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Liberal Columnist: Anti-Black Racism Used Against Bill Clinton, Too

Proof that liberals can see racism everywhere they look, a liberal columnist has written a piece saying that Obama isn’t the only President that white racists attacked. They “racialized” Bill Clinton, too. On May 8, one of The Atlantic’s race-centric writers, Ta-Nehisi Coates, felt the need to disagree with another writer for his publication by […]


Official Obama White House Benghazi Narrative Implodes

It’s not often that you find a real “smoking gun” in politics, because most political operatives are very careful about not a leaving paper trail. But it looks like we have a genuine example with respect to the White House cover-up surrounding the September 11, 2012 attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya by […]


Obama’s Newest Assault on Free Speech: The So-Called ‘Free Flow of Information Act’

Obama’s newest attack on free political speech protects neither journalists nor does it assure any “free flow of information.” In addition to the IRS targeting conservative groups, individuals and their families–and now proposing rules to silence them during elections–and the new FCC plan to police the press by placing so-called “researchers” in newsrooms across the […]


CNN & NBC’s Close Ties to Obama, Anita Dunn, Bob Bauer and IRS Intimidation

The ongoing revelations of the intimidation of conservatives executed by Obama’s IRS and FEC agencies are still coming to light but an interesting wrinkle to the story is the close relationship between CNN and NBC/MSNBC and those inside the administration perpetrating that intimidation. NBC/MSNBC had recently hired former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn as […]


Want proof the media has a leftward bias?

And proof that the left is really happy about it? Watch this video. Here’s the real point that starts at 50 seconds and is restated in a number of ways throughout the video. PROTESTER: We’re at a point in our history where we need to be a little more open-minded. Um, a little bit more […]


Soledad O’Brien to Grads: Don’t Take Anyone’s Advice

Former CNN on-air anchor Soledad O’Brien was chosen by students to deliver Harvard’s 2013 Class Day speech–an address delivered to seniors the day before graduation. O’Brien had two important bits of wisdom to pass on to the graduates: “Most people are idiots” and “don’t take anyone’s advice.” O’Brien said that the “idiots” advice was passed […]


Hard Journalism: Chelsea Clinton Interviews Geico’s Gecko

On the April 25 broadcast of Rock Center, NBC’s special correspondent Chelsea Clinton “interviewed” the Geico Gecko, that fictional cartoon character that fronts many Geico Insurance company television ads. The “interview” presented the Clinton progeny reaching the height of her journalism career asking questions with the sort of stilted delivery readily seen in any 7th […]


Batgirl Comic Character Comes Out as Transgender

DC Comics’ Batgirl number 19 has a little bit more in store for its readers than just crime fighting. This month readers also get a bit of controversy with their womp-slam-bang as a character introduced in 2011 comes out as both transgender and bi-sexual. After DC rebooted its franchise in 2011 in an attempt to […]


Mainstream media finally shamed into reporting Kermit Gosnell story

Next assignment – blame the GOP for not providing enough funding to keep this from happening. Yes, that’s satire.  But seriously, is there anyone out there who really believes that this won’t happen?  It’s just how the mainstream media works. Unless you rely solely on the mainstream media or low information news outlets (The Daily […]


Brandon Darby’s Epic Smackdown of Wankette

Sometimes the Internet is fun and Breitbart’s own Brandon Darby had a ball slamming the profane Wankette after it accused him of being a “snitch” for helping the feds stop a domestic bombing in 2008 as well as lying about what he recently said about the Aryan Brotherhood. Firstly, for those unaware, Darby used to […]


New York Investigating Anti-Fracking Lobbying by Yoko One, Mark Ruffalo, Robert De Niro

A formal complaint has been filed with a New York lobbying board to investigate whether Yoko Ono, Robert De Niro and nearly 200 other celebrities have violated state laws with their Artists Against Fracking activist group. Celebrities are well known for dabbling in social activism whether what they have to say makes sense or not […]


Piers Morgan: We All ‘Need The Nanny State Occasionally’

CNN’s Piers Morgan sees no reason why America shouldn’t turn into a nanny state. During his March 11 broadcast, Morgan insisted that, “people need the nanny state occasionally.” With guest Christine Quinn, on his late evening CNN talk show Morgan lamented what he felt was a bad decision by a New York judge who shut […]


Chris Matthews On Obama’s SOTU: ‘There’s Nothing Lefty in Here!’

President Obama’s State of the Union speech was yet another opportunity to demand a new laundry list of big government programs and massive spending, but MSNBC’s Chris Matthews seemed to have some trouble seeing anything “liberal” in it. As he analyzed the speech during his February 13 broadcast, Matthews told Chuck Todd that he truly […]


Noam Chomsky: Obama is Like an Old ‘Moderate Republican’

On January 30, professor Noam Chomsky, famed linguistic scholar and long-time anti-American activist, said on Current TV that if President Obama were in office a few decades ago he would have “basically” been considered a “moderate Republican.” Chomsky made his comments on Cenk Uygur’s Current TV show The Young Turks. The MIT professor’s main point […]


Reductio Ad Absurdum

From Brietbart editor Ben Shapiro’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s barely seen CNN show last week: MORGAN: You genuinely believe your own government is going to turn on you in a way that you require an AR-15 to challenge them? You really believe that will happen in modern-day America? Is that what you think? SHAPIRO: They […]


As Media Dissects The Atlantic/Scientology Mess, College Prostitution Website Ad Makes “News”

Yesterday Gawker and other sites highlighted an ad published on the website of The Atlantic that appeared to be a regular blog post, save for the graphic indicating it was sponsored content. As Erik Wemple at The Washington Post reports, today The Atlantic says: “We screwed up.” That’s what The Atlantic said after it posted […]


The Journal News Editor Cyndee Royle Is Now “Protecting” Herself

The Journal News Editor Cyndee Royle Is Now “Protecting” Herself

When The Journal News published a listing of gun owners in the New York counties of Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam, readers and denizens of the interwebs were downright perturbed. One site, For What It’s Worth, turned the tables on Journal News Editor Cyndee Royle and the rest of her staff by publishing their public records. […]


L.A. Times: Hey, Did We Mention That You Romney Voters are ALL Racists

Sandy Banks of the L.A. Times has figured out why anyone would vote against Barack Obama. Why, they are all racists, of course. Oh, you don’t use “the N word,” she tells us, but we know what you Romney voters really think. Banks dropped all pretense of logic or fairness in her November 4 piece […]


Pew: MSNBC’s Bias Far Worse Than Fox

This news is certainly no surprise to anyone on the right, but a new Pew study finds that MSNBC is far more biased than Fox News. The Pew study, Winning The Media Campaign 2012, tracked the political coverage that President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney received between the conventions and the final days of […]


NPR: Romney a George Wallace ‘White Supremacist,’ GOP Women are ‘Battered’

Unfortunately, hate is the main selling point on the National Public Radio distributed Smiley & West radio show and last week we got a big dollop of bile spewed against Republicans in general and GOP nominee Mitt Romney in particular. The October 26 episode featured host Cornel West, a long-time radical lefty from Princeton, and […]


Morely Safer is ‘Appalled’ By New Media

Last month, broadcast TV lifer Morely Safer of CBS’s 60 Minutes fame appeared on CSPAN and pronounced himself “appalled” by the denizens of the new media. Citizen journalists aren’t trained well enough to be trusted as a source of news, Safer declared to CSPAN’s Brian Lamb on Sept. 13. In fact, he’s downright “appalled” by […]


Conan O’Brien Mocks Serious Question to Obama

Apparently, Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien thinks asking the President of the United States a serious question is something to ridicule. Or maybe it wasn’t the question, but just the fact that it was a well-known conservative that posed the rather inoffensive query. As President Obama has allowed but one puffball interview after another, avoiding all […]


NFL Pulls Ref From Game Over ‘Open Rooting,’ Will Media?

The National Football League seems to have done it right. For last Sunday’s Saints vs Panthers game, the NFL pulled a referee from the game because they were alerted to his Facebook page that showed he was a big fan of the Saints. One wonders if the Old Media establishment should do the same thing […]


HuffPo Contributor: ‘Why Should I Care’ About Death of Ambassador Stevens

Former Huffington Post contributor Sharmine Narwani took the occasion of the murder of our ambassador to Libya to launch into an anti-American diatribe that culminated in her asking why she is supposed to care about Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death or that of the other two killed with him. Sharmine Narwani, who is also a correspondent […]


The Democracy Alliance: Soros-Linked Liberal Super Group & Its Secret Funding of Democrats

The Washington Free Beacon has undertaken a series of reports that are important for anyone interested in a follow-the-money investigation of one of the biggest influences on today’s Democrat Party. This is a hard-core group of far left extremists holding the Democrats purse strings and is called the Democracy Alliance. It is a George Soros-sponsored […]