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Obama RIPs the American Family

As the nation continues to struggle economically and many American families are struggling to feed themselves in this jobless environment, Barack Obama is urging Congress to new and energetic intervention with a new law he is proposing that is intended to fix the failing American nuclear family unit. Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid has signed […]


Firearms and Fireworks Form a Fond and Firm Foundation

Please forgive the alliterative title … I’ve been paying too much attention at church (love you Pastor Tim!). But it’s true. Since childhood, firearms and fireworks have been a part of my life.  My attitude towards guns and support for the 2nd Amendment is based in no small part on my childhood experience. Some friends and […]


The Year’s Strangest Family Portrait…

Photo via The Poke I’ve got no idea who these people are, but I sure hope they didn’t use this family portrait on their Christmas cards.


And On The Seventh Day, He Pumped Iron…


This Is What An Atheist Looks Like?

A Portland, Oregon atheist group has their panties in a wad over some juvenile vandalism on one of their billboards. The Freedom From Religion Foundation placed a series 15 billboards on highways to introduce Portlanders to their “friendly neighborhood atheists.” The billboard features Mark Hecate, an I.T. director for a local nonprofit, New Avenues for […]


Don’t Forget To Buy A New Charger

OK, personally I’m stressed enough reading all these “positive outlook for Romney” articles and posts and worrying I’m being duped that I, for one, need break. So now for something entirely different. (Mild warning for profanity at the end.)

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Picture Of The Day – Halloween Edition

There’s nothing undecided about that kid… Via The Daily Sheeple


Shirtless Jogging Horse-Head Man Isn’t Afraid Of Hurricane Sandy

I was watching NBC 4 Washington’s live this morning and saw the jogging horse head guy, and just know he was going to be HUGE. He’s the first Hurricane Sandy meme, currently going by hashtag #horsehead…

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Romney And Obama Appear Together To Roast Each Other And Themselves

Tonight President Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney appeared together at the The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Cardinal Timothy Dolan hosted the event and was strategically seated between President Obama and Gov. Romney. Both candidates delivered ten minute speeches filled with comedy zingers at each other […]


Solutions: Michelle Obama Proposes Vegetable Offsets for School Lunch Detractors

First lady Michelle Obama has been under fire since interfering in school lunches, but through the power of her husband’s control over the Department of Education, she has come up with a solution. Kids who don’t want to eat the veggies in their school lunches can buy new “Vegetable Offsets” from the DOE. Teens are […]


Barry Was A Race Car Driver

Ah, the good old days, when Barack Obama was a nobody… WATERLOO, Iowa (Reuters) – He avoids the State Fair bumper cars, speaks to smaller groups, and makes fewer promises than he did in 2008. Four years after Iowa propelled President Barack Obama to the White House, he needs the state more than ever, but […]


Instapundit Goes Dark For Thousands, Here’s Your Fix

And here we thought we were the only ones causing issues for our readers. Consider this our blogosphere public service announcement for the day… If you’re a fan of Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit site and also an avid feed reader you might be wondering if he’s on vacation or offline. You see those who read Instapundit […]


The Inevitable “Hitler Reacts To The Paul Ryan VP Choice” Shows Up

Via The Jawa Report If you don’t know the story behind “Hitler finds out…” or “Hitler reacts to…” videos see the Know Your Meme article.


Tom Coburn Apologizes For Calling Harry Reid Incompetent

Last week Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) was quoted as saying, “If you want to ask why the Senate isn’t working, there’s one reason; it’s called Harry Reid. Incompetent and incapable of carrying on the leadership in the Senate.” Dr. Coburn, ever the stickler for accuracy has apologized for calling Reid “incompetent.” “Incontinent” was the word […]


Obama 2008 Supporter Has A Conversation With Her 2012 Self

Millions of people have seen the viral video of the 12-year-old boy who has a conversation with himself at 32 years-old. Here’s a spoof of that video, a 2008 Obama voter fresh with “hope and change” interviewing her 2012 self. Enjoy. Via Republican Party Animals


What Would S.E Cupp Look Like With A Donut In Her Mouth?

Noted scumbag Larry Flint published a *fantasy* photoshop of conservative pundit S.E. Cupp with something else that starts with “D” in her mouth in the latest issue of Hustler. You can read all about it here. We thought that we’d have a little fun with it, and maybe change the meme a bit. Presenting “What […]


Batman Says: Occupy Wall Street is a Crime Wave

How do I tell you what you are about to see? Hilarity? Truth? Hitruthaty? Ah, just watch…


Americans with Disabilities Act Necessity: Conservative, White, Male Bloggers NEED a Federal Subsidy

OK, you people, I am sick and tied of this. The Americans with Disabilities Act is NOT being fairly applied. That’s right. You read that headline correctly. Conservative, white, male bloggers NEED a hand from Washington. In fact, I’d say we have a right to it. We are being discriminated against even from those on […]


Did that Priest just flip Obama off?

Well… yes… he did… kinda sorta: Thanks Frank. With priests like this, the Catholic Church is in good hands.


“She’s never seen a Republican before!”

I needed a pick-me-up after last night’s news… My Uncle Les came through by sending me this Ronald Reagan classic:


“America is so racist!”; “Everything is racist!”

That and other Stuff Liberals Say, brought to us by Tom Elia at The New Editor: I especially like the “I’m really very moderate” line. 



I know times are tough and everyone is trying to save a dollar here or there, but a penny, really? Thanks Target!


What is Santa up to?

Ho! Ho! Ho! What is Santa up to . . . or into? Did the North Pole melt away, or did Santa simply need to cool off? The above photo was taken inside the Oklahoma Aquarium and included in a story published by KTUL.com. According to the story, Santa was in a tank that holds […]


Discovering Christmas

Need some holiday cheer? Then read on. Wizbang! Alien Theater presents . . . I saw a camel recently, and seeing it greatly surprised me. A camel in a zoo or in the Sahara Desert would not be surprising. This particular camel, however, was being led into a building. I thought that I had stumbled […]


Stumbling across the truth about men and women as just friends

John at VerumSerum says “It’s funny because it’s true”… and it is… both: There’s a huge lesson there folks… if you’re willing to see it.