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OPEN THREAD: Netroots Nametags Ask for ‘Preferred Gender Pronoun’

Because I forgot to post an Open Thread, here it is. But first… The nitwits at Nutroots nation added a special little section to the nametags where attendees can inform others about what their “preferred gender pronoun” is. These people are WAY over the bend. Talk about a first world problem! While most of the […]


OPEN THREAD: Malaysian Airlines Plane May Have Been Shot Down, Ukrainian Officials Say; 295 Killed

Instead of writing a full post on this, I think it makes more sense to have an open thread. After all, we can’t say what happened yet and by the time we do a post will be a bit anti-climactic. So, what are you guys hearing? Did the Russians do this? Russian separatists affiliated with […]


OPEN THREAD–Infographic: How Obama is Spending His $3.7 Billion in ‘Emergency’ Immigration Cash

Firstly, this is our weekend open thread. But to get things started… Thanks to the folks at ImmigrationReform.com, we can get a sense of how Obama plans to spend the nearly $4 billion he demanded in “emergency” immigration spending. Check out ImmigrationReform.com for more info. Isn’t Obama perpetrating crimes against humanity to entice tens of […]


Open Thread: Liberals Are Succeeding in Making Young People Less Patriotic

In keeping with our Independence Day weekend, here is an open thread and we’ll start out with a new survey that shows that liberals are succeeding in destroying the patriotism of young people. This survey shows that young people are less likely to view the American Flag or images of Uncle Sam as something that […]


Wizblab Open Thread: Palate Cleanser–A GREAT Ad for a Black Republican Running for Office

Meet Darius Foster who is running for State Rep in the 56th District in Alabama… Fantastic ad! He is running in a highly Dem district, though, so… well, we can only wish him luck. Here is his website: www.dariusfoster.com And now…. OPEN THREAD yer heads off…


Wizblab Open Tread Starter: On Sending Troops to Our Southern Borders

OPEN THREAD…. But for a starter… Now even Speaker of the House John Boehner says that we need to send National Guard troops to our southern borders to stop the tens of thousands of disease-laden, illegal aliens from swamping over the border like a tsunami. So how DO we stop the teeming millions from coming […]


Wizblab Open Thread Starter: Obama’s Best Effort to Erase U.S. Borders Succeeding

Welcome to the Wizblab open thread. To start you out… Thousands of young teens from Mexico and Central and South America are streaming across our southern border because Obama has signaled with his pandering to the growing Hispanic population here in the U.S. that amnesty is just on the verge of being doled out to […]


Koch Brothers Donate $25 Mil to United Negro College Fund, Liberals Lose Their Tiny Minds… and Wizblab Open Tread

So, the dreaded Koch brothers, who leftists hypocritically attack while giving unions and foreigner George Soros a pass, donated $25 million buckaroos to the United Negro College fund. Predictably, the anti-American left lost its tiny little collective mind. The libertarian-minded billionaires made their donation, but libs couldn’t stand the idea of black people getting funds […]


Whizblab Open Thread: Shinseki Quits, Democrats Pretend All is Set Aright–But Could Mitt Turn it Around?

Well, even after claiming that he was sticking around til the bitter end… it looks like the end came quicker than Veterans Administration Chief Eric Shinseki thought. Today Shinseki finally resigned after several sitting Democrat Senators and Representatives joined Republicans and called for his head. Of course, Shinseki’s resignation won’t really fix anything, but Democrats […]


Wiz Blab Open Thread: Discredited Enviro Nut Now Says We’ll Be Eating Each Other

SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE, MAN!! Paul R. Ehrlich made himself famous for writing a book in 1968 titled The Population Bomb. It is a book filled with dire warnings from an author hyperbolically swearing that by the years after 2000 the world would be so over populated that we’d all be dead. Stone cold dead. […]


Hashtag: Wiz Blab Open Thread

For Friday’s open thread (yaaaa, I remembered), let’s start off ridiculing Obama’s feckless, weak “hashtag foreign policy,” shall we? Here is what Charles Krauthammer said today… Mass schoolgirl kidnapping in Nigeria–to tweet or not to tweet? Is hashtagging one’s indignation about some outrage abroad an exercise in moral narcissism or a worthy new way of […]


Wiz-Blab Open Thread (Because I Forgot Over the Weekend…)

So, after all that about being sure to have an open thread each weekend…. I forgot to put one up! Here is one bit to start ya’all off: Dolphins player Don Jones was slammed by the team, forced to pay a fine and go to sensitivity training after using social media to slam the drafting […]


Wiz Blab Open Thread, Benghazi, Obama Cover Ups And You

OK, so a couple of things… It seems that conservatives who have said that Obama and his regime have been involved in a cover up of Benghazi are now vindicated. Obama is a liar about more than just keeping our doctor and insurance if we like them. Also, a retired Air Force general gave testimony […]