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The REAL War on Women: Islamists in Iraq Order All Women to Undergo Female Genital Mutilation

While the liars on the American left prattle on about the non-existent “Republican war on woman,” there is a real and true war on women going on in the areas of Iraq now under control of the ISIS Muslim terrorist forces. These inhuman Muslim monsters just announced that they will force every woman to undergo […]


Obama Demands Egypt Release Jailed Members of Muslim Brotherhood

Obama’s Ambassador to Egypt is siding with Islamist terrorists in the unrest in that ancient country. Ambassador Ann Patterson has demanded that the Egyptians release all the Muslim brotherhood terrorists they’ve imprisoned during this time of strife. Isn’t it just like the Obama administration to side with the extremist Islamists? Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch […]


Muslims Have No Legitimate Religious Claim on Jerusalem

Easter is coming up and I think this is an ideal time to make some important historical points about the city of Jerusalem. The history of that ancient city gives us yet another important historical note to show that modern Islam is based on a series of sham ideas and lies. The idea that Jerusalem […]


CPAC–Rand Paul: Not a Penny to Countries That Burn U.S. Flag

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul didn’t disappoint on yesterday’s appearance at CPAC at one point in his speech saying of foreign aide, “I say not one penny more to countries that are burning our flag.” When he kicked off his address he joked that he’d only been given 20 minutes to speak but had brought 13 […]


Egyptian Court Sentences Eight To Death Over “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube Video

Freedom in Egypt, whatever it may eventually look like, isn’t going to include the ability to speak negatively about Islam… CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court convicted in absentia Wednesday seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor, sentencing them to death on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that had sparked riots in […]


Egypt’s President Morsi Seizes Dictatorial Power

With a truce in the Gaza conflict freshly signed, President Mohamed Morsi gave himself supreme authority in Egypt, setting the fledgling democracy back to the Mubarak era. From The New York Times. CAIRO — With a constitutional assembly on the brink of collapse and protesters battling the police in the streets over the slow pace […]


Violent Anti-American Protests Now Occurring In 21 Countries

President Obama’s Middle East foreign policy (what ever that actually is) is imploding today as violent anti-American protests are now occurring in 21 countries in the Middle East, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe. So what does the administration say? White House spokesman Jay Carney said this with a straight face today: “This is a […]


What Will It Take?

(Regrettably, I have been so busy over the last 36 hours that I am not completely up to date on every fact, report, investigation, or tweet that has surfaced concerning the attacks on our embassies or the deaths  of our four American brethren.  That said, I wrote this out in a state of fatigue last […]


Pentagon Denies Reports That Marines At U.S. Embassy In Egypt Had No Ammunition

Making the rounds today is a report at (among other places) The Washington Free Beecon, that the Marines station at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo were not permitted to carry live ammunition: U.S. Marines defending the American embassy in Egypt were not permitted by the State Department to carry live ammunition, limiting their ability to […]


Minus Teleprompter, Obama Goes Off Script On Egypt

Oops… President Barack Obama didn’t intend to signal any change in the U.S.-Egypt relationship last night when he said Egypt is not an “ally,” the White House told The Cable today. In an interview with Telemundo Wednesday night, Obama said that the U.S. relationship with the new Egyptian government was a “work in progress,” and […]


The Friday Focus: Media Priorities Edition*

*I forgot to note why I published this a day early. My internet provider has listed a scheduled outage tomorrow and I didn’t want it to sit all day. Thanks! Hey, did you know we’re supposed to be mad at Mitt Romney for the attacks on our Embassies in the Middle East? Yeah, well, the […]


The Apology Heard Round The World

Today the full extent of attacks on the U.S. consulate in Libya and the embassy in Cairo on September 11th have come to light, with the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and three other State Department employees being killed in Benghazi, Libya. So what was the Obama administration’s first response? To apologize to the […]


Egyptian Crowds Taunt Hillary Clinton With “Monica, Monica” Jeer

From The New York Post: A crowd of tomato-tossing Egyptians taunted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday with chants of “Monica, Monica.” The jeers – a reference to the affair her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, had with White House intern Monica Lewinsky – came as the secretary of state was visiting the newly reopened […]


Egyptians Celebrate Muslim Brotherhood Victory By Raping Another Journalist

British journalist Natasha Smith describes, in great detail, her horrifying ordeal at the hands of hundreds of men gathered in Tafir Square to celebrate the nation’s presidential election results. The atmosphere was one of jubilation, excitement, and happiness as I walked, accompanied by two male companions for safety along Kasr El Nil bridge. I had […]


Hosni Mubarak “Clinically Dead,” Now “Still Alive”

Yahoo News reports on the conflicting accounts of Hosni Mubarak’s “death.” Multiple sources have told Al-Jazeera that ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak suffered a stroke and is on an artificial respirator, but that he is not “clinically dead,” as previous reports had claimed. Reuters and the Associated Press also cite sources saying the deposed president […]


Arab spring, foreboding winter

Couple of stories ringing alarms this morning. First up, out of Libya: Libya is in danger of falling into the hands of Islamic extremists if a stable government is not rapidly established, Nato’s secretary-general warned last night. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Islamic extremists would “try to exploit” any […]


While the world slams Israel for defending her borders…

… the world ignores the murders of Coptic Christians in Egypt.  Jews killing Muslims who are in effect invading Israel is anathema… but Muslims, who many claim are moderate, killing Christians…

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Why is Arab misogyny ignored by Western elitists…

… while the alleged misogyny of American military culture is played up? Caroline Glick has an interesting and provocative thesis centered on what she calls “the international media’s quest to advance…


CBS reporter sexually attacked in Egypt (UPDATED)

Lara Logan victimized by mob of freedom loving peaceful protestors: Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent, was attacked and sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo on Feb. 11, the day…


CBS News reporter Lara Logan attacked, sexually assaulted in Cairo

CBS News reporter Lara Logan attacked, sexually assaulted in Cairo

From The Los Angeles Times: CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is recovering in an American hospital this week after being sexually assaulted and beaten by a mob in Egypt's…


I'll admit to not ever before hearing from or about Niall Ferguson…

… but after listening to what follows, I want to hear more from and about the man from here on out: Was that good or what? H/T Dan Friedman in…


The Muslim Brotherhood's forked tongue

CNN is reporting this morning that the Muslim Brotherhood has applied for political party status in Egypt: The Brotherhood "envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on…


About that Egyptian freedom movement

Caution is in order: According to a major survey conducted last year by the Pew Research Center, adults in Egypt don't crave Western-style democracy, as pundits have blithely trumpeted throughout…


Political Crimes Of Nature

The events going on in Egypt are doing wonders for the reputations of a number of American politicians and pundits — mainly exposing a lot of people for being far…


What I Know (and hope) about Egypt

What I Know (and hope) about Egypt

I would like to expound on the subject of Kevin's earlier post.Egypt has been in the midst of a serious crisis, precipitated by a stagnant economy, rising food prices, and…