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Traitors: American Journalists Attack Koch Brothers, Support Al Jazeera

There is a confluence of events over the last few weeks that perfectly proves the essential anti-Americanism of the Old Media establishment in this country today. It is evinced in two separate stories, one wheret the left is excoriating the Koch brothers for wanting to buy the L.A. Times and a contrasting story where journalists […]


Fake News: L.A. Cops/Media Tout Rocket Launcher Seizure That Wasn’t

Chief Charlie Beck and L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, Dec. 27, 2012 The L.A. Police Department had big news on December 27. They had seized a pair of rocket launchers! This, of course, would have been shocking news if only they really had found “rocket launchers” in the City of Angels. As the L.A. Police Department’s “gun […]


LA Times Lies About Opposition To Unlawful Immigration

As to be expected, the editors of the Los Angeles Times published an editorial expressing their collective opinion about President Obama’s new immigration policy. In general, the editorial expresses an opinion shared by a majority of U.S. citizens who have been polled about the President’s new policy. However, the editorial deviates from the majority view […]


Joel Stein: Liberals don't love America the way conservatives do

The only shocking thing about this column is that a liberal was actually willing to say this out loud: I don't love America. That's what conservatives are always telling liberals…

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American politics was rough 200 years ago.

This according to Mary McNamara LA Times television critic. George Washington so quickly tired of the infighting among his Cabinet and vagaries of public opinion that he stepped down from…


LA Times Writes (Stupid) Smear Piece on Fred Thompson

Nineteen years ago, Fred Thompson played a really bad guy on a made-for-TV movie, and Tina Daunt at the LA Times is trying to smear him with it. This is…


The LA Times' McManus and Baquet Need to Get Their Stories Straight

The LA Times' editors are now on the defense trying to explain why they published their article on the classified terrorist finance records program. Yesterday Doyle McManus appeared on Hugh…