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Lefty Pig Michael Moore Links Boston Bombing to Tax Protests, ‘Patriots Day’

Not long after the news of the bombing at the Boston Marathon broke, lefty filmmaker Michael Moore took to his Twitter feed and went right for blaming “patriots” and tax protestors for the bombing. After a cryptic Tweet saying “2+2=,” Moore retweed a Tweet from Think Progress relating the phone number for those looking for […]


Keenan Glover Gives Worst Job Interview Answer EVAH

Keenan Glover might have just killed his job prospects after graduation from pricy Howard University. Would you hire this guy after this question? Forget for a moment his entitlement mentality. (BTW if you wanted living proof Democrats want to enslave black people to government, you can get no better example but forget that for a […]


Mum’s The Word About Hillary’s Health

Sifting through the seemingly endless bookmarks of articles I had hoped to read these past recent hectic months, I came across a few things which just defy reality. Back in January, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate, gave a press conference in Union Beach, NJ concerning the painfully slow process with […]


The End of an Era; Margaret “The Iron Lady” Thatcher Passes

Rest in Peace thou good and faithful servant.


Rest In Peace, Iron Lady

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, has passed away at 87 following a stroke. I’m rarely at a loss for words, but this is one of those times. Margaret Thatcher was one of the great defenders of liberty. She will be sorely missed. I’ll let the Tweets and articles stand as a memorial to her. Flag […]


The China Debt

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article up this week, about the coming Debt Crisis in China. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324338604578325962705788582.html Mr. Sharma appears to have the credentials to speak on this, not only in his role at Morgan Stanley, but also as a published author on national economies.  Forbes also had a recent article about China’s […]


Which One Would You Trust?

A few days ago, I saw the viral picture of the now famous dog ‘Tonik,’ who looks like he has a human face. “That’s real news!” (As proclaimed by Ralphie’s father in the movie ‘A Christmas Story,’ refering to a newspaper article about a man who swallowed a yo-yo.) Disturbingly, it seems as if this dog has gotten more […]


CBO: 7 million to lose employer-based insurance when ACA rules take effect

But don’t worry – your family will be able to buy health insurance through a government exchange for a mere $20,000 a year! As much as I would like to call this fiction, it isn’t.  The Affordable Care Act health insurance mandate and penalty regulations are confusing and ridiculous. An employer must offer each employee […]


Matthew Yglesias is a Special Kind of Stupid

After years of pushing liberal policies and denying the reality that they do not work, Matthew Yglesias comes face to face with liberalism and whines that regulations stifle new businesses. And then he gets moronic. Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain By Matthew Yglesias|Posted Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, at 6:30 AM ET Last week, […]


Forget The Tax Divorce, How About The Benefits Divorce?

Glenn Reynolds linked to a piece in The Fiscal Times that talks about the continuing marriage penalty in the tax code, and how the rate increase on “wealthy” would hit dual earner especially hard in places where both the cost of living and salaries are high. As noted by a commenter there, the tax divorce […]


Hobby Lobby Goes ‘Over The Cliff’

If you haven’t been following the headlines, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is headed “over the cliff,” today, with respect to its decision to defy the Obamacare mandate covering birth control and “morning after” contraceptives. Here’s what makes the story interesting.  Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is a privately owned company, founded and operated by David Green.  […]


“How Did It Come To This?”

Well, as we are all aware of by now, the latest crisis being used to spook the bejesus out of Americans is the upcoming, scary-sounding ‘fiscal cliff.’ Though the fiscal cliff may indeed have the potential to cause some uncomfortable financial consequences for the American taxpayer, let’s not kid ourselves about the true motives behind […]


Yes Virginia, sooner or later we will all be paying more taxes

My previous post dealt with two “surprise” taxes buried in the new Affordable Care Act regulations.  And for the past year, observers have been listing the plethora of new taxes scheduled to take affect in 2013, fiscal cliff or no fiscal cliff. But that isn’t the whole story.  Far from it, in fact. All that […]


#Benghazi: Obama’s Lack of Concern On Rice’s Lies (Updated)

Weekly Standard has this article with video. Emphasis added is mine: In response to a question from reporter Major Garrett on whether the Obama administration’s mishandling of Benghazi raises “core questions of basic competency,” press secretary Jay Carney revealed that Barack Obama “is not particularly concerned” about whether Susan Rice misled the American people: “What the president […]


We’re Going To Need A Bigger Tank

MSNBC is now so deep into the tank for Obama that they are going to need a bigger one.  I previously poked fun at the Obama campaign for changing their slogan from FORWARD to FORWARD!  I saw this MSNBC ad last night and found the online version today.  Apparently the new slogan for MSNBC is […]


Another Dunham Parody – oh the LULZ!


Last Meme Standing: Why Obama and Romney have Different Strategies

We’re just eleven days away from the Presidential Election, or more accurately, eleven days away from the end of voting.  The news says the race is tight, but you can still find a wide range of outcomes predicted by savants and would-be wizards.  While I have the same expectation for the outcome that I have […]


Obama DID Answer Ladka on Libya: Privately, It’s State Department

Even with Barack Obama’s feigned righteous indignation last night on diplomats, security and Libya, he still managed to deflect blame for his failure as Commander in Chief onto his subordinates at the State Department and, ultimately, his nemesis-kept-close, Hillary Clinton. You didn’t hear it because, well, it was in a private conversation after the broadcast […]


An Open Letter To Candy Crowley and the Rest of the Media

Before I get to my comments for Mrs. Crowley, let us not lose in the kerfuffle what actually happened last night. The President of the United States stood before the American people and lied about a terrorist attack on 9/11. There seems to be some confusion in the media as to the ‘narrative’ of the […]


2012 Presidential Debate #2 Liveblog And Open Thread

Here is your open thread for tonight’s debate. Various Wizbang authors (including some former bloggers) will be live blogging the debate here, and you can watch the embedded feed here as well. Here’s a Twitter feed for #tcot Tweets about “#tcot” Below is the live blogging…


The View From Topside

Nice view up here.  Rasmussen said it’s a tie as of Monday when I started writing this, but Gallup and Pew said Romney has the lead.  All kinds of state polls are showing movement in Romney’s favor, and the commentary since the first Presidential Debate (or, if you read the New Yorker magazine and have […]


Andrew Sullivan Melts Down (Again) Over Obama Debate Performance

Andy’s latest rant is sure to raise a smile.  The great irony is that he identifies the problem with laser precision but is clueless as to the cause. The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 – 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 – 45 lead. That’s a […]


Surprise! Andrea Mitchell Humiliated by John Sununu – Again

You would think as often as Andrea Mitchell get humiliated by Sununu she would either quit inviting him on, improve her game or not challenge him so much. But at some level I respect it for it. She could just refuse to let him on the show and save herself the embarrassment but she takes […]


NY Times: Debate “Unhelpful” Because Romeny Won

Before the high fiving from last night ends, enjoy a minute of pure Schadenfreude. Imagine the poor slob who wrote this; trying -desperately- to avoid the fact Obama proved himself to be clueless and incompetent last night. You can see them at the keyboard, the partisan rage oozing from every pore… Normally the Times tries […]


Highlights From Univision’s Bombshell Fast & Furious Report

Here’s a summary of some of the new information unearthed in Univision’s Fast & Furious investigation that aired on Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now) last night. Information provided by ABC/Univision: 1. Fast and Furious Guns Used in Infamous Massacre Mexican military reports show that at least three guns from Fast and Furious were used […]