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Now Obama Is Coming for Your Cigars, America

Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is targeting your cigars, America, and if you are a cigar lover you’d better pay attention because if Obama gets his way costs will soar. The USFDA is proposing a whole slew of new regulations changing the way the government treats cigars, one if which is to outlaw cigar sales […]


Lawless Seattle Democrats Make to Steal Woman’s Business

The city council of Seattle saw a pay-to-park lot owned by a private landowner and businesswoman and collectively thought to itself, “ya know, it would be nice to have the income from that parking lot for our own.” And so, in the typically lawless way that Democrats operate, the city council sent the woman a […]


Here is Why The GOP is Its and Our Worst Enemy

There aren’t really two major parties in our political system. There are three. Sure there are Democrats–the extreme liberal, Euro-like party–and, yes, there are Republicans. But Republicans are not the conservative party. The GOP is the moderate party. The third party is made of the conservatives and even as they are forced to call themselves […]


So you don’t like the Republican Party of John McCain?

Republicans. The Stupid Party. The Party of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and John Boehner. The Party that believes in implementing the Democratic Platform, just a week or two more slowly than the Democrats, and they’ll reduce spending not by making government smaller but by making it “more efficient”. You’re mad. You don’t want to ever […]


Michigan Democrat: Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me.

Oh my, things just seem to be coming apart at the seams for Democrat candidates these days. First, Wendy Davis, the heartthrob of abortionists and women who let their husbands pay for Harvard and divorce them after the last payment, who is running for Governor of Texas, looks like she committed perjury on the witness […]


VIDEO: Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Revolts Against Democrat Machine Politics

On Thursday, December 19, a town hall hosted by extremist left-winger Al Sharpton of MSNBC, went a bit sideways for him as the event turned into a revolt against Chicago’s Democrat machine politics instead of a forum for his left-wing “solutions” to the problems besetting Chicago’s African Americans. Much to Sharpton’s dismay, the nearly 100% […]


Did GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Say He Wanted to ‘Punch Tea Party Bullies in the Nose’?

Breitbart News has an explosive exclusive report about a recent conference call held by Karl Rove during which, Breitbart says, Senate GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) said that the tea partiers are “bullies” and he intends to “punch them in the nose.” For Breitbart, Matthew Boyle writes that a strategy call was recently […]


Rare Obamacare Success Story: A Dog in Colorado Gets Insured

Obamacare has been an absolute disaster all across the United States. Millions of Americans have lost their insurance due to the new rules that Obama put in place with his Obamacare law. But there is one success to report. In Colorado a man just learned that his dog got covered by Obamacare. A man in […]


BREAKING: Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Website

Reports are coming out saying that Congressional Democrats have about had it with the President’s massive failures and have given him 72 hours to fix Obamacare… or else. Democrats are saying that they will join the Republicans in their effort to pass a new “you can keep your insurance” law if Obama doesn’t act quickly. […]


At war for the nation one city at a time: San Jose

On Monday we highlighted the steps San Bernardino, CA is taking to get out from under the iron thumb of union contracts that have forced the city into bankruptcy. Today we’re going to look at San Jose. Public employee pensions have put San Jose on the ropes. Their Democratic mayor and city council took the […]


Sen. Ted Cruz: We Need Our Grassroots Army to Take Down Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) has not backed off from his drive to destroy the President’s disastrous take over of our healthcare system with his Obamacare scheme and this weekend he was in Iowa bucking up the troops and urging a “grassroots army” to rise up and dismantle Obamacare. Cruz was appearing before a crowd […]


Police State: EPA Raids in Alaska Exposes Heavily Armed Federal Agencies

We’ve talked about the police state that is being built right under our very noses many times. But a recent raid on Alaska mines by the EPA is proof once again that far too many government agencies have para-military, heavily armed divisions. And they need to be curtailed. Did you know that 40 federals agencies […]


Today Will Be the Last Day of My Husband’s Life …

Ben and I have been married for 1 year, 4 months and 2 days. Ben has just 16.5 hours left here on this earth with me. Sixteen and a half hours of time and we have no idea the end is coming … The clock is ticking. So my friend, Nikki Goeser, begins her story. […]


Anthony Weiner Is Running For Mayor Of New York

Last we saw Anthony Weiner he was retreating with his “manhood” tucked away in embarrassment as his Twitter sexting scandal led to his early exit from Congress and a long trip to wife Huma Abedin’s doghouse. Politicker reports he’s attempting to get back into politics: He’s in. After weeks of speculation, disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner […]


Republican Party Minorities Beware!

Once upon a time in United States history, the expression “racist Democratic Party” would have been considered redundant, because it was a given that the Democratic Party was a bastion of racism. After all, back during the antebellum period of the 19th Century, it was the Democratic Party that resisted the end to slavery, that […]


Was Voting for Cloture a Vote to Infringe on Our 2A Rights?

Yesterday I wrote about 16 GOP Senators voting to begin debate on gun rights in the Senate. I noted that, in doing so, they had done nothing to violate the 2nd Amendment or any earlier statements of 2A support they had made. The vote was procedural and merely allowed debate. Some people understood the distinction. […]


16 GOP Senators Being Denounced for Their Vote Did What, Exactly?

Yesterday 16 Republican Senators, including both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker from Tennessee, joined Democrats in voting to begin debate on legislation expanding background checks on gun purchases. With 68 votes to begin debate, a threatened GOP filibuster was stopped before it started. Grassroots reaction was both swift and pointed. Grassfire.com wrote, “Sen. Harry Reid’s gun-control legislation […]


Anthony Weiner Tries To Be Re-Branded

It is the kind of thing that can make a late-night talk-show host feel giddy. As if he were not already roasted enough, twitter lingerie-model wannabe Anthony Weiner is exploring the odds of him rebranding himself.  Not satisfied with being a hotdog of modern-day communication technology, the former congressman who fell from Grace – or […]


Office of Congressional Ethics Investigating Michele Bachmann

Fox News has confirmed a report by The Daily Beast that the Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign. Here is an excerpt from the latter’s report. Former staffers tell The Daily Beast that investigators have allegedly asked about allegations of improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments actions by […]


Florida Lt. Governor quits amid probe

Here is an excerpt from an AP story published by FoxNews.com: Florida’s lieutenant governor resigned and nearly 60 other people were charged in a widening scandal of a purported veterans charity that authorities said Wednesday was a $300 million front for illegal gambling. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll’s resignation came a day after she was questioned […]


These GOP Senators Went to Dinner with Obama Instead of Supporting Rand Paul

Rand Paul excited conservatives, libertarians, and even some liberals with his filibuster performance on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday. It was some 13 hours of a discussion on Obama’s desire to use drones to kill Americans here at home. Unfortunately, there were seven Republicans Senators that decided it was a better idea to […]


Atheists Targeting Republican Politicians

Here is an excerpt from a story published by CNN: An atheist organization known for being provocative plans to take that reputation to the next level this week by putting up seven billboards that call out prominent politicians and religious leaders. American Atheists plans to target three Republican politicians: former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, […]


Sen. Ted Cruz: Rahm Emanuel a Bully

Texas’ newest Senator, Republican Ted Cruz, has launched a Cruz missile right at Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the threatening letters the mayor sent to several American banks because they do business with American gun manufacturers. Cruz advises the banks not to be bullied by the Windy City Mayor’s bluster. On January 25 Chicago Mayor […]


Nancy Pelosi Defends Doctored ‘Diversity’ Photo of House Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat leader of the House of Representatives and former Speaker of the House, is defending a faked photograph released on Thursday showing the “diversity” of the Female members of the Democrat delegation to Congress. The photo featuring “all” the Democrat women of the House standing on the steps outside the Capital building […]


After The Elections: Where Is America Now? It’s Dead, That’s Where

Due to the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the United States is officially a failed experiment. In fact, his election in the first place in 2008 signaled the end. Because so few of you people out there know anything about history any more, I’ll have to explain that opening line above. You see, the founders […]