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Libs Against Money in Politics Ignore Unions Corrupting the System

As the left runs around like Chicken Littles claiming that the evil Koch brothers are “buying the country,” they ignore the fact that unions have poured many times more money into the system to buy themselves influence than the Kochs ever have or ever will. The left ignores this fact because unions spend all their […]


The Democrats and Senator Reid area Koch Whores

Senator Harry Reid is indulging an absurd habit these days. He’s become a Koch head, a Koch addict, a Koch whore. He just can’t get enough of libertarian campaign donors Charles and David Koch and Reid’s lost his tiny little mind over them blaming them for everything that he thinks is wrong with the country. […]


Solyndra Republicans, Why the GOP Cannot be Trusted

On Friday, July 20, Politico reported that GOP leadership in the House beat back an attempt by recalcitrant members of their own caucus to continue to quietly support the sort of pork spending that gave us Solyndra in the first place. House GOP leadership has been beating the Democrats up for the pure wasteful spending […]


A Picture Is Worth 10,000 Words. Er, Dollars.

Sigh… From the Chicago Tribune: When first lady Michelle Obama comes home to Chicago next Tuesday, a group photo with her at a campaign fundraiser won’t come cheap. The asking price for a ticket to a “family photo reception” is $10,000, according to an invitation to the event. The invitation specifies that there may be […]


How discerning are you with your charitable giving?

How discerning are you with your charitable giving?

I stumbled today across the following and have some follow-on comments: Given that it’s posted at well known Religious Leftist Jim Wallis’ site, I can’t be too surprised at some…

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The Strange Case of Hsu, Lillian Vernon, Hillary, and Bill

The more answers we find about furtive fundraiser/con artist Norman Hsu, the more questions arise. It has now been discovered that Hsu's contributions almost mirror – in many cases in…

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Hillary ignored warnings on Hsu

The Hsu fundraising scandal is sticking to Hillary Clinton's campaign, although the scam artist also gave considerable sums to other Democratic candidates and the DNC as well. [Paul posted a…

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Hsu's tangled web

Fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu apparently ran a shell company which may have existed to illegally reimburse campaign donors, Mike McIntire reports for the New York Times: A review of financial…

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Fugitive fundraiser nabbed in Colorado

Norman Hsu, the Democratic fundraiser who jumped $2 million bail in California, has been arrested in Colorado, report Jaxon Van Derbeken and John Coté for the San Francisco Chronicle: Fugitive…

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Help Raise Funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Kelly at Pass the Torch is raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by holding a Linking for Dollars campaign. Her corporate sponsor will pay to St. Jude $1…


A New Face in GOP Fundraising

Apparently, Tony Snow is a great fundraiser for the Republicans. I don't think any president's press secretary has ever been so popular with his respective party's base. ST. CHARLES, Ill.,…

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Wizbang Hurricane Relief Auction: Stealing a page from NPR

We already have two auctions going, but I think we can sell off even more stuff around here. I talked with Kevin, and we're gonna start letting people "sponsor" some…

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If you’ve read some of Paul’s posts about Hurricane Katrina you’re probably aware that he’s out of house and out of work. Several people have asked what, if anything, they…