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MSNBC’s Schultz Says Gays ‘Really The Ones Persecuted’ in Nazi Holocaust

Sometimes a celebrity will Tweet something, so blatantly a-historical, something so totally outrageous and insensible, that even they realize how bad it is and will try to delete it right away. But someone will always be there to preserve the evidence. Well, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz just found out that Twitter is forever when he Tweeted […]


Firefox Company Panders to Gay Mafia Declares NO Freedom of Speech for Religious Americans

Yesterday I wrote a piece for Breitbbart.com about how the gay mafia destroyed the career of the new CEO of Mozilla, the company that makes the Firefox web browser. But in its acceptance of a Stalinist show trial and its elimination of the CEO, Mozilla announced that only gays should be allowed to have free […]


Federal Judge Doesn’t Know Difference Between Constitution and Declaration of Independence

In an important decision striking down the votes of the people of Virginia, a Federal Judge proved she didn’t known the difference between the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. Thank you liberal educational establishment. When U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen issued her ruling taking away the vote of […]


‘Denver Post’ Brands ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson a ‘Hate-Speech Spewer’

In a December 28 Facebook posting advertising its article on the A&E network’s decision to reinstate Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, the Denver Post called Robertson a “hate-speech spewer.” So much for an unbiased reporting of the news. To flack its December 28 article titled, “‘Duck Dynasty’ debacle winners and losers,” by television critic, Joanne Ostrow, […]


SUSPENDED: Gay Group Attacks Duck Dynasty Star, But Ignored Hate-Filled Alec Baldwin

Gay groups don’t care about gay slurs. They care about liberalism. So, when a liberal utters a gay slur it is brushed off as unimportant. But if a conservative seems to say something bad about gays, why, it is the end of the world. That is the case here with the recent condemnation that the […]


New Jersey Family Denies They Stiffed Gay Waitress, Left No Anti-Gay Note

Early in November a gay waitress in a New Jersey restaurant claimed that some diners left her a nasty, anti-gay note and no tip upon paying their bill. The story went viral, but a new report casts heavy doubt on the story the waitress told. Dayna Morales, a server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, […]


Gay Marriage Makes Just ANY Relationship OK

One of the arguments that people that oppose gay marriage used to deny legal marriage for gays is that allowing gays to marry opens the door for every other sort of “marriage”–marrying gays, multiple partners, animals, even children–and this eventually destroys society. Gays denied that their support of gay marriage created that slippery slope toward […]


After 93 Years Church Throws Out Boy Scouts for Now Favoring Gays

After being associated with the Boy Scouts of America for 93 years, a church in Pennsylvania has ended its relationship because the venerable kids organization bent to left-wing pressure and is now allowing gays into the group. The Aldan Union Church in Aldan, Pa. has told the Boy Scouts to take a hike because they’d […]


80 Christian Airmen Being Punished, Harassed, Threatened for Refusing to Support Gay Marriage

80 members of the Air Force at one base are testifying that they are being harassed, threatened and even punished because they refuse to support gay “marriage.” Fox News’ Todd Starnes has the exclusive story of airmen at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas who say they are being attacked by homosexual militants. Starnes reports: […]


‘New Yorker’ Portrays a Gay Bert & Ernie to Celebrate End of DOMA

The cover for the July issue of The New Yorker celebrates the end of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the nullification of California’s one-man-one-woman marriage amendment with a portrait of Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie in each other’s arms as they watch a TV showing an image of the nine Supreme Court […]


CBS’ ‘Big Bang Theory’ End Credits Push Gay Marriage

The Big Bang Theory ends each episode, after the credits, with what is called a “vanity card.” They are often a few funny paragraphs that differ with each episode, but this week’s vanity card again pushed gay marriage on the audience. Chuck Lorre, the creator of the CBS hit comedy, has become famous for creating […]


Ill Urges Gay Couples to File ‘As if Married’ on Federal Taxes

The Illinois Review noticed an interesting thing about the instructions for the State of Illinois 2012 tax returns. Illinois is urging gay couples to file as “married.” As IR notes, tax filings may be a bit confusing for same sex couple in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln allows for civil unions, but the federal government […]


Batgirl Comic Character Comes Out as Transgender

DC Comics’ Batgirl number 19 has a little bit more in store for its readers than just crime fighting. This month readers also get a bit of controversy with their womp-slam-bang as a character introduced in 2011 comes out as both transgender and bi-sexual. After DC rebooted its franchise in 2011 in an attempt to […]


Can Marriage Be Just About ‘Love’?

Illinois’ centrist Republican Senator Mark Kirk was the latest Republican to join the crusade for gay marriage. On Tuesday morning the Senator posted a message on his website that claimed that marriage was all about love. But, is it? Does it make sense to make “love” a determining criteria to define marriage? Logic would not […]


NBC’s Chuck Todd: Is Gay Marriage Issue a Sign the Economy is Coming Back?

Chuck Todd presented an odd premise on last Sunday’s Meet the Press. Since the issue of gay marriage is now before the Supreme Court of the United States, Todd wondered if this meant that the economy is back on track because people’s attention has drifted from the economy to gay marriage? During the March 31 […]


CNN Opinion ‘You are a Bigot if You Oppose Gay Marriage’

CNN recently launched a new podcast project headed by Dean Obeidallah and in its second episode the trio of hosts pondered whether or not one is a bigot for opposing gay marriage. Obeidallah, who bills himself as a “political comedian,” co-hosts the podcast with CNN commentator, GOP consultant, and gay rights activist Margaret Hoover and […]


Quick Thoughts On Gay Marriage

I make it a point to watch the likes of MSNBC just to get an idea of where the enemy’s thoughts are.  It seems much of this past week’s coverage on both MSNBC and CNN was devoted to the issue of gay marriage and the Supreme Court.  These information outlets, with the support of their […]


AP Quits Use of Islamophobia/Homophobia in Reporting

We often take after the fine folks at the Associated Press for biased “reporting.” But as we criticize when warranted so should we praise when warranted and the AP has done something praiseworthy by telling its correspondents to stop using “Islamophobia” and “homophobia” in their reporting. On November 26, Politico reported that the AP made […]


Gay SiriusXM Talker Tells Conservative Gay Caller to Commit Suicide

Remember how liberals are the only ones tolerant of others? Well, keep that in mind as you listen to talk show host Michelangelo Signorile tell a gay caller who voted for Mitt Romney that he should take “arsenic” and commit suicide because he dared to vote for a Republican. Via our friends at Gay Patriot, […]


Gawker’s Soft Peddling Pedophilia

Recently, Gawker.com, a left-leaning and sometimes profane general interest website, posted a story that makes excuses for child rape, calling it an “orientation” instead of a crime and stating that raping children is “a sexual relationship,” as opposed to the violation that it truly is. The piece entitled, “Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for […]


Community Organizer Who Ran For Obama’s Senate Seat Files Discrimination Complaint Against Chick-Fil-A

Jacob Meister is Governing Board President of The Civil Rights Agenda, a Chicago LGBT rights advocacy group, a lawyer, and former Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. He ran for the Senate seat that President Obama occupied and the former Governor Rod Blagojevich was sent to jail for trying to sell. Meister and […]


False narratives and fascism

As always, Elizabeth Scalia (aka The Anchoress) has thoughts worth reading on the Chick-Fil-A scandal: “If You’re Not Sure, This Is How Fascism Works.” Her argument is multi-faceted, but mainly focuses on a subject I covered here a few days ago, which is that Chick-Fil-A president Don Cathy never mentioned “gays” or “gay marriage” during […]


What Chick-Fil-A boss really said – PLUS “Banned in Boston”!

On his own blog, our Rick Rice linked to this piece by Terry Mattingly at GetReligion.com: “Where’s the beef?  What the Chick-Fil-A boss really said” Now, one would assume — after reading a [CNN] reference to the “comments of company President Dan Cathy about gay marriage” — that this interview from the Biblical Recorder in […]


Obama As ‘First Gay President,’ Shows Truth Means Nothing to Liberals

Symbolism is far, far more important to the childish, silly left in America than truth. Why do I say that? The newest Newsweek cover explains why as its May 21 cover proclaims that Barack Obama is “the first gay president.” This, of course, is in reference to Obama’s announcement of his non-support of gay marriage […]


President Obama concludes that it is personally important for him to affirm that he thinks same sex couples should get married

The full context of the President’s remarks is here, if you wish to read it.  But in a rhetorical display typifying the President’s penchant for brevity and understatement, here is what he told ABC News’ Dianne Sawyer: “I have to tell you that over the course of several years as I have talked to friends […]