killing Obi-Wan Kenobi….

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Palate Cleanser: Is It Local?

Just a reminder that these folks exist. And have the Constitutional right to vote. Ugh….


Elmo: White House Shill

I gotta warn you, this gets graphic. Prepare to be disgusted. And not just because Elmo is extremely annoying. It’s because he’s helping the White House PR campaign to use…


Congressional Wording Observation

Picking up on something I heard a while ago when the banks were getting bailed out, remember how we kept hearing how everything had to be now, now, now? I’ve…

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