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#BENGHAZI – NY Times Spin, GITMO and Boehner

At the end December, I ran down updates that included multiple stand down orders revealed in the closed-door hearings that went on. This month, among other updates, we have the NY Times trying to revive the blame on the YouTube video, GITMO detainee involvement and Boehner being accused of blocking the investigation. NY TIMES REVIVES […]


GOP House Speaker John Boehner Has Proclaimed Himself an Enemy to the Tea Party

Earlier this week, House Speaker John Boehner, the nominal Republican from Ohio, threw down the gauntlet and announced that he is working to defeat anything conservatives and tea party groups want to get done in Washington and the group Tea Party Patriots is ready to accept that challenge. Leading the establishment charge to continue the […]


The Atlantic Says GOP Leader Hopes Minorities Don’t Vote, But He Didn’t Say That at All

The Atlantic illicitly portrayed GOP House Speaker John Bohner as saying that he “said out loud he hopes blacks and Latinos ‘won’t show up’ this election,” but a look at what Boehener actually said proves that The Atlantic is purposefully misleading its readers. In its headline, The Atlantic Wire story for August 27 screams, “Boehner […]


A Pyrrhic victory for Democrats

Democrats think that they won a big political victory by extending the Social Security withholding rate cut (4.2% instead of the standard 6.2%) for another 60 days.  Apparently losing the extra $40 per paycheck that workers have been taking home would have been devastating, if all the sob stories solicited by the White House are […]


Obama Gets Spanked

In the recent dust-up concerning President Obama’s planned address to Congress next week, two things show through clearly:   1) Obama is an arrogant prick. B) Obama is way, way, way out of his depth.   Let’s look at how it all played out. Obama left for vacation, announcing that he would return with his […]


Where is Obama’s focus during these budget talks?

Not on the good of the country according to Speaker of the House Boehner… but on his own re-election. Damn, that’s surprising: Boehner’s office said late Saturday that a two-vote approach was now necessary in order to raise the debt ceiling immediately while tackling deficit-reduction later. Boehner also criticized President Obama for recommending a debt […]


Boehner to Obama: Take your higher taxes and shove it

In so many words. Hats of to Boehner… the world is learning that there’s no negotiating with the thug-in-chief: House Republican leaders have called off negotiations with the White House over a broad deficit reduction deal tied to an increase in the federal debt limit and will begin exclusive talks with Senate leaders to avert […]


Ivory Tower Catholics beat up on House Speaker Boehner

Ivory Tower Catholics beat up on House Speaker Boehner

He's set to give the commencement speech at Catholic University of America in DC and some see it as an opportunity to question the man's commitment to Catholic teaching: A…

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