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Why are we paying teachers?

Here’s how the US, which spends more per student than any country in the world, is doing vs. the world in math, science and reading. Get that? Out of 34 countries, our tax dollars in conjunction with the US Department of Education and the National Education Association, has the US solidly in 26th place in […]


Now Teachers Correcting Spelling is ‘Racist’?

A professor in California has been accused of “racism” and for sponsoring a “toxic” learning environment after correcting the spelling of students. This is how bad our so-called system of education has gotten when even correcting spelling hurts our kids “self esteem.” Professor Val Rust of the University of California at Los Angeles’ Graduate School […]


Common Core: Completing the government takeover of schools

Common Core is a federally sponsored – likely to be mandated if your state wants federal funds – initiative to federally control what is taught and how it’s taught in local schools. Mission Statement The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents […]


British School Threatens to Label Students ‘Racists’ Unless They Attend Islam Field Trip

British citizens are up in arms at a British primary school that has threatened to label kids as “racists” for years on their public school record if they refuse to attend a field trip meant to push Islam on kids. This is a sick example of multiculturalism by force, apparently. Letter sent home to parents. […]


Atheists Force School to Cancel Christmas Toy Drive Because: Religion

A school in South Carolina has been forced to cancel its annual toy collection drive for the charity Operation Christmas Child by atheists who claim that the event is “religious” and therefore should not be allowed. For the past three years East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C., has been participating in the toy drive […]


NY Teachers Union Chief: Common Core is Child Abuse

To the applause of those in the room, a New York teachers union president slammed the state’s Common Core policy as “child abuse.” Beth Dimino, President of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association, appeared to speak at a Common Core forum held on November12 at the Ward Melville High School in East Setauket, New York. […]


Common Core: New Education Program Teaches Kids That ‘Commands’ of Government ‘Must Be Obeyed’

Liberals and misguided establishment Republicans (like Florida’s Jeb Bush) are pushing a new education program called Common Core, a policy that will do no less than spit out good little government automatons. But it isn’t just this new scheme of education. It’s been happening for years and all over. Commons Core just accelerates it. We […]


Mother of Grade Schooler Banned from Kid’s School Over Concealed Carry License

This is how the liberals destroy our rights, folks. A mother in Georgia has now been told she isn’t allowed to go to her own child’s taxpayer funded grade school because she has a concealed carry permit. Parent Tanya Mount says that she was a volunteer at her disabled daughter’s school, McBean Elementary in Hepzibah, […]


Humanities Classes Falling Out of Favor is Higher Education’s Own Fault

In The New York Times Tamar Lewin laments the slow death of the humanities in our system of higher learning. She notes that the humanities are going by the wayside with fewer students signing up for such courses every year. But Lewin gets the reason completely wrong. She blames the recession but in fact it […]


The problem with higher education is…

… every child left behind. And the University of Georgia is leading the way to a cowardly new world. I didn’t make this up and you’re not reading The Onion. The University of Georgia is holding “Social Justice Week” which is typically a platform for the aggrieved to whine about “equality” and parade “victims”. Well, […]


Chicago Teachers Union: ‘This City Belongs to Black People’

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is pretty much run by communists and racebaiters. This month we get yet another example of that with a CTU organizer claiming that the city “belongs” to African Americans and not white people. This sort of hate is typical of the CTU. As seen in the video above, CTU President […]


High School Drama Teacher Pushes Play With Incest and Bestiality, Gets Suspended

Here is a story that shows why we don’t let children decide what they want to do for themselves. In Arizona, a high school teacher thought it would be a great idea for his kids to put on a play that features incest and bestiality. He got suspended for this leftist idea, but the silly […]


Illinois School Gives Kids a Death Panel Assignment

A central Illinois school recently gave students an assignment many are calling a “death panel” assignment. The fifteen year olds were told to decide what six of ten people would be allowed to get life-saving medical treatment. double click on image to see larger The school, St. Joseph Ogden High School in St. Joseph, IL, […]


School Cancels ‘Religious’ Halloween, Says Constitution Forbids It

I hate to even use the word “school” for this sort of brainless stupidity, but here we go again having a school attempting to destroy our American traditions and character this time by banning Halloween. Why? Because it is a “religious” holiday and the Constitution forbids religion in schools, of course. Now you and I […]


Extremist Professor: Trayvon Martin Case Proves it’s Legal to ‘Hunt Down & Kill’ Black Kids

Another day, another extremist, anti-American “professor” caught lying to our kids and pushing a far left agenda, this time at the University of Maryland where a so-called professor is saying that the Trayvon Martin case somehow proves that it is now legal to hunt down and kill black kids in America today. UMD “Professor” and […]


Boy Expelled From School For Playing With Toy Gun… In His Own Yard

And now the ultimate in “zero tolerance” stupidity. A school has expelled a boy from school because they heard he was playing with a toy gun in his own front yard. Khalid Caraballo, a seventh-grader in Virginia Beach, VA, is about to be expelled for playing with an airsoft pistol in his own yard as […]


Not Learning from Colorado Recall, California Looking to Impose Harsh New Gun Laws

California already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and if the state’s extremist Democrats get their way, they are going to make those laws even harder on law abiding citizens. Democrats are sending several new, highly restrictive laws to Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown in hopes of further limiting Californian’s Second […]


School Tells Little Girl She Can’t Write About God

Remember this: liberal education policy maintains that Christians are evil. We must also remember that our system of miseducation enforces that position every day. We see it this time in Tennessee where a school has told a little girl that she isn’t allowed to write about God. Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio reports this […]


Left-Wing School Officials Ban School Rifle Team From Yearbook

Parents of kids on Pennsylvania high school rifle team want to know why their kids’ activity was banned from appearing in the school’s yearbook. When Parents of kids on the Emmaus High School championship rifle team got news that their kids’ activity didn’t show up in the Hornet, the school’s yearbook, not even a mention […]


Washington Post Slams Obama for wanting to ‘Trap Poor, Black Children’ in Bad Schools

The President’s Department of Justice is taking the State of Louisiana to court over its school voucher program and the lawsuit is such a bad idea that even the left-wing Washington Post is criticizing the administration for the slight, saying that AG Holder wants to “trap poor, black children in ineffective schools.” The Post begins […]


Supposed ‘Racist’ Attacks at Oberlin College Done by Liberals Wanting to ‘Stir The Pot’

Earlier this year Oberlin College in Ohio was shut down after a series of racist, anti-Semitic, and KKK-related incidents occurred on campus. For months the liberal media went wild over the “right-wing attacks” on minorities. Now, it has been proven that the whole mess was perpetrated by two liberal Obama supporters who wanted to “stir […]


Breaking news from the Department Of Stunning Studies

Years ago I was shooting the breeze with a buddy and some study that had recently been released came up and I started kicking around the idea of starting a foundation dedicated to securing grant monies to conduct studies.  His momma is Mexican so he’s a protected class even though he doesn’t speak a lick […]


New York Bans in Schools Words Like: Gun, Dinosaur, War, Disease

Once again, the New York Department of Education is in the word-banning business and is telling schools to ban dozens of words from use in the class room and on tests. And why are they banning the words? Because they might make kids “feel” bad. But, worse, some of the banned words would actually prevent […]


Chicago Public School Teacher Attacks Capitalism, Says Violent Revolution Coming

The policy group called ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) had its 40th anniversary meeting in Chicago on August 7, 8, and 9, but not everyone was celebrating. In front of the hotel at which the event was held, the unions gathered to attack and one Chicago school teacher took the occasion not only to […]


The Higher Education Reality

Getting a college education! Everybody knows that you just can’t be successful without one. College graduates make about a million dollars more over their working life than non-college grads. And so on. That’s the higher education pitch. And today, that pitch has the same smell of the line realtors were pitching in 2005 at the […]