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MSNBC: So Stupid That They Say Sarah Palin’s Christmas Trees Are ‘Un-Christian’

This is what happens when liberals try to use religion to sell their hate for conservatives. They are so unfamiliar with the Bible and Christianity that they end up boloxing the whole thing up. This is what MSNBC did when trying to use the Bible against what the cabler said was Sarah Palin’s “un-Christian” Christmas […]


The Kwanzaa Con: A Fake Holiday Created by a Rapist and Torturer

Kwanzaa, the purported “African” holiday celebrated only in the United States, is the ultimate politically correct holiday. It is little observed, even by our African American community, of course, but those that do celebrate it are wholly unaware that the faux holiday was created by a man with a very troubled past. For Kwanzaa’s creator, […]


Liberal Says Santa Shouldn’t Be a Racist White Guy

Liberal Aisha Harris of Slate thinks it’s time that Santa Klaus “got a make over.” She thinks we need to make Santa a black penguin instead of an old, fat, racist white guy. Mz. Harris tells of her early childhood where her family had images of a black Santa in her African American home but […]


The Charlie Brown ‘Meaning of Christmas’ Show Would Never be Allowed Today

If you are a netcitizen of a certain age, you’ll remember the Charlie Brown TV specials. We all waited for them each year on Halloween and Christmas. It was always a highlight of our childhood years in the 60s and 70s. But if they tried to make heartwarming shows like this today the left-wing, anti-Americans […]


University Apologizes for Racist ‘Black Santa’ Display

If Santa were black would you be afraid to let him come down your chimney? Or would he only visit “the hood”? These are some of the questions asked in a racist Christmas display at Indiana University. Needless to say, the university has apologized for the debacle. The controversial display featured a banner headline that […]


Anti-American Man Dressed as Santa Berates Shoppers as ‘Parasites’

Apparently Mark Dice gets his jollies berating Americans. That’s why he dressed as Santa and drove around California’s shopping malls calling shoppers “parasites on this country” and telling them they are “destroying the very fabric of society” on this year’s Thanksgiving shopping day. With many large retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day, the traditional Black Friday […]


U.S. Post Office Celebrates Kwanzaa and Hanukkah… but NOT Christmas

The U.S.Post Office Holiday Stamps Flier A new print ad for the U.S. Post office reminding customers about its wonderful new holiday stamps seems to be missing the “Christmas” part of the holidays. The ad features a Hanukkah menorah stamp, a Kwanzaa stamp and that wonderful standby Christian stamp… the gingerbread house. Yes, the Post […]


Atheists Force School to Cancel Christmas Toy Drive Because: Religion

A school in South Carolina has been forced to cancel its annual toy collection drive for the charity Operation Christmas Child by atheists who claim that the event is “religious” and therefore should not be allowed. For the past three years East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C., has been participating in the toy drive […]


Meanwhile In Chicago 14 People Where Shot Over The Christmas Holiday…

With the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut fresh in everyone’s memory it’s pretty amazing the lack of attention given to the ongoing tragedy in Chicago. People are dying there in record numbers, but since they’re mostly poor black youth it’s not getting the kind of wall to wall coverage we got with […]


A Special Birth

Long years ago in a land far away,A brilliant star shone on a special day.Its light marked the spot of a special birth,Where the Promise of God came down to Earth.The shepherds with their sheep gathered around,And in a manger a baby they found.In the skies above the angels did sing,“Glory to God and to […]


What is Santa up to?

Ho! Ho! Ho! What is Santa up to . . . or into? Did the North Pole melt away, or did Santa simply need to cool off? The above photo was taken inside the Oklahoma Aquarium and included in a story published by KTUL.com. According to the story, Santa was in a tank that holds […]


Discovering Christmas

Need some holiday cheer? Then read on. Wizbang! Alien Theater presents . . . I saw a camel recently, and seeing it greatly surprised me. A camel in a zoo or in the Sahara Desert would not be surprising. This particular camel, however, was being led into a building. I thought that I had stumbled […]


Reindeer Follies

Tired of those old TV holiday specials?  Then read on. Wizbang! Alien Theater presents . . . Well, I am still trying to figure out this Earth custom called “Christmas”. The first time I heard about it is when I heard someone read aloud a poem titled “Twas The Night Before Christmas”.  At first I was amused […]

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‘Tis the season

Christmas is just around the corner and times are tight.  Just because everyone’s cutting back doesn’t mean we can’t all share a little something with our friends and co-workers.  The folks at my office crowd around like freakin’ pigeons when I bring this in and it’s adaptable enough it can be made for everyone to […]



Well, it's time for the annual re-fighting of the "War On Christmas." We have on one side, the devout Christians who insist that we all remember "the reason for the…

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Merry Christmas from the Priestap Family

Merry Christmas from the Priestap Family

My family and I will be busy all day with fun Christmas activities but I wanted to wish all our Wizbang readers a very Merry Christmas. Have a joyous time…


"Teach them to watch the star that leads to the baby"

Tony Woodlief's accounting of his son's encounter with a beggar is your must read of the day: I have already seen her, and so, having nothing better to do, I…


Why There is a "War on Christmas"

As I have grown older, I have seen a greater departure from the word "Christmas" around the very season that was named for it. Instead, the ubiquitous word "holiday" has…


Retro Christmas

Retro Christmas

One of the things I like best about Christmas is the opportunity to get out the family photo albums and show my kids what our Christmas celebrations looked like 30,…


The inebriated 12 days of Christmas

If you're trying to keep up, that's Fay McKay, and she's singing about 12 dry Martinis,11 Bloody Marys, 10 dry Manhattans, 9 Margaritas, 8 sweet Old Fashioneds, 7 Johnnie…


Christmas is now an official holiday in Iraq

Christmas is now an official holiday in Iraq

This just goes to show how far we truly have come: Iraq's Christians, a scant minority in this overwhelmingly Muslim country, quietly celebrated Christmas on Thursday with a present from…

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Traditions at Christmas

The presents are wrapped. The house is tidy — for now. NORAD's Santa Tracker has been diligently monitored all evening. We're back from Christmas Eve at the in-laws, which was…

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A Little Something Different Round Up

"Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, "Woe to those who call evil good",…

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I'm a sucker for these

This is another tissue warning. For those of you who don't take me seriously about these, I really mean it. Get the tissuebox before you watch this. Hat Tip: My…

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Tickle Me Dumbo?

After years of merchandising domination in the toy aisle, Tickle Me Elmo is being challenged for the title of top Christmas gift for tots. At least in Manhattan's SoHo district….

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