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Obama’s Lawless Presidency

President Obama’s supporters love to call him the “cool” President, a “no drama” guy, and generally like to claim he is unflappable in office. Whatever the truth of that claim, there is one thing for sure: he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Like following the law. During his four years in office this president has […]


Obama’s Strategy On Critical Natural Resources? More Solyndra’s!

A few weeks back President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney answered a series of questions as part of Science Debate 2012. I noticed one question that touches on topics previously covered here at Wizbang. Question 13 was as follows: Critical Natural Resources. Supply shortages of natural resources affect economic growth, quality of life, and national […]


Why is the EPA Funding a Private Newspaper?

The Environmental Protection Agency has been indulging its inner propagandist by spending at least $3.5 million to float newspaper that is purportedly “reporting” on the EPA’s pet issues. Unfortunately for the readers of this newspaper, the fact that the EPA is its sugar daddy is never told the reading public. So much for an independent […]


More EPA Overreach To Come In A Second Obama Term

If you thought the EPA was out of control now, you haven’t seen anything yet. James Valvo of Americans for Prosperity has a preview of what you can expect from Obama’s EPA if he wins re-election. Here’s just two examples of what to expect. Apply greenhouse gas regulations to existing power plants: In March 2012, […]


Environmental Groups Tout Their Astroturfing Campaign As “Unanimous” Opinion

The Natural Resources Defense Council staff blog is touting their efforts to flood the EPA with form letters as a massive endorsement of EPA over-reach. Yesterday, the public comment period closed, and the numbers thus far are bad news for the mining partnership — and very good news for everyone else. Of an estimated 204,000 […]


EPA Rushing Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment; Ignoring Local Concerns

In May we highlighted the EPA’s controversial watershed assessment for Bristol Bay, Alaska. The EPA plans to use its power to pre-emptively deny mining in the area, even before any mines are actually proposed. The Pebble Mine site is the worlds largest untapped deposit of copper and rare earth materials, and is located in the […]


EPA Overreach: Did Order To Investigate All Communications With Al Armendariz Come From Washington?

I promised further updates about Larry Keller and his battle with the EPA over an innocuous email he sent about Al Armendariz. As you’ll recall, Larry Keller was visited by two armed EPA agents in regards to an email he sent inquiring about the contact information of then regional EPA official Al Armendariz. I’ve posted […]


EPA Agents Visit Man For Sending Email

The following is NOT a work of fiction. It did take place. It took place in the most liberty rich country in the history of the world. It didn’t happen in one of the old Soviet Eastern Bloc nations. It didn’t happen in Cuba or Venezuela. It didn’t happen in Iran. It happened here, in […]


The EPA Is Annexing Alaska

Need more proof that the Environmental Protection Agency is out of control? Friday they released a draft scientific study of the Bristol Bay watershed and its natural resources, conducted solely to form the basis for preemptively vetoing the Pebble Mine in Alaska. The group that is developing Pebble Mine hasn’t even formally submitted a proposal […]


EPA ‘Crucifixion’ Video Pulled From Youtube, The Liberal Cockroach Behind the Move

Earlier in the week a video surfaced on Youtube of Al Armendariz, head of the EPA office in Dallas, saying that he and his agency planned to “crucify” any business that crosses them. The video caused a lot of consternation on Capitol Hill as well as recriminations for the EPA. But by Friday the video […]


Obama’s “None Of The Above” Energy Policy

Via Resouceful Earth we received news of a story on EE New’s Greenwire reports that the Obama Administration is actively working, one must assume, to “Keystone” the Pebble Mine project in Alaska under the auspices of the Clean Water Act. U.S. EPA is defending its review of large-scale development in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed amid […]


An Update On The EPA’s Den Of Thieves

Last month we told you about the prime speaking spot that the EPA was affording to Ann Maest of Stratus Consulting at this week’s EPA Hard Rock Mining Conference. Dr. Maest and Stratus are being sued by Chevron, under federal racketeering laws, after Maest was caught on video appearing to agree to doctor data in […]


Another Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling, this time on Property Rights.

I find it outrageous that any regulatory agency of any government in the United States can issue direction to private individuals under threat of heavy fines without being subject to challenge in the courts.


The EPA’s Den Of Thieves

Dr. Ann Maest of Straus Consulting is an expert on the environmental effects of mining and petroleum extraction and production on groundwater. She’s also the person we caught red-handed agreeing to falsify data for the plaintiffs in an case against Chevron earlier this year. In case you missed it, these two videos show her conspiring […]