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Curioser and curioser…

These awards (Distinguished Service Cross and Navy Cross) are not lightly granted, and under less politically charged circumstances would almost certainly have been Medals of Honor.


Shocking Report: NSA Even Spied on Their Own Loved Ones, Girlfriends, Neighbors

New reports have emerged showing that employees of the National Security Agency have misused their power to spy on American’s communication by keeping tabs on their own girlfriends, boyfriends, family members and neighbors, snooping into what they were doing in their daily lives. The practice was so blatant that NSA employees had even coined a […]


#BENGHAZI: Nakoula, Subpoenas and 400 SAM’s Gone

Earlier this month, I wrote an update covering the possibility survivors from Benghazi were being hidden or threatened and that there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground the night of the attack. The White House, to date, has punted on whether or not witnesses were under duress, suffered threats or experiencing any retaliation. […]


#BENGHAZI: Dozens of CIA on the ground; Survivors being hidden?

On Thursday, Jake Tapper dropped a not so subtle story at the end of the day. The CIA had dozens of operatives on the ground in Benghazi the night of the attack. Midnight call from my CIA source. ‘This is the one.’ Said the real question is why all those agents were in Benghazi. http://t.co/4ELMQMffRE […]


Paul Krugman: ‘We Are Kind of an Authoritarian Surveillance State’

Liberal economist and leading modern Keynesian, Paul Krugman of The New York Times, has been one of Barack Obama’s biggest cheerleaders, but suddenly he is a bit down on the Obama administration saying that he is afraid that the country is becoming an “authoritarian surveillance state.” With a mounting list of scandals from government-sponsored intimidation […]


Obama’s Intelligence Agency Looking to Hire ‘Digital Exploitation Specialist’

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the spotlight since news broke that the agency has been collecting massive amounts of data from everyday Americans and with some of the worst timing ever, the NSA is now advertising for new employees for positions as “Digital Exploitation Specialists.” According to the NSA job description, the […]


Petraeus Testimony: Obama knew; talking points altered.

think there are going to be a lot of backpedaling Democrats and Lefty talking heads. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi and her troop of ‘women for Susan Rice’ will acknowledge the news or just stick their heads in their ladyparts and yell ‘LA LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU!’. It’s sexist, no matter what to […]


#Benghazi, Petraeus: Who Knew and When

Unlike the drip-drip-drip with Benaghazi, the media has turned the spigot on full blast with the Broadwell-Petraeus affair. CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and FOX all displayed the affair as their top story this morning. Benghazi? Not so much.  It would appear a sex scandal warrants more attention than four dead Americans at the hands of […]


Petraeus, Clapper and Timing

Does anyone else find it a bit weird Clapper urged him to resign but yet ‘official sources’ are saying there was no evidence of blackmail or related vulnerability? Clapper still has to testify and apparently, so will Petraeus if we go by Rep. Gowdy’s statements. So, why urge him to resign? Clinton went through an […]


#Benghazi: Leaks, Resignations and More Questions

Well, the election is over and Benghazi is still here. I’m taking a break from full time blogging, but Benghazi is something I cannot let go without comment nor should any other American out there. We’re being lied to both by this administration and by the media. Having said that, we’ve had some interesting revelations […]


What role did the Obama administration play…

… in the rolling up of a CIA operation in Iran and Lebanon? That’s the question of the day given this cadre of America haters who are running the show: In a significant failure for the United States in the Mideast, more than a dozen spies working for the CIA in Iran and Lebanon have […]


"These men deserve to be decorated. They don't deserve to be prosecuted"

"These men deserve to be decorated. They don't deserve to be prosecuted"

Dick Cheney talking about the Obama administration’s continued insistence on prosecuting CIA agents involved in enhanced interrogations: Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday it’s an “outrage” the Obama administration continues…

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“There are some very bad people who eventually are going to have a very bad day”

“There are some very bad people who eventually are going to have a very bad day”

That day arrived… sooner rather than later: The Pakistani Taliban is meeting to choose a new leader today after their chief appears to have died of wounds caused by a…

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Latest Obama Gaffe is a Real Doozy

President Obama’s woeful inexperience reared its ugly head again Thursday as he addressed the suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan’s Khost Province that killed seven CIA officers and at least one…


Panetta Goes Under The Bus

Kim Strassel has a good piece in today’s Wall Street Journal that paints CIA Director Leon Panetta as the fall guy in the Obama administration’s dilemma of trying to appease…


(Sigh) Yet Another CIA Witch Hunt

Yesterday, in what appears to be so far the most obvious “Wag The Dog” political maneuver by the Obama Amateur Hour Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he was…


Cheney Responds To Holder And Obama

Stephen Hayes, whose excellent book Cheney: The Untold Story of America’s Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President, obtained this response last night from the Vice President about Attorney General Holder’s…


“Shouting Match” In The White House

Looks like there’s plenty of drama in the Obama White House… A “profanity-laced screaming match” at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of…


CIA Director Leon Panetta Smears Dick Cheney

CIA Director Leon Panetta made a loathsome comment about former vice president Dick Cheney when he accused him of hoping we get hit with a terrorist attack in order to…

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Cheney v. Obama

Not even close to a fair fight. Too many good quotes in the Cheney speech to excerpt. Read it all – posted at Weekly Standard. Mary Katharine tweeted the speeches….

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Karl Rove May Face Civil Suit

After learning that Karl Rove will not be charged in the CIA/Plame case, we get news that he may still be facing a civil law suit from none other than…

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Senate Intelligence Committee Endorses Gen. Hayden

The Senate Intelligence Committee endorsed General Michael Hayden as CIA director with a vote of 12 – 3. That's a pretty strong approval considering all the controversy that erupted early…

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President Bush Wants General Hayden as CIA Director

President Bush nominated General Michael Hayden as CIA Director. WASHINGTON — President Bush on Monday chose Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden to lead the embattled Central Intelligence Agency, re-igniting a…


Porter Goss Resigns As CIA Director

From The Washington Post: CIA Director Porter J. Goss resigned today after less than two years on the job, President Bush announced at the White House. Bush said Goss offered…

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CIA Director Porter Goss has Resigned

The blogosphere is also abuzz about Porter Goss' resignation. It was unexpected, that's for sure. Here's the story: WASHINGTON – CIA Director Porter Goss resigned unexpectedly Friday, nudged from the…

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