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Most Americans Are Not Interested In The Topic Of Tonight’s Debate

Sure the last debate is tonight, the problem is that it’s not really the debate the American public wants to see. From Foreign Policy Magazine: The fact is that voters simply don’t care about foreign policy this year and it’s an issue that will almost certainly have very little impact on how they cast their […]


Wash. Post-Owned Website: Will Romney Reach Out to Racists?

A website owned by the Washington Post, one that caters to African Americans, has a question about the upcoming debates. In yet another outrageous use of the race card, The Root wants to know if GOP nominee Mitt Romney will “reach out to racists” in the debates. Keli Goff ‘s Root piece is exactly as […]


HuffPo Scolds Dems for ‘Caving’ On Reinsertion of God and Jerusalem Into Platform

It might appear odd, but Huffington Post seems to be scolding the Democrats for having “caved in” to pro-religion and pro-Israel forces in the Democrat Party for succeeding in having God and Jerusalem put back into the Democrat Party platform after they were removed earlier today. Clearly proving that there is a great division in […]


Not A Team Player

I’m not a Republican.  I’m not a Democrat, either.  I’ve never been affiliated with either party.  I’ve been reminded recently why I chose not to really associate myself with any large group.  The law of averages is going to pretty much guarantee that while I might agree with what the core of a group says, […]


Paul Ryan Has Already Been an Effective Obama Critic

One of the things that a vice presidential candidate has to be able to do and do well is be an attack dog for the ticket. The best VP candidates have both the credibility and the capability to severely criticize the other team. Even before being picked as his running mate by Mitt Romney, Paul […]


Salon: Why Worry About Obama and Guns, America?

When Barack Obama first won the White House, gun sales soared because supporters of the Constitution rightfully understood that Barack Obama is a gun-banner at heart. They feared he’d attack their Constitutional rights and begin a long trail of legislation or regulatory efforts to ban guns. Everyone has been surprised — including Obama’s own supporters […]


Uh Oh! Mike Huckabee Opens First Radio Show With Planted, Shill Caller

On Monday former Arkansas Governor and former GOP candidate for President Mike Huckabee started his new nationally syndicated radio talk show. Unfortunately, his first “caller” hit quite a sour note starting the show off with a less than auspicious beginning. The caller, a “Mike from San Francisco,” happened to be a staged, shill caller, one […]


BARK!! Character Matters! (Now…)

By now, most all of us who follow politics have heard the collective barking over Mitt Romney and his dog, Seamus. Seems in 1983, Mitt saw fit to attach Seamus’ kennel to the top of his car while driving to a family vacation. I adore animals, including our clunky, slobbering, faithful doggies. And while I […]


Trouble in South Carolina

First it was then-Governor Mark Sanford. Now it is this:  South  Carolina Lt. Gov. Ken Ard resigned Friday amid a criminal investigation into  whether he spent campaign money on personal items. The FOXNews story goes on to say this: Ard easily won election in 2010, and then freely  spent campaign cash on tickets to the […]


Competition or Cartel Control? An Entrepreneur’s Fight for Fairness

How government uses its powers to regulate and license to act as a cartel for established businesses and to exclude new businesses Artist, veteran, and entrepreneur Julie Crowe wishes to provide a female-friendly vehicle-for-hire service for students in the Bloomington-Normal community, but her attempts are thwarted by city officials who insist students have no need […]


VIDEO: Jackie Walorski for Indiana’s Second District

The next in my Challengers Series of video interviews with candidates for Congress takes us to Indiana’s Second Congressional District. Jackie Walorski is running represent the northwestern corner of the Hoosier State — sometimes called the Michiana region. The Second is currently held by Democrat Joe Donnelly who is not running for reelection. Donnelly is […]

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I endorse . . .

Move over Donald Trump (your hair, too).  I have my own endorsement to make. Now that the GOP field of contenders has been narrowed to just three people – Romney, Gingrich and Santorum – I feel comfortable enough to present the hightly-coveted Melmacian endorsement to . . . Yeah, yeah. luaP noR is still technically […]


Indiana Secretary of State Convicted of Voter Fraud

The Associated Press is reporting the following story: A jury in Noblesville, just north of Indianapolis, deliberated for 13 hours before convicting Republican [Indiana] Secretary of State Charlie White on six felony charges; among those, he was accused of lying about his address on voter registration forms. The ending of the AP story speaks volumes: […]


Can’t We All Just Get Along? Is All This Primary Fighting Good?

The campaign for the GOP nomination is really getting hot in Florida. The hard campaigning has caused a lot of bemoaning over the attacks going on between Mitt Romney, his ads and the ads sponsored by his super PAC, and Newt Gingrich’s own attacks. Everyone is concerned that this mudslinging and in fighting may be […]


Indiana Democrats Fleebagging Again, Abandoning Their Jobs

Once again Indiana Democrats are playing the fleebagger game. Because they don’t have enough votes in the Indiana Statehouse, Hoosier Democrats are abandoning their rightful duties and fleeing the Capitol over Indiana’s right-to-work bill currently under consideration in Indianapolis. Indiana Senate Bill 269 and House Bill 1001 would make it illegal to require workers in […]


Every Year Boondoggles Pile Up in California

The left-wing idea that it’s good for government to always wildly increase spending is dying a quick death these days. But this good sense has not made it to every state in the union yet — two disastrous states in particular; California and Illinois. These two states have not learned the lesson about the ruinous […]


Another One Bites The Dust

News Flash: Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) just announced he will not seek a 17th term in Congress, saying that 32 years of totally screwing up the country, the economy, and the government is enough for him. There are no words on who might run to take his seat, but the odds are that the Democrats […]


Pelosi Really Is That Stupid

Earlier this week, Representative (and former Speaker) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ventured out of her protective radical leftist cocoon and went on to The Daily Show to chat with Jon Stewart. She probably thought it would be safe, but she forgot that every now and then Stewart suddenly has these urges to show he’s not 100% […]


U.S. House Democrat Exposed As Racist?

Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post story titled “Rick Perry hunting camp resolution blocked by House” . The House of Representatives has blocked consideration of a resolution calling on Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to apologize for not immediately “doing away” with a rock bearing the controversial name of his family’s West Texas […]


Chris Christie Denial #983 — “This Time It’s Personal!”

For the umpteenth time, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has stated — clearly and unequivocally — that he will not run for president in 2012.   NOW can we actually move on from this?



Over at Ace Of Spades, the morons have been following the occasional public squabbles between Sarah Palin and Chris Christie with some interest. And I have to confess, I find…


Remember Porkbusters?

Me either. I was just thinking about that today when I remembered them from years ago. Seems like they just up and quit when it came time to actually elect…

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Senator-elect Marco Rubio delivers the Republican weekly address

Yesterday I posted Senator-elect Marco Rubio's thank you message to his voters and supporters. This morning I found in my email inbox another video from Marco Rubio, this time delivering…

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Barney Frank's Victory Speech

After a couple of days of elation, victory, and a Slurpee or two (it's a fine drink!), time to get back to being angry and disenfranchised, people. What better way…

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Pre-Election Campaign Website Truism?

Going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure the readers of Wizbang are politically savvy enough to already know how to tell the party affiliation of any candidate…

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