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Defiant: New Hampshire GOP Establishment Gov. Candidate Calls Tea Partiers ‘Teabaggers’

New Hampshire GOP establishment has foisted Walt Havenstein on the state as the Republican candidate for Governor. But, typical of these establishment types, it seems that they have more contempt for people on their own side than they do for the real enemy; the Democrats. Havenstein, for instance, calls you Tea Partiers the disgusting name […]


Obama’s Newest Assault on Free Speech: The So-Called ‘Free Flow of Information Act’

Obama’s newest attack on free political speech protects neither journalists nor does it assure any “free flow of information.” In addition to the IRS targeting conservative groups, individuals and their families–and now proposing rules to silence them during elections–and the new FCC plan to police the press by placing so-called “researchers” in newsrooms across the […]


Free At Last: Federal Court Hands Bloggers Legal First Amendment Protections

At long last we get a proper ruling on the First Amendment status of bloggers, one affording them the same legal status as “real” journalists; this from the Ninth Circuit Court in California, no less. The Ninth Circuit is often derided as the “Ninth Circus” because its rulings are almost invariably left-wing and anti-American. But […]


Dem. Senator Durbin Not Sure if Bloggers Deserve Constitutional Protection

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, senior Illinois Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin, expressed his doubt as to whether bloggers deserved Constitutional protection for their work online. On the May 26 broadcast of the Sunday show, Durbin told host Chris Wallace that he wasn’t sure if bloggers or “someone who is Tweeting” should be given […]


Chinese Bloggers Get Wasteful Gov’t Official Fired

Citizen journalists in China have succeeded in getting a wasteful government official fired by reporting on a lavish party he threw paid for by government funds. The Communist Party boss of Taizhou City, Zhang Aihua, had developed a habit of extravagant parties, high spending, and glad-handing industrial representatives, so much so that local residents had […]


CPAC 2013

Once again I am attending the Conservative Political Action Conference here in Washington D.C.–well, not D.C. exactly but outside the city in National Harbor, Maryland, a 20 minute drive from downtown. The morning started off with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, U.S. Representative Allen West, and Senator Pat Toomey and a few others. CPAC’s early […]


Google Hangouts: Obama’s Tech Savvy Presidency

On February 14, President Obama will again host a Google Hangout to take questions from members of Google Plus, one of the net’s newer social networks. Calling it a “Fireside Hangout,” the President will answer pre-submitted questions and videos from Americans. Tech savvy moves like this have been a hallmark of this President and it […]


Hey, Gas Prices Ticking Up — Unexpectedly?

The miserable jobs numbers in June and recent GDP report this month aren’t the only bad news for the U.S. and for the Obama Campaign.  Gas prices are creeping back up. Again.   Prices are lower in most states than they were a year ago, but given that the average state is hovering around the […]


Wawagate: MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell Smear Romney With Edited Video

Once again the left-wing media edits a video to misrepresent what a Republican is saying in order to make him look the idiot. This time on June 18 at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell edited the context right out of a video of what Romney said about eastern U.S. chain restaurant […]


Right Online 2012: Great Success at the Vegas Venetian

For my final report on the fifth annual Right Online 2012 sponsored by Americans for Prosperity we’ll be talking about the parade of great speakers like NRO writer Jonah Goldberg and environmental apostate (as far as the left is concerned) Ann McElhinney. But first a word about the great hotel and casino in which we […]


Right Online: Saturday AM Malkin, Hewitt, More

This will be a photo blast of some of this morning’s speakers here at Right Online 2012 in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. I Tweeted most of these AM speakers and you can read those Tweets at http://twitter.com/warnerthuston. We got to hear once again from Michelle Malkin who impressed upon us how important Twitter has become […]


Right Online 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada

I am here in Las Vegas this weekend to attend Right Online 2012 (the 5th annual) sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Last night was epic and today’s activities promise to be even greater. Friday Last night we were regaled by a welcoming by Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips and a handful of other speakers […]

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Who is the Domestic Terrorist Targeting Conservative Bloggers?

Back on May 24 I posted a story on convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin who had launched a crusade not only to drag some conservative bloggers to court with nuisance lawsuits, but to try and intimidate them by posting things about their personal lives like phone numbers, addresses and that of the blogger’s family members. […]


SWAT-ting of Bloggers Discussed on Prime Time National News

The SWAT-ing of bloggers is finally being discussed in national news reports. First, FoxNews.com carried a story about SWAT-ing. Then ABC News reported it on its website. Now, SWAT-ting has made prime-time news. SWAT-ting was discussed at the beginning of the 7 June 2012 edition of Special Report with Bret Baier. Baier was interviewing U.S. Senator Saxby […]


Racine Tea Party Rally for Scott Walker/Kleefisch (Also Paul Ryan, Dana Loesch, Tony Katz, More)

Racine Tea Party Rally for Scott Walker/Kleefisch (Also Paul Ryan, Dana Loesch, Tony Katz, More) -By Warner Todd Huston This morning I got up bright and early, jumped into the car and took a drive up into Wisconsin to witness the Racine Tea Party rally in support of Wisc. Governor Scott Walker. Speakers included the […]


American Cancer Society Attacks Me by Name Over California Tax Grab?

-By Warner Todd Huston Oddly enough, a coalition of big tax hikers in California, including the American Cancer Society, has attacked me by name for daring to write about Proposition 29, a California ballot measure that will appear on this year’s ballot. Prop 29 will force Californians to foot the costs of nearly a billion […]


Americans with Disabilities Act Necessity: Conservative, White, Male Bloggers NEED a Federal Subsidy

OK, you people, I am sick and tied of this. The Americans with Disabilities Act is NOT being fairly applied. That’s right. You read that headline correctly. Conservative, white, male bloggers NEED a hand from Washington. In fact, I’d say we have a right to it. We are being discriminated against even from those on […]


‘Breitbart Is Here’

Remember “Who is John Galt?” Now it’s real, now it’s “Be Breitbart.” From I Own The World: HERE IS THE LINK TO “THE SHIRT“ ALL MONEY LEFT AFTER THE COST OF MATERIALS,  SHIPPING AND HANDLING WILL BE GIVEN TO THE ANDREW BREITBART FAMILY. UPDATE 4: Here is the graphic that will go to the shop. […]


Stupid Internet Meme of the Week: Santorum’s ‘Rough’ Handshake With Ron Paul Outrage

Buzzfeed was the first to indulge it’s inner gossip — well, maybe its outer gossip since that is all that site is; gossip. Anyway, the stupid story of the day is based on the hearty handshake that Rick Santorum gave Ron Paul after Wednesday’s debates. Paul’s fans took offense at the handshake for some idiotic […]


Breitbart Editor, Dana Loesch Receives Accuracy In Media Award at CPAC

(Note: The Wardman Marriott lost all Internet connection half way through the event on Thursday and it never came back so no one in the entire building had any connection unless they had their own Internet aircard. I apologize for not getting these up earlier today, but there was no help for it!) Long-time media […]

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CPAC 2012 Begins

I am here at the beautiful Wardman Marriott in Washington DC this week for the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC. We will be seeing a whole host of conservative icons coming to speak… and the presidential candidates will be here too (Sarcasm? What sarcasm?). I’ll be covering as much as I can but there […]


Conservatives: Occupy Wall Street Shows How We Can’t Get Our Message Out Over Old Media Din

The gauzy puffery that the Old Media slathers upon the Occupy Wall Street movement has helped keep most Americans in the dark about how nasty, how violent, how outrageous, and even how incredibly lacking in integrity this movement is. On the conservative blogs the truth is well known, of course, but the fact that few […]


New York Times blogger spreads false story about Romney

Fact checkers at the New York Times need to get busy, because the NYT blog “The Caucus” has make a whopper of a false claim about GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney. Here is what NYT blogger Michael D. Shear wrote: In New Hampshire, Mr. Romney provided openings by saying he could relate to people who […]


Appearance by Andrew Breitbart Employee Canceled By Illinois Policy Institute

Last Friday, The Illinois Policy Institute disinvited Dana Loesch, the editor of Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism site, from a breakfast event that was to be held over the weekend on Saturday. The Illinois Policy Institute was holding the event in conjunction with the Independent Women’s Forum and Smart Girl Politics and was to be a […]


Our Deepest Sympathies

Early Sunday morning, Kimberly Webb Joyner, wife of Outside The Beltway blogger James Joyner, died suddenly, leaving behind two very young daughters. We at Wizbang offer our profoundest sympathies, and ask that you readers keep the Joyners and the Webbs in your thoughts and prayers.