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Here is Why The GOP is Its and Our Worst Enemy

There aren’t really two major parties in our political system. There are three. Sure there are Democrats–the extreme liberal, Euro-like party–and, yes, there are Republicans. But Republicans are not the conservative party. The GOP is the moderate party. The third party is made of the conservatives and even as they are forced to call themselves […]


Even in 2010 Obama Admitted That Millions Would Lose Their Healthcare

On one hand Obama has spent four years lying outright to the American public telling them that they could keep their healthcare insurance and their doctors if they liked them. But now that the extent of his lie has become so obvious, we are looking back at past statements proving that on the other hand […]


Politico Buttresses Liberal Republicans at the Expense of Conservatives

The Old Media establishment hates all Republicans, certainly, but they tolerate liberal Republicans because those sorts of Republicans don’t rock the boat and are quite happy taking the scraps from the Democrats’ table. So, the media always does its best to promote liberal Republicans and will use them as a foil to destroy conservatives–the latter […]


Obama Shuts Down House Boat Docks, Throws People Out of Their Homes

President Obama is attempting to make this partial shut down as painful for the American people as he possibly can by shutting down sites that he either doesn’t need to shut down, or shouldn’t be shutting down. In this case he is shutting down the docks on Lake Mead, Nevada, throwing many people–some of whom […]


Headline Of The Day – Government Shutdown Edition

Headline Of The Day – Government Shutdown Edition

The New York Daily News’ “House of Turds” headline wins the day…


House Rules Say We Can’t Defund Obamacare? Of Course We Can!

We are hearing from many of our representatives that it just isn’t possible to defund Obamacare because the House rules say they can’t. This, as it happens, is just a dodge. The House has defunded separate things while passing the rest of a budget many times. One of the things that weak-willed Republicans that don’t […]


How “Constitutional” are the Votes of Your State’s Federal Delegation?

I remember from two years ago the charges leveled at Tennessee’s Senator Bob Corker. One of his opponents claimed that Corker voted with President Obama 60% of the time. Despite making this claim over and over, I never did find any evidence they presented which could be independently verified or, at least, evaluated for validity […]


Slate: Claims of Benghazi Cover Up is ‘Pure Fiction’

As the Benghazi hearings begin anew on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, it is worth remembering that Dave Weigel of Slate.com, the former Journolist member who delights in attempting to debunk conservative narratives, declared in December that Republican suspicions of a Benghazi cover-up by the Obama administration were “pure fiction.” Weigel cited the report on the […]


Should Congressional Staffers Have Their Private Twitter Accounts Published?

A Congressional watchdog group called LegiStorm has announced a sweeping new project aimed at government transparency. But part of that project has staffers on Capitol Hill crying foul because it lists all their private Twitter accounts. On April 3, LegiStorm announced its new StormFeed tool saying it is a, “real-time, full-text searchable access to every […]


Nancy Pelosi Defends Doctored ‘Diversity’ Photo of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives and former Speaker of the House, is defending a faked photograph released on Thursday showing the “diversity” of the Female members of the Democrat delegation to Congress. The photo featuring “all” the Democrat women of the House standing on the steps outside the Capital building […]


College Professors Lose Hours Because of Obamacare

One of my favorite stories this week is the college professors at Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny who’ve had their hours cut because of the costly requirements of Obamacare. One of Obamacare’s changes to general business practices is to make people who work 30 hours or more a “full time worker.” For generations that magic […]


The NRCC Asks What do YOU Want to Tell Nancy Pelosi

Now you have the chance to give San Fran Lib Nancy Pelosi a message — you know, the former Speaker of the House, heh, I LOVE to say former. Yes, you really have the opportunity to send Pelosi a message. And you might be lucky enough to have your message flashed onto a mobile electronic […]


Is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr In Rehab?

It sure sounds like it, though that’s not what they’re calling it. They’re not actually calling it anything, which makes it all the more suspicious. CHICAGO, July 5 (Reuters) – U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who disclosed recently that he has been on medical leave since early June with an unspecified condition, is grappling with […]


Equal Pay? More Like Special Payoffs to Trial Lawyers

Democrats and left-wing activists have lately been pushing the idea of “equal pay” for women in an attempt to find some issue that would take attention away from the horrible economic record of the Obama administration as the campaign for the White House heats up. But who really benefits from this push? Trial lawyers, of […]


ANWR: It’s Been ’10 Years,’ We Could Have Been Reaping Rewards Now

Ten years ago this month the Democrats defeated the bill that would have allowed us to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve (ANWR). So it’s happy anniversary to the loss of our energy independence once again. It turns out that the tenth anniversary is known as the “tin” anniversary in that wonderful […]


Now Illinois Dems Want Crook They Supported in Primary to Step Down?

Now the very same accused criminal that Chicago Democrats wanted people to vote for in Tuesday’s primary is being pressured to to step down from his office now that he won — pressured by the exact same Democrat officials that told people to vote for him only three days ago. This particular story is a […]


Indiana Democrats Fleebagging Again, Abandoning Their Jobs

Once again Indiana Democrats are playing the fleebagger game. Because they don’t have enough votes in the Indiana Statehouse, Hoosier Democrats are abandoning their rightful duties and fleeing the Capitol over Indiana’s right-to-work bill currently under consideration in Indianapolis. Indiana Senate Bill 269 and House Bill 1001 would make it illegal to require workers in […]


Spinning The Muck

Oh, Andrew Breitbart, you scamp, you’ve done it again.   This time, Breitbart sicced one of his “Big” editors on the scam of members of Congress using confidential information to engage in some pretty sweet and profitable inside trading in the financial markets. And that investigation was tremendously revealing.   Now, the first thing that […]


Washington [com]Post rushes to press with a lie

[T]he whole stinking mess [Operation Fast and Furious / Gunwalker] hits most of my hot buttons and plays on my contempt for the lawlessness of 0bama and his flunkies.

The Washington [com]Post obviously has the mirror image of my issues, but is demonstrably less concerned about being blinded by its prejudices.

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Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?

Isn't "Insider Trading" supposed to be a bad thing?

Positively Orwellian. All pigs are equal under the law, but the law does not apply to congress pigs?

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The Ever Changing Meme On The Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

The Ever Changing Meme On The Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

In the never ending din of new coverage about the shootings in Tuscon yesterday, the punditry and politicians are revealing themselves to be the true villains. First, and most reflexively,…


History Is Bunk

Well, it's over. In the 112th Congress, the House of Representatives kicked things off by reading the Constitution, with over 100 members — of both parties — taking part. And…


Nancy Pelosi Still Has What It Takes!

Nancy Pelosi was elected to lead the Democrats in the House. Sigh. In making his case to the Democratic caucus today, Shuler said the Democratic Party needs to be…

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Allen West says he will join the Congressional Black Caucus to challenge their world view

From The Hill we learn that Allen West says he's joining the Congressional Black Caucus, but not because he endorses the caucus's goals; rather, he wants to be a loud…

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End the Stranglehold on Congress (NC-2)

Full disclosure: I have been working for Renee Ellmers for Congress since May. I have gotten to know Renee really well and the more I know about her, the more…

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