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Unions Scold School For Not Celebrating Cop Killer

A group of unions in California have gotten together to criticize the Oakland Unified School District for refusing to allow a lesson plan to appear on its website that compares murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal to civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The “Urban Dreams” lesson plan tells students to “critically examine a possible parallel […]


Pistol Turned to ‘Submachine Gun’ By Clueless Media

Once again we get proof of how mindless and clueless the media is, how they don’t fact check, but just mindlessly pass on each other’s bad work ad infinitum. This time it happened with a story about a criminal who used a .22 caliber pistol in a crime but one clueless reporter turned it into […]


Obama’s Jackbooted Thugs Withdrawing From Bundy Ranch in Nevada?

It is possible that Obama’s oppressive, jackbooted thugs are withdrawing from their attack on a Nevada rancher after stealing over 500 of his cattle. Government officials are saying that the situation has become “too dangerous” for its operatives and the situation is spiraling out of the government’s control, so they are quitting their efforts to […]


Democrats Honor Vote Fraud Criminal in Cincinnati

Al Sharpton gives criminal Melowese Richardson a big hug at her “welcome home” gala thrown by Ohio democrats. Once again we see an example that to be a Democrat is to celebrate criminality–not merely indulge in criminality, but making it something to be proud of. This time it is evinced in the giant “welcome home” […]


D.C. Man Who Fought Back Against Robber Now Charged With Murder

A man who escaped the attack of a robber is now being charged with murder for killing the robber during the struggle. The media harasses Mr. Stoddard. A tow truck driver in Washington D.C. was in his truck lot when the robber approached and when he tried to run away, he tripped and fell. It […]


Outrageous: Church Creates Nativity Scene With Bleeding Trayvon Martin

A faux nativity scene featuring a makikin of a bleeding Trayvon Martin. A California church has sponsored a “nativity scene” that outrageously turns violent Florida teen Trayvon Martin into a Christ figure showing him bleeding above the slogan “a child is born, a son is given.” The faux nativity scene features wooden cutouts of traditional […]


84-Year-Old Obama Supporter Pulls Gun on Conservatives Protesting

An 84-year-old Obama supporter is accused of pulling a gun on a pair of middle-aged white women who were hosting a protest of Obama and his policies in Gwinnett County, Georgia. As WSBTV reports, “Protestors Toni Pendley and Marge Moore are part of the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment movement, a national movement that places signs […]


African Americans in Oakland Attack White Man Asking About Reaction to Zimmerman Trial

On the night that the George Zimmerman trial verdict was released, Cyrus Massoumi got a little more than he bargained for when he asked a group of African Americans in Oakland, California what they thought of the results from Florida. Massoumi was out and about on Saturday evening after the verdict was read and asked […]


Soliciting Prostitution At A Police Station Is Almost Always A Bad Idea

Unless you are a working girl in a town with a totally corrupt police department, meeting a “john” at a police station is going to turn out poorly. Such is the case for Portland, Oregon prostitute Christal Smith. From KATU: An undercover street crimes detective had been communicating with a woman online through an internet […]


It’s Against The Law To Give Wedgie

This is what happens we you try too hard to be a MTV-style Jackass… JANUARY 14–A video prankster was arrested last night for battery after he allegedly gave wedgies to a series of victims outside a Florida movie theater, police report. Charles Ross, 18, was busted on the misdemeanor charge after a male victim, 20, […]


Fake News: L.A. Cops/Media Tout Rocket Launcher Seizure That Wasn’t

Chief Charlie Beck and L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, Dec. 27, 2012 The L.A. Police Department had big news on December 27. They had seized a pair of rocket launchers! This, of course, would have been shocking news if only they really had found “rocket launchers” in the City of Angels. As the L.A. Police Department’s “gun […]


Ex-Con Finds Big Surprise Behind Door Number Three

A Georgia mom stopped a home invasion by an ex-con on Friday after hiding out in an upstairs crawlspace. From The Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Loganville mother of two assumed the knocks on her front door Friday afternoon were from a solicitor. “Don’t answer,” she yelled to her 9-year-old twins playing downstairs. When the visitor […]


Media Ignores Union Violence: Flashback to Palin’s 2008 ‘Target’ Outrage

As unions again run amuck, this time in Michigan, the Old Media establishment has steadfastly refused to report on the union’s violence, not to mention the “violent rhetoric” coming from their advocates. But this is in stark contrast to the Summer of 2011 when the Old Media was hot to condemn the supposed “violent rhetoric” […]


Bad Rap Duo Are Even Worse Kidnappers

If you’re kidnapping someone to extort money from them, letting the victim go probably isn’t going to work out, as two aspiring rappers turned criminals in New York found out. From The New York Times: Two hip-hop performers were arrested on charges of kidnapping and extortion after being accused of abducting a man who discussed […]


Duo Arrested For Stealing Neighbors Pet Turkey For Thanksgiving Meal

Only in Florida…. Gulf Breeze, Florida (PNJ) — Tom the turkey had lived happily on Brian and Christa Caponi’s 6-acre spread in Gulf Breeze for the past year along with their menagerie of cats, goats, a dog, chickens and roosters. He was special among their 50 or so animals, Christa said. “He was a family […]


Cyber-Theft from Our Nation’s Banks a Growing Threat

We are all suffering from the mistaken idea that our money is “safe” after we put it in a bank. The fact is your money is at risk every day as it sits in your bank or with your financial services provider. It isn’t necessarily because those institutions will waste it, misspend it, or invest […]


Mugshots of the Week: 11/10/12

Here are the Mugshots of the Week for the week ending 11/10/12: According to a story published by TMZ, O.J. Simpson’s ex-girlfriend Christie Prody was arrested in  Fargo, North Dakota for trying to steal another woman’s purse.  Last April, Prody was arrested for stealing pain killers from a home where she worked as a nurse’s aid. [Insert […]

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Mugshots of the Week: 11/03/12

Once again, to lighten the mood, here are the Mugshots of the Week. Albemarle County, Virginia news site The Daily Progress reports the following: Local Democratic Party activist Cynthia Neff made a return trip to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, this time as the accused. Authorities over the weekend charged Neff with driving under the influence […]


Mugshots of the Week: 10/27/12

Here are the “winning” mugshots for the week ending October 27, 2012.   Jonathan David Stallard was arrested for attempted carjacking.  Here is an excerpt from a story published by Myrtle Beach Online: The 42-year-old victim looked around to see if someone could help. When she looked back, Stallard had run across the street where […]

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Mugshot(s) of the Week : 10/20/12

Who doesn’t like to see humorous mugshots? As a way to provide a break from the constant political bickering, I give you the Mugshots of the Week for the week ending on 10/20/12, along with the news story pertaining to the mugshots. Here is an excerpt from a news story dated 10/15/12: Tulsa, OK - A […]


Mom Arrested For Giving Her 11-Year-Old A Tattoo

Odessa Clay, a 30-year-old A North Carolina mother, was arrested last month after authorities determined that she gave her 11-year-old daughter a small heart-shaped tattoo near her shoulder. Clay confirmed to WCTI that she did indeed tattoo her daughter. Why did she do it? “She asked me to do it,” Clay said. Clay performed the […]


Obama’s Offensive Anti-Woman Campaign Ad (Now Disappeared Down Memory Hole)

Earlier today the Obama campaign’s “official Tumblr page” featured an offensive message: This image was followed with a text tag that said, “because they kinda do.” Uh, no, they kinda don’t, you supercilious liars. And since when was a woman nothing but her p*ssy? I thought women wanted to be considered a whole person, a […]


Man Upset Over Arrest Destroys Most Of A Vermont Town’s Police Cars

Roger Pion, a Vermont farmer, was mighty pissed about a recent drug bust. He was so upset he decided to have his own makeshift Monster Jams session in the police station parking lot. The Daily Mail reports: A farmer angry over a recent arrest surprised police in Vermont on Thursday by driving his tractor over […]


Smart Car Driver Leads Troopers In Comical Car Chase

There’s just something funny about a guy who thinks he’s going to outrun cops in a Smart Car… HOUSTON – A suspect in a Smart Car made a dumb move when he led a DPS trooper on a high-speed chase that ended in his own driveway. Police say the trooper tried to stop David Wheaton […]


YouTube Daredevil Surrenders To Police

Via On Demand comes news from The Times Colonist that the guy who posted a video of himself going 186-mph (299km/h) on a Canadian highway in April has been apprehended. Randy Scott, the man charged with dangerous driving in connection with a high-speed motorcycle ride documented on YouTube, has turned himself in. Police have been […]