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Oscar Winner Ernest Borgnine Dead At 95

Ernest Borgnine, one of Hollywood’s most durable character actors has died at the age of 95 this afternoon. Sometimes playing a villain, other times triumphing in roles such as MARTY, or in McHALE’S NAVY as the wanker navy officer in charge of the worst bunch in the whole navy, Ernest Borgnine seemed at home both […]


Oh Mah Gawd Y’all! Britney Spears Is Hot Again!

Why was I not informed of this fact? Britney Spears, who will be a judge on X-Factor this fall, tweeted out a bikini photo (shown below) the other day, and she’s not fat, bald or crazy any more. See… She’s hot again…


Brad Pitt’s Mom Execrated By The Left For Telling The Truth

Hollywood is a liberal town, and they like their stars to hew to the party line. When a relative goes off the reservation they get their panties in a wad. The Hollywood Reporter and Think Progress are especially apoplectic about a letter to the editor by Jane Pitt, mother of A-list actor Brad Pitt and […]


Heidi Klum Is Yummy

So I’m a day late on this, but supermodel Heidi Klum had a couple treats on display for her Twitter followers for the 4th of July. First she’s posing with a great looking burger…


Revisionism: Old Timer Phil Donahue Injects Racism Into 2002 Iraq War Vote

Old-timer Phil Donahue, about who rumor has it used to have some sort of TV show back in the previous century, has recently turned up on NPR for some unexplainable reason. And, like his long past career, he’s dwelling equally in the past with his new comments about the authorization of force against Iraq in […]


George Clooney: Obama Is Awesome, It’s Just That He’s Not Awesome At Telling Us How Awesome He Is

Where I come from, when you’re awesome, you don’t need to have someone to tell other people of your awesomeness. But according to George Clooney, the only reason that Obama’s Presidency isn’t being deemed successful is because Democrats stink at telling everyone about Obama’s wonderful accomplishments. Sitting down with NBC’s David Gregory (who thinks Obama […]


The Andrew Breitbart I Knew

The country has lost a leader. Early this morning I was woken by texts, phones calls, and Facebook IMs to the devastating news that conservative activist Andrew Breitbart passed away, late last night. He was only 43. Andrew was a force of nature, for sure. He was everywhere at once, attended every conservative gathering of […]


Sacha Baron Cohen, The Oscars, And the Death of Propriety

Outrage of the day: The Academy Awards folks banned shock comedian Sacha Baron Cohen from its ceremonies this week. Then did only with caveats. Then didn’t know what to do. It all shows a certain death of propriety, not just in Hollywood (where its been dead a long time in most cases), but in the […]


Clint Eastwood ‘Half-time in America’ ad invites criticism

And so Mark Wiberg obliges: Would Dirty Harry ask for a handout? Hell no, he wouldn’t. He could build a car made out of his melted Smith and Wesson handgun, all while eating a sandwich and zinging bad guys with one-liners. So, bringing in the city of Detroit as some city on the ‘comeback’ after […]


Steve Jobs Stops Innovating

Steve Jobs, the man who arguably did more to shape how people think of and use technology, died today. He had suffered pancreatic cancer and had undergone a liver transplant.   To focus on Jobs’ death is the wrong thing to do. Rather, we should celebrate the life of a man who lived far more […]


“Are you entertained?”

Ann Barnhardt is asking the question that ought to be cause for pause for us all (the link is to her main page, she does not have links to individual posts, you’ll have to scroll to find what follows): I don’t have TV, but I have seen on the internet two things that have happened […]


Hollywood Mermaid Netted By Police

In 1984 Daryl Hannah washed up on U.S. shores as a mermaid. Now, it appears that she is just washed up. The Associated Press reports the following: Actress Daryl Hannah has been arrested in front of the White House along with other environmental protesters who oppose a planned oil  pipeline from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast. [Click […]


Ryan Rhodes – A star is born

I happened to be listening today when Tea Party Activist and In-His-Face Obama critic Ryan Rhodes called in to the Rush Limbaugh Show.  The dude was eloquent, passionate, and made an obvious impression on Rush: RUSH: Somebody help me out here.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m drawing a blank.  Who was it that said we need […]


Jimmy Buffet, Gulf Coast native and committed Obama supporter, blames Bush for oil spill

Jimmy Buffet is planning a benefit concert on the Alabama Gulf Coast to help raise the spirits of those who are living with the oil that is washing up on…

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Hollywood liberals who wanted America to be like Europe are mortified that Obama is making America like Europe

Thanks to Ed Morrissey for making this last night's quote of the day, otherwise I would not have read it, and it's an interesting piece to say the least. Remember…

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Another Hollywood Hypocrite

I found a link to this CNS story at Big Hollywood. Hollywood actress Ashley Judd said she takes steps to leave a "small carbon footprint" on a "daily basis" by…


Rip Torn Was So Drunk…

This sounds like a question Gene Rayburn would have asked on The Match Game. Here’s the correct answer: Rip Torn was so drunk that he didn’t know that the bank…

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It’s A Quiet Day In The Neighborhood…

Yesterday, a neighbor of mine passed on. He was a quiet fellow, hadn’t said much or drawn attention to himself. I don’t think I ever actually met him, and certainly…

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Psst! Angelina Does Not Like Obama – Pass It On!

Angelina Jolie is no fan of Barack Obama, according to this US Weekly article, here. Barack Obama does not have Angelina Jolie's seal of approval. "She hates him," a source…


Timing Is Everything: Letterman and Palin

Remember when David Letterman made that tasteless, classless comment about Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow last summer? The one where he joked that Palin’s fourteen year old daughter was knocked up…

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NOT RAPE RAPE Press Release on the chilling arrest of Roman Polanski

News Release September 30, 2009 Media Contact: (800) NOT-RAPE Extradition and punishment of Roman Polanski for decades old child rape a chilling assault on artistic freedom and integrity. HOLLYWOOD –…

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Breaking: Michael Jackson is Dead at the Age of 50

Breaking: Michael Jackson is Dead at the Age of 50

TMZ reports that Michael Jackson has died in UCLA Medical Center: We've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50. Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon…

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David Letterman Explains Why Don Imus Was Fired

Don Imus must be kicking himself. Instead of meeting personally with the entire Rutgers women's basketball team and begging forgiveness for calling them nappy headed hoes, he should have just…

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Ryan O'Neal: Farah's Treatment has Pretty Much Ended

Reading this is heartbreaking. I can't imagine what it must be like to see the person you love most in the world slowly waste away and die. Farah and Ryan…

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Bill Maher is a waste of oxygen; smears our troops yet again

I don’t know why Bill Maher still has a platform. Well, no, I take that back. I know why he does; it’s because he’s a liberal and he spews liberal…

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