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Professor Jedediah Purdy Wants You Forced to Follow His Religion

Professor Jedediah Purdy of Duke University Law School feels that you are not thinking right and therefore he wants you forced through “conflict” to accept his religion. I assure you that this wouldn’t be his interpretation of the under girding of the essay he disgorged at Politico last week, but that is exactly what he […]


Globaloney: NOAA Quietly Changes Warmest Year Back to 1936 Without Comment

Attempting to promulgate the theory of global warming, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claimed that the year 2012 was the “hottest” year on record. This toppled the previous records set in 1936. But after being called on the false statistics, without saying a word about the change, NOAA very quietly returned 1936 to […]


Transparency a Must to Protect Our Ecosystem

April brought us Earth Day and with it at focus on both our ecosystem and those that claim it is their highest interest to protect the same. With reflection, though, we have to wonder if these self-appointed guardians of our environment are really just foxes guarding the henhouse succumbing to the temptation of power and […]


Green Stormtroopers to Invade Private Homes to Ensure Green Compliance

Greenism is not only a religious principle it is also a fascist, authoritarian ideal and greenies in Germany are finally revealing the black soul of greenism by proposing a law that would give the state the power to forcibly enter a person’s home to ensure they are in compliance with green rules. The city of […]


Lunacy: Liberal Hates Valentines Day an ‘Environmental Travesty’

There always has to be one goofball out there hatin’ on our national holidays, doesn’t there? This time it is hate for Valentines Day and on the flimsiest, most ridiculous reasoning: it is an “environmental travesty.” For the left-wing New Republic, columnist Jeffrey Ball was first out of the chute to slam Valentines Day with […]


Global Warming ‘Experts’ Admit: We Lied

A leaked copy of a UN report on global warming says that scientist’s claims that global warming was going to destroy us were drastically wrong. The Daily Mail reports that in 2007 the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claimed that the planet was going to rise 0.2 Celsius every decade, a claim that […]


LA Times: Global Warming Will Cause Violence to Rise

The Los Angeles Times has seen the future and it is filled with a rising tide of violence all due to climate change. In a piece on the results of a study by several UC Berkeley researchers, the Times warns that if we don’t “get our act together” and address climate change, then we will […]


Green Fail: New York Metra Gives Up on Hybrid Busses

In a reversal of greenism, Michael Bloomberg’s New York Metropolitan Transit Agency is giving up on hybrid transportation. The city with the mayor nicknamed “Nanny Bloomberg” may be stumping for all sorts of chic, activist causes, from the campaign to rid us of our Second Amendment rights, to the elimination of trans fats in our […]


The Fruits of Fracking; U. S. Domsestic Oil Production Exceeds Saudi Production

The Democrats and their watermelon masters are all that stands between the United States and a new era of prosperity.


New York Investigating Anti-Fracking Lobbying by Yoko One, Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro

A formal complaint has been filed with a New York lobbying board to investigate whether Yoko Ono, Robert De Niro and nearly 200 other celebrities have violated state laws with their Artists Against Fracking activist group. Celebrities are well known for dabbling in social activism whether what they have to say makes sense or not […]


Leonardo DiCaprio to Fly Jet Around World To Save the Environment

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is taking a break from acting to help save the environment by pursuing his environmental activism but maybe someone needs to tell him how “saving the environment” might work. DiCaprio told members of the entertainment media that after doing so many movies in a row he’s tired and needs a break from […]


Softening The Blow: NPR Edits Word ‘Tax’ Out of Democrat Debate Performance

Voters do not like taxes. So, National Public Radio in New Hampshire seems to have thought it would be nice to help Maggie Hassan, the Democrat candidate for Governor, by doing a little editing work to take the word “tax” out of one of her answers at a recent candidates debate. The radio folks claimed […]


Obama’s Strategy On Critical Natural Resources? More Solyndra’s!

A few weeks back President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney answered a series of questions as part of Science Debate 2012. I noticed one question that touches on topics previously covered here at Wizbang. Question 13 was as follows: Critical Natural Resources. Supply shortages of natural resources affect economic growth, quality of life, and national […]


Why is the EPA Funding a Private Newspaper?

The Environmental Protection Agency has been indulging its inner propagandist by spending at least $3.5 million to float newspaper that is purportedly “reporting” on the EPA’s pet issues. Unfortunately for the readers of this newspaper, the fact that the EPA is its sugar daddy is never told the reading public. So much for an independent […]


New Study Shows Half Of The Reported Global Warming In The USA Is Artificial

We’re a little late to the rodeo, but you should go see the big news from Anthony Watt and his team at Watts Up With That? Watt released a new paper that is the culmination of knowledge gleaned from five years of work by many volunteers and contributors to the SurfaceStations project started that he […]


Climate Battle: Round 2

In an opinion piece titled “Global Warming Is Here to Stay”, Washington Post Columnist Eugene Robinson sides with anthropogenic global warming (AGW) enthusiasts: Yes, scientists are finally asserting a direct connection between long-term climate trends and short-term weather events. This was always a convenient dodge for climate change deniers. There might be a warming trend […]


Tag-Team Climate Battle

Ladies and Gentlemen! In this corner, competing on behalf of people who claim that anthropogenic global warming is to blame for all recent extreme weather conditions . . . Climate scientist Jake Crouch, climate scientist Michael Mann and NASA scientist James Hansen! In the opposite corner, competing on behalf of people who deny that anthropogenic […]


Choosing to Fail

Productivity and potential spurned. These are the fruits of the greens.


Conservatives Beating Bill Nye the Global Warming Guy, But Obama to the Rescue

=Bill Nye “the Science Guy” and CNN are a bit miffed at all those global warming scoffers. They are winning the public debate, beating the “consensus” opinion that global warming — or globaloney — is poised to destroy the planet. Nye and CNN host Carol Costello both dismissed any climate change skeptics with Costello claiming […]


EPA ‘Crucifixion’ Video Pulled From Youtube, The Liberal Cockroach Behind the Move

Earlier in the week a video surfaced on Youtube of Al Armendariz, head of the EPA office in Dallas, saying that he and his agency planned to “crucify” any business that crosses them. The video caused a lot of consternation on Capitol Hill as well as recriminations for the EPA. But by Friday the video […]


Report – fracking linked to recent Heartland earthquake activity

Uh-oh.  But remember, correlation does not imply causation: Fracking Tied To Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U. S. A spate of earthquakes across the middle of the U.S. is “almost certainly” man-made, and may be caused by wastewater from oil or gas drilling injected into the ground, U.S. government scientists said in a study. Researchers […]


Another Assumption underpinning AGW falls

The narrative seems to be having issues with reality.


Healthcare Death Panels Are Inevitable

Much was made of Governor Sarah Palin’s use of the term “government death panels” to lambaste Obamacare. Left-wingers and Democrats everywhere scoffed at the term and accused Palin of demagogy and even lying. But the fact is, government death panels of all sorts are inevitable once government takes over healthcare. In fact, once government takes […]


Heartland Institute: The ‘Gate’ Scandal That Never Was

Global warmists finally have an email “gate” of their own that they can turn against “deniers” and they are taking full advantage of it. The Warmists are excited that the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based state policy group, has been “outed” for attempting to undermine the religiously held tenets of global warming. Emails to that effect […]


Will Obama “Keystone” Alaska’s Pebble Mine? You Betcha!

The Pebble Partnership has spent seven years and US$150 million compiling the Environmental Baseline Document (EBD) for one of the worlds largest gold an copper finds in Alaska. The report contains more than 27,000 pages of scientific data and analyses characterizing a broad range of environmental and social conditions in southwest Alaska – including climate, […]