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Just Desserts: Silly Facebook Billionaire Ripped Off by Teachers Unions, Democrats, & Consultants

Oh, he thought that just because he had billions of dollars, all he had to do was flit into a New Jersey school system, spread some of his cash around, and voila kids would get a “good” education. But reality was a different thing as when Mark Zuckerberg tried it, he found that the greedy […]


First female NYT editor fired for being bossy and questioning pay gap

UPDATE (5-18-14): Pinch Sulzberger denies that sexism had anything to do with his decision to sack Jill Abramson.  According to Sulzberger, a number of negative issues surrounded Abramson’s tenure as editor including, “arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues.” Perhaps Abramson was the […]


The Left’s Most Hated Koch Brothers Are Only 59th In Highest Political Donations

Only days ago the most hatefilled, partisan member of the Senate, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, again cried that the evil Koch brothers are destroying the country with their political donations. But it turns out that the Kochs are 59th on the big donor list. Worse, liberals take up almost all of the top 10 […]


LIAR EXPOSED: Union Organizer Pretends to be Anti-Union Protester to Push Union Goals

Fake anti-union protester. It turns out that the viral video depicting an uncaring, screaming “Google” employee that was attacking innocent union organizers in San Francisco ended up being a union organizer attempting to make a scene, gin up emotion in favor of unions and make Google employees look like elitist jerks who hate poor people. […]


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Hopes for ‘Killing’ Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

And now for another episode of the more caring, more grownup, more tolerant left who… hopes to kill their political enemies. This episode stars MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who hopes that soon we’ll see “killing O’Reilly.” Matthews appeared on a recent broadcast of the satirical political interview show, The Colbert Report, where the pseudo host Colbert […]


80 Christian Airmen Being Punished, Harassed, Threatened for Refusing to Support Gay Marriage

80 members of the Air Force at one base are testifying that they are being harassed, threatened and even punished because they refuse to support gay “marriage.” Fox News’ Todd Starnes has the exclusive story of airmen at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas who say they are being attacked by homosexual militants. Starnes reports: […]


Projection thy name is Dhimmocrat

What the dhimocrats warn of, they intend to do.


We need to help the Department of Justice

Eric Holder and the Department of Justice need our help and I, for one, am going to help them. I would ask you to help out as well because this is a time to come together as Americans and focus on bringing together our society during a difficult period. Here’s the story from the Orlando […]


What Will It Take?

(Regrettably, I have been so busy over the last 36 hours that I am not completely up to date on every fact, report, investigation, or tweet that has surfaced concerning the attacks on our embassies or the deaths  of our four American brethren.  That said, I wrote this out in a state of fatigue last […]


Shilling: Gary Hart Predicts Obama in a Landslide

One-time presidential hopeful Gary Hart recently penned a blog post at Huffington Post predicting that if the coming presidential election is decided on “the economy stupid,” it “won’t even be close.” It’ll be Obama/Biden in a landslide. Hart notes, and correctly, that the economy is quite intertwined with foreign policy these days due to globalization. […]


The Chick-fil-A Ruckus Is Not About Gay Marriage

Chick-fil-A has been headlining the news lately.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that random political figures have been using Chick-fil-A to get their names in headlines.  The “controversy” is reported to be Chick-fil-A being denied building permits in cities like Boston and Chicago because the owner of the franchise system spoke out […]


What Chick-Fil-A boss really said – PLUS “Banned in Boston”!

On his own blog, our Rick Rice linked to this piece by Terry Mattingly at GetReligion.com: “Where’s the beef?  What the Chick-Fil-A boss really said” Now, one would assume — after reading a [CNN] reference to the “comments of company President Dan Cathy about gay marriage” — that this interview from the Biblical Recorder in […]


Elizabeth Warren helped family flip wigwams for heap big wampum

Yes dear WizBang readers, it’s time to pick on Big Chief Paleface again.  The Boston Herald is reporting: Elizabeth Warren, who has railed against predatory banks and heartless foreclosures, took part in about a dozen Oklahoma real estate deals that netted her and her family hefty profits through maneuvers such as “flipping” properties, records show. […]


Transparency? Secret, Soros, Left-Wing, 1% Summit Meeting Held Behind Closed Doors

A luxury resort in Miami, Florida with police-guarded closed doors was the home of a secret George Soros-backed summit attended by deep-pocketed left-wing donors over the weekend of May 12. They met to plan their strategy for the 2012 elections and beyond. Yes, it was all hush hush and secret-like — so much for all […]


The Perils of Lizzie “Paleface” Warren

It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for the beleaguered Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.  So naturally it’s time for me to beat up on her some more. First off, Warren’s recently-released tax returns inadvertently revealed how she really feels about taxes.  Warren and incumbent Scott Brown both released four years of […]


EPA ‘Crucifixion’ Video Pulled From Youtube, The Liberal Cockroach Behind the Move

Earlier in the week a video surfaced on Youtube of Al Armendariz, head of the EPA office in Dallas, saying that he and his agency planned to “crucify” any business that crosses them. The video caused a lot of consternation on Capitol Hill as well as recriminations for the EPA. But by Friday the video […]


The World Turned Upside Down

“…2012 won’t be a default campaign.”


Barack Obama: Dog Eater

The extremists of the left (you know, Democrats) have been trying to make a big deal out of the time that Mitt Romney put his dog on top of his car in the dim, dark past. They say this proves that Romney is mean, evil, rotten, a dog-hating scumbag. But in his own memoir President […]


BARK!! Character Matters! (Now…)

By now, most all of us who follow politics have heard the collective barking over Mitt Romney and his dog, Seamus. Seems in 1983, Mitt saw fit to attach Seamus’ kennel to the top of his car while driving to a family vacation. I adore animals, including our clunky, slobbering, faithful doggies. And while I […]


Call in the FeeB’s

Wirefraud and Identity Theft, both Federal offenses, right off the bat. Forgery seems a likely follow on. I’d say those are causes for “concern.”


VIDEO: ‘Change has come,’ Alright! But How Good Has it Been?

For a Friday video post: In 2008, President-elect Barack Obama announced that change had come to America. After three years, the results of that change make many Americans ready to change it back. And here is a great for-instance of how the Old Media establishment is covering for their Obammessiah. Let’s get in the way […]


Occupy Wall Street Stealing From The Poor to Give to Themselves!

It is more common everyday. A man buys a house, the market collapses and suddenly his house is worth less than the mortgage, then he loses his job until, as a single father, he finds himself in foreclosure with no place to raise his two preteen daughters. It’s a case made for the Occupy Wall […]


Elizabeth Warren comfortably in the top 1%

Some people might think that I enjoy picking on Elizabeth Warren.  And they would be right.  Seriously, she should consider changing her campaign slogan to something like: “Elizabeth Warren – because it takes a member of the 1% to micromanage the rest of the 1%.” This morning’s Boston Herald editorial page has a field day […]


Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

(tap tap tap… is this thing on?)   Sorry about this last weekend, folks. I was called away from home and had very, very spotty internet access. I’m home now, got a ton of e-mails to wade through, and even more personal things to take care of. (LONG story.) Anyway, while away and offline, I […]


Channeling James Carville (UPDATED)

Remember when James Carville smeared Paula Jones, saying you’ll never know what you’ll find “when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.” Remember the criticism he rightly received from conservatives for saying such garbage? I’m not sure who Michael Barron is frankly but I tripped over a piece he published yesterday and felt the need […]