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Obama’s Attorney General Hypocrisy: Alberto Gonzalez vs Eric Holder

In 2007 when Barack Obama was running for President the first time there was a controversy raging over whether U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was right to accede to President Bush’s order to fire a handful of U.S. attorneys. Obama then criticized the AG for politicizing the office. Flash forward to 2013 and he’s now […]


Nancy Pelousie: An Example of the Stupidity & Lies One Must Perpetrate to be a Democrat

Haven’t ranted for a while, so here we gooooo…. There are dozens of examples every day of the lack of logic, ignorance of facts, downright dishonesty, and stupidity one must employ to be a Democrat in America, but today we must focus on a particular example of lunacy perpetrated upon the public by the loud-mouthed, […]


For the Boston Bombers, the President is Just Putting On Ayers …

I have listened, with fascination and horror, to the President’s words since the Boston bombing. I found them a dispassionate litany of the obvious that did little to inspire or encourage. Among them, he noted: … on days like this there are no Republicans or Democrats – we are Americans … …that all Americans stand with the […]


Dan Rather: Bush AWOL Documents ‘Not Proven’ False

Dan Rather is back to defending the story that essentially got him fired from network television by claiming that the documents he presented in 2004 as proof that George W. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard have never been proven to be forgeries. On February 7, Dan Rather hosted a Q&A on […]


CBS Praises Obama for Hurricane Sandy Visit, Attacked Bush for Katrina Visit

On November 16, CBS News aired a segment full of praise for President Obama’s visit to Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But this positive spin is in stark contrast to the scolding the network gave President Bush when he visited the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.. In the report […]


The Name ‘Republican’ Is Damaged Beyond Repair

Fact: Millions of Republican voters did not come out to unseat Barack Obama. Explanation: The Republican brand has been damaged beyond repair. Solution: Is Herman Cain Right? Do we need to replace the GOP with a new party? The Republican brand has been destroyed beyond repair. This is all something we really can blame on […]


Flashback: Candy Crowley Dismissed Oppression of Women By Taliban

With the focus on the horrible job of “moderating” perpetrated by CNN’s Candy Crowley at the latest 2012 presidential debate, it is instructive to take a look back at some of her past work for CNN. For instance, in a 2010 interview with former President George W. Bush, Crowley dismissed Bush’s correct assertion that women […]


Brit Columnist: We Hated Bush But Obama’s Just as Bad

Left-wing, British columnist Owen Jones was not a fan of George W. Bush, it seems. While this is no surprise for as screaming a left-winger as Jones, what is a surprise is that he has decided that President Obama is no real improvement over the “repulsive” Bush. In a recent column in The Independent, Jones […]


Obama Invokes Nixonian Executive Privilege But Scolded Bush for the Same Thing

Good for me but not for thee is Obama’s refrain as he invoked Executive Privilege to keep hidden his actions with the disastrous Justice Dept. program called Fast & Furious — a program responsible for several deaths of American law enforcement officers as well as hundreds of Mexican citizens. In 2007 when George W. Bush […]


Video: Bragging Mr. President? Heroes Don’t Spike the Football

This video perfectly illuminates the unseemliness of Obama’s constant gloating and bragging that he, himself killed Osama bin Laden. This video comes out just in time as members of the SEALs are slamming Obama for bragging so much about bagging binnie. As the caption notes: America knows who deserves the credit for killing Osama Bin […]


“Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad [with pride]“

The Ancient Greeks counted Hubris as a deadly sin, a sure means of inviting Nemesis to bring disastrous punishment.


AP Asks Cheney’s Doctors if They Stopped Beating Their Wives Yet

Like Jerry Seinfeld, the Associated Press did a masterful job of making a story out of nothing this weekend after news broke that former Vice President Dick Cheney was the recipient of a heart transplant. In fact, APs first paragraph is one of those masterful bits of psychological manipulation along the lines of the old […]


On Rising Gas Prices, Obama, and Rainbow Unicorns

You might have noticed that gas prices are at all time highs, historically, for this time of the year. You might think that such high fuel prices would have negative effects on the economy. Don’t worry though. Steve Hargreaves at CNNMoney is here to let us know that rising gas prices really aren’t anything to […]


“Bush Hatred Prevails Over Obama Love”

So writes Timothy Dalrymple, who explores the interesting phenomenon of how liberals are handling the stunning reversals in policies enacted by President Obama, compared to the idealism of Candidate Obama: [T]here’s no question that the Obama administration has been far less different from the Bush administration than was promised during the campaign. What’s so astonishing, […]


What kind of man is George W. Bush?

This kind of man: A plagiarism scandal forced Timothy Goeglein to resign in 2008 from former President George W. Bush’s administration. The special assistant to President Bush and public liaison deputy director often engaged with evangelicals before he admitted to copying work for several of his columns for a newspaper in Indiana. He previously worked […]


Yes, history will be kind to George W. Bush

Yes, history will be kind to George W. Bush

Notable Republicans from George H. W. Bush to Karl Rove to Condoleezza Rice have all gone on the record defending the Bush Administration’s War on Terror policies.  On the other…

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"When the loudest critic of your policies achieves his greatest success because of them"

"When the loudest critic of your policies achieves his greatest success because of them"

H/T to tim aka the godless heathen who found it at GatewayPundit….

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Thanks, But No Thanks

This week, President Obama will be visiting Ground Zero in New York, presumably in response to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. He invited former President Bush to attend, but…

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The Shoulders Of Giants

If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.– Sir Isaac NewtonIn the pursuit and killing of Osama Bin Laden, President Obama showed a…

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"I don't care, Obama is awesome" (UPDATED)

A simulated water cooler conversation with an Obama supporter.  Any similarities to leftists near you, especially religious progressives, are intentional and deliberate: H/T American Digest. UPDATE: Remember the Religious Leftist…

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Is Bush to blame for the slaughter of Iraqi Christians?

Regular readers will know that I think highly of Tony Woodlief.  His soul piercing insights, especially in the context of tragic personal loss, have always been moving, inspiring and heart wrenching.  So…

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He Points

He Points

A picture is often indeed worth a thousand words, so no need to say much else. Hat tip: Hot Air….

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Former presidents George HW Bush and George W Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch in game 4 of the World Series

And the crowd went wild! Here's the video in case you missed it: I have a feeling a lot of Americans watching at home tonight were feeling wistful as they…

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Wanna make a liberal's head explode?

Play the “If George W. Bush had” game with them:If George W. Bush had doubled the national debt in one year, would you have approved? If George W. Bush had then…

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There is a God

There is a God

Don't you know neck veins are bursting in DC on this news:Americans are divided over whether President Barack Obama or his predecessor has performed better in the White House, according…

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