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What Sympathy is Deserved for the ‘Palestinians’?

What real sympathy does Hamas, and by extension the “Palestinians,” deserve in this latest conflict with the self-defense employing Israelis? A simple review of the facts may convince that the answer to that is “not much.” Firstly we have to dismiss two of the Palestinians’ major claims; that they live in an “apartheid” state and […]


Red Skinner: Obama Again Using ‘Regulation’ As A Weapon Against America

Barack Obama has become an expert at using his powers to regulate as a weapon to destroy Americans he doesn’t like. Just as he attempted to use the IRS to destroy conservatives, as he’s used the EPA to destroy our energy sector, as he used Obamacare to eliminate freedom of religion, Obama and his thuggish […]


Things fell apart; the middle could not hold…

Surely some revelation is at hand;


Now Obama Is Coming for Your Cigars, America

Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is targeting your cigars, America, and if you are a cigar lover you’d better pay attention because if Obama gets his way costs will soar. The USFDA is proposing a whole slew of new regulations changing the way the government treats cigars, one if which is to outlaw cigar sales […]


Lawless Seattle Democrats Make to Steal Woman’s Business

The city council of Seattle saw a pay-to-park lot owned by a private landowner and businesswoman and collectively thought to itself, “ya know, it would be nice to have the income from that parking lot for our own.” And so, in the typically lawless way that Democrats operate, the city council sent the woman a […]


Here is Why The GOP is Its and Our Worst Enemy

There aren’t really two major parties in our political system. There are three. Sure there are Democrats–the extreme liberal, Euro-like party–and, yes, there are Republicans. But Republicans are not the conservative party. The GOP is the moderate party. The third party is made of the conservatives and even as they are forced to call themselves […]


New Mexico Police Chief Fired Likely Because He Attended Constitutional Rights Gathering

Here is an interesting story. Filled with he-said-he-said accusation. New Mexico police chief Shane Harger recently attended an event in Las Vegas held by a group that urges police officials to be mindful of the U.S. Constitution in the execution of their duties. But upon returning home from the convention, Harger was suddenly fired from […]


DNC Members Can’t Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement

Here at Curmudgeon Central we’re not paying much attention to Hillary. We’re old enough to remember two events very clearly, the most recent was in 2006 & 2007 when she was the default candidate for the Democratic Party for 2008. How’d that work out? The second was when Teddy Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in the […]


Democrats Causing Income Inequality?

  If Democrats want to combat income inequality in the USA, then perhaps they should start where it is the greatest … in cities dominated by the Democratic Party. As cited by the New York Times, the Brookings Institution has published a study that shows where in the USA income inequality is the greatest. Here […]


So you don’t like the Republican Party of John McCain?

Republicans. The Stupid Party. The Party of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and John Boehner. The Party that believes in implementing the Democratic Platform, just a week or two more slowly than the Democrats, and they’ll reduce spending not by making government smaller but by making it “more efficient”. You’re mad. You don’t want to ever […]


Michigan Democrat: Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me.

Oh my, things just seem to be coming apart at the seams for Democrat candidates these days. First, Wendy Davis, the heartthrob of abortionists and women who let their husbands pay for Harvard and divorce them after the last payment, who is running for Governor of Texas, looks like she committed perjury on the witness […]


VIDEO: Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Revolts Against Democrat Machine Politics

On Thursday, December 19, a town hall hosted by extremist left-winger Al Sharpton of MSNBC, went a bit sideways for him as the event turned into a revolt against Chicago’s Democrat machine politics instead of a forum for his left-wing “solutions” to the problems besetting Chicago’s African Americans. Much to Sharpton’s dismay, the nearly 100% […]


Obama’s allies – Big City Mayors

The President is holding a confab with big city mayors and the new mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio, will be in attendance. That should tell you everything you need to know about the agenda. They’re going to be talking about the most pressing issues for cities today. Income inequality. Improving city schools. While […]


John McCain is a gutless, God damned idiot

We live in Arizona. We have never voted for John McCain, other than voting against Barack Obama in 2008, but make no mistake we required a nose clip, tetanus shots, and a significant quantity of cheap alcohol to perform the act. We used the cheap stuff because we’re not wasting 21 year old scotch on […]


Paul Ryan is a fiscal sell out

We have fond – or bitter – memories of hearing that Mitt Romney was going to pick Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. That was a year and a half ago, which equates to at least one or two lifetimes in politics. We expected Ryan would be a voice of fiscal sanity for Republicans and […]


Obama is not a Marxist. He’s a Fascist.

Thanks to society allowing the Left to take over the language most people think that a Fascist is a far right, Tea Party member. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the definition: Conservatives, Libertarians, the Tea Parties, all stand for free markets and individual liberty. Individual liberty. We are absolutely opposed to centralized […]


President Obama Is Doing Selfies At Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service

Forget the handshake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro controversy from this morning, here’s President Obama posing for a “selfie” with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.


Proposed California Ballot Measure Supports Cartels

California’s political class has an insatiable appetite for directing the daily lives of Californians, for growing government, and for increasing tax revenue. The Legislature and the activist interest groups, who are mostly funded with tax dollars, are worse than heroin or crack cocaine addicts when it comes to their addiction to ordinary citizens’ money. Over […]


BREAKING: Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Website

Reports are coming out saying that Congressional Democrats have about had it with the President’s massive failures and have given him 72 hours to fix Obamacare… or else. Democrats are saying that they will join the Republicans in their effort to pass a new “you can keep your insurance” law if Obama doesn’t act quickly. […]


Never let a crisis go to waste! Where’s George Zimmerman?

The Obama administration is not having a good day. Or week. Or last month or so for that matter. There’s that pesky website. And then those people who misinterpreted “If you like your insurance you can keep it…”. And those darn hospitals who aren’t going to accept ObamaCare. There’s gotta be a way out. How […]


Lois Lerner and Really Cushy Deals

I’m going to assume that you know who Lois Lerner is. If the name is unfamiliar, consult Mr. Google before continuing. OK, so we all remember Lois getting called back before the oversight committee and insisting she “didn’t do anything wrong” and then copping the 5th so she didn’t have to actually talk about what […]


Headline Of The Day – Government Shutdown Edition

Headline Of The Day – Government Shutdown Edition

The New York Daily News’ “House of Turds” headline wins the day…


Police State: EPA Raids in Alaska Exposes Heavily Armed Federal Agencies

We’ve talked about the police state that is being built right under our very noses many times. But a recent raid on Alaska mines by the EPA is proof once again that far too many government agencies have para-military, heavily armed divisions. And they need to be curtailed. Did you know that 40 federals agencies […]


Hillary Clinton Heckled While Receiving ‘Liberty Medal’

Everyone expects Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016. But will her crimes in Benghazi dog her if she tries it? Maybe. But at least right now the question is dogging her if the protester that yelled out “Benghazi” and otherwise heckled her as she was given the misnamed “liberty medal” this month is […]


Bradley Manning… A reasonable verdict.

The saga of Bradley Manning is far from over, we’re not even at the end of the beginning, let alone the end. If you’ve been in a cave for the last few years, Bradley Manning is an Army Private who hated the Army for a variety of reasons – reportedly some related to Don’t Ask […]