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The Halbig and King Decisions Highlight the FUBAR that is Obamacare

Yesterday, a The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued a ruling in the case of Halbig v. Burwell.  The plaintiff, Jacqueline Halbig, was the senior policy adviser to the Department of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.  In her lawsuit, Halbig contended that under the Patient Protection and Affordable […]


The Obama Economy; Lowest Labor Participation Rate Since 1978

The jobless, laborless recovery continues to steam on. And it, like all the other products of the POR economy, remains a steaming pile of excrement.


Nancy Pelosi Recommends We ‘Celebrate’ Obamacare on July 4th

California Democrat, Representative Nancy Pelosi recently informed the nation that July Fourth isn’t just for fireworks and dissing the Brits any more. It is also the day we should “celebrate” Obamacare. Sure July Fourth is traditionally celebrated as the day we declared independence from Great Britain, an action that preceded the Revolutionary War and set […]


Nancy Pelousie: An Example of the Stupidity & Lies One Must Perpetrate to be a Democrat

Haven’t ranted for a while, so here we gooooo…. There are dozens of examples every day of the lack of logic, ignorance of facts, downright dishonesty, and stupidity one must employ to be a Democrat in America, but today we must focus on a particular example of lunacy perpetrated upon the public by the loud-mouthed, […]


Pelosi: ‘We Avow the First Amendment’ Because ‘People Have a Right to a Gun’

As Nancy Pelosi appeared on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace, she didn’t seem to know the difference between the First Amendment and the Second Amendment. During her February 10 segment, Pelosi premised her conversation by pointing out that Japan has, “the most violent games and the rest and the lowest mortality from guns.” […]


Nancy Pelosi Defends Doctored ‘Diversity’ Photo of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives and former Speaker of the House, is defending a faked photograph released on Thursday showing the “diversity” of the Female members of the Democrat delegation to Congress. The photo featuring “all” the Democrat women of the House standing on the steps outside the Capital building […]


The NRCC Asks What do YOU Want to Tell Nancy Pelosi

Now you have the chance to give San Fran Lib Nancy Pelosi a message — you know, the former Speaker of the House, heh, I LOVE to say former. Yes, you really have the opportunity to send Pelosi a message. And you might be lucky enough to have your message flashed onto a mobile electronic […]


“Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat”

Sarah Palin isn’t holding much back:


Is Pelosi afraid of Romney?

Is Nancy Pelosi trying to use reverse psychology on Republican voters? Suspend disbelief for a moment, and pretend that Pelosi knows how to use reverse psychology. If that is difficult for you to do, then pretend that Pelosi read about reverse psychology in Psychology Today while waiting for a botox treatment. Now keep that thought […]


Saturday Economics Lesson #2 – The Parable of the Leaf Blower

How do redistributionists like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other prominent liberals understand the process of creating jobs?  Zombie offers an interesting parable: [A]n intriguing paradox I observed first-hand just a few months ago when I visited a relative who lived in a suburban tract: Twice a week, my relative hired a “gardener” to clean […]


NLRB Butts Out of Boeing’s Business

Yesterday the National Labor Relations Board withdrew their lawsuit against Boeing. Let’s try to connect the dots. In 2009, Boeing held a competition to chose a second site to build their new 787 fuel efficient wide body airplane, to meet their large backlog of orders. The State of Washington competed hard for this plant, as […]


Nancy Pelosi, Devout Catholic, calls Bishops lobbyists

Roughly two weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi bemoaned the fact that some Catholics have this conscience thing. Now she’s calling the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops lobbyists. And oh by the way… she’s devoutly Catholic… just ask her: CNS breaks down what it is that the devoutly Catholic Ms. Pelosi is not, as she puts […]


I Find Her Shallow Faith Disturbing

I normally try to not kick around the Catholic Church too much. While I certainly have some problems with its history and doctrine, my philosophy of “do what you want, just don’ try to impose it on me” means that I have little concern over its internal practices. I only get concerned when their beliefs […]


Unionize, Or Die

Remember Nancy Pelosi? The Democratic Representative from San Francisco, the current Minority Leader, the former Speaker of the House, and intends to reclaim that spot? The woman the Democrats decided, back in 2006, should be second in line for the presidency?  Well, she’s still showing just how wonderfully qualified she is for that kind of […]


What is hell?

JulieD brings us an answer from G.K. Chesterton: Hell is God’s great compliment to the reality of human freedom and the dignity of human choice. That’s good… but I think Hell is listening to Nancy Pelosi say just about anything… to wit: Off-cam from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as she walked out of […]


In a Remarkable Coincidence

The Misery Index has increased by 62% since Obama took office, as did Nancy Peolosi’s net worth.

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Good God, She Really Is That Stupid

Last week, the House of Representatives debated — and then passed — a non-binding resolution condemning the Tucson shooting of last weekend. Apparently this critical and controversial measure was touch-and-go…


Nancy Pelosi Still Has What It Takes!

Nancy Pelosi was elected to lead the Democrats in the House. Sigh. In making his case to the Democratic caucus today, Shuler said the Democratic Party needs to be…

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Dennis Miller on Nancy Pelosi's Tenure

While I'm a big fan of Dennis Miller, we're both not a big fans of Nancy. Need to tell you about a mild content warning for language (mostly bleeped) and…

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"No Regrets" — Nancy Pelosi

"No Regrets" — Nancy Pelosi

Is there separate universe that Nancy Pelosi goes to where she is loved and adored, and the stuff she does actually works? Aparently so–at least in her mind–as you'll see…

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How completely out of touch with Americans can leftists be?

This out of touch:”There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how…


Pelosi questioned as to Jesus' right to life

The Speaker of the House and confessing Catholic was put on the spot by a reporter.  What resulted was predictable:Some might argue that the question was inappropriate and out of…


House Democrats 'Deem as Passed' Faux $1.1 Trillion Budget

The Democrats, the party that promised accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and an end to reckless pork barrel spending, have just "deemed as passed" a completely hollow budget resolution that does…

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Tuesday's Primaries Begin The Banquet Of Consequences

The primary elections in Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Oregon will be fascinating to watch. A few thoughts on the races I find most interesting: Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Primary: Sestak versus…


The Failure Of The Federal Confidence Game

The world's largest entity in terms of gross revenue had a bad month in April. The IRS collected only $245 billion dollars in April 2010 compared with collections of $266…