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Globaloney: NOAA Quietly Changes Warmest Year Back to 1936 Without Comment

Attempting to promulgate the theory of global warming, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claimed that the year 2012 was the “hottest” year on record. This toppled the previous records set in 1936. But after being called on the false statistics, without saying a word about the change, NOAA very quietly returned 1936 to […]


Are The Religious More Tolerant Than Social Scientists?

A new book by science writer Nicholas Wade seeks to explore the possible connection between evolution and race but in a recent op ed the author points out that in some ways religious people have become more tolerant than those social scientists who think of themselves as being warriors against racism and ignorance. The book, […]


Are We Receiving Radio Signals from an Alien Race?

No, I’m not going to segue into a discussion of the entirely inhuman and alien ideas promulgated by left-wingers, though it would be fitting. No, I am talking about real radio signals from space. We are getting them, but we don’t know what they are, where they are coming from, and how they are produced. […]


Scientists: Babies With Three Parents on the Horizon

Science is always pushing the envelope to see what it can create, but babies with three parents? That is what a recent report out of Britain claims. Soon babies born of DNA of one man and the donor eggs of two women might be on the horizon. A report at the Daily Mail says that […]


Two Years Later: Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

As predicted last year, this year’s anniversary is once again a nuclear non-event.


His Name Was Neil Armstrong

I didn’t originally intend to post about the passing of Neil Armstrong.  But it would seem many just don’t remember what he accomplished or the importance of the symbolism.  As the idiocy mounts, I feel compelled to enter the fray. First up we have the geniuses at NBC who couldn’t even bother to get his […]


A Cure For Baldness Is Two Years Away

According to George Cotsarelis, head of dermatology at Pennsylvania University, he is in discussions with major pharmaceutical companies to produce a lotion that will cure baldness within the next two years. Cotsarelis and his team last year identified the enzyme that instructs follicles to stop producing hair, prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), and now they’re working to […]


Settled Science Now Unsettled

No we’re not talking about global climate change (formerly global warming), but rather the first colonizers of North America. Archaeologists had accepted as settled fact that Clovis people were the true native Americans. Well it turns out that’s not the case. From The Register: The so-called “Clovis First” theory had until 2008 been accepted as […]


Report – fracking linked to recent Heartland earthquake activity

Uh-oh.  But remember, correlation does not imply causation: Fracking Tied To Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U. S. A spate of earthquakes across the middle of the U.S. is “almost certainly” man-made, and may be caused by wastewater from oil or gas drilling injected into the ground, U.S. government scientists said in a study. Researchers […]


Of Tomorrow

Presented without comment.


Environmental Scientist Caught Agreeing To Ignore Her Own Data, Make Up New Claims

Dr. Ann Maest is a managing scientist at Straus Consulting, and she’s the go to expert on all things groundwater. In the press release announcing her reappointment to the National Academy of Sciences, they mention that she is focused on the environmental effects of mining and petroleum extraction and production, and, more recently, on the […]


‘It provides support for a “heliocentric” rather than “anthropogenic” approach to climate change’

I’m guessing Al Gore thinks this piece is racist: CERN’s 8,000 scientists may not be able to find the hypothetical Higgs boson, but they have made an important contribution to climate physics, prompting climate models to be revised. The first results from the lab’s CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets”) experiment published in Nature today confirm that cosmic […]


The End of an Era

With this morning’s Shuttle landing, the era of NASA as we knew it officially draws to a close. Sadly, the past forty years have forced us to bear witness to the devolution of what was once perhaps the government’s leanest, most efficient, and most successful (in terms of real accomplishment) programs. NASA has become a […]


"I look at them unflinchingly and see meat"

For those who've been living in a cave, this story out of Philadelphia is lighting up the 'sphere and rightly so: An abortion doctor in Philadelphia has been charged with…


Might the number of suicides today have something to do with "the wisdom of the age"?

In our local paper Friday, news of yet another suicide on the campus of William and Mary, the third this year:A College of William and Mary sophomore was found dead…

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Stephen Hawking's less than reasonable faith

At least as reasonable, if not less so, than my faith in Jesus Christ.Chuck Colson nails this one:Western culture has an undeniable fascination with scientists, and with good reason. Patiently using…


Note to Helen Thomas (and others): Jews are home in Israel

Genetic testing suggests that Ms. Thomas is full of crap… but sensible people knew this already:Two new genome studies of Jews worldwide prove that the Jewish people — long called…

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"scientists are so thoroughly steeped in knee-jerk male bashing"

If science can be used to 'prove' man-made global warming, could it not be used to 'prove' that men need to become more like women?It is telling that scientists are…


Re-visiting the Terri Schiavo issue

This might just do it:Using a newly developed brain scan technique, researchers in the U.K. and Belgium revealed that some patients in vegetative states or states of minimal consciousness show…

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This just in…

… the sky is blue, the grass is green, water is wet, Chris Matthews is a racist buffoon and abstinence-only programs keep kids from engaging in sex:Sex education classes that…

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The Global Warming threat is analogous to the Y2K threat

The Global Warming threat is analogous to the Y2K threat

So sez Denis Dutton in, of all places, The New York Times:The so-called Y2K problem, the inability of computers to read dates beyond 1999 threatened to turn Jan. 1, 2000…


Atmospheric CO2 levels have not increased

Atmospheric CO2 levels have not increased

Back in November, Al Gore was quoted as saying that “simply laying out the facts won’t work”.  And of course, what isn’t working is his anti-capitalist, anti-Western global warming scheme…


Strange Spiral Light Show Over Norway

Strange Spiral Light Show Over Norway

Last Wednesday night, a strange, beautiful spiraling light appeared in the sky over Norway. Astronomers quickly denied any connection between the spiral and the Aurora Borealis, leaving UFO geeks and…


Climategate: Week in Review

I meant to get this out on Sunday but the holiday has me a day behind and a dollar short. Coverage of climategate continues to explode across the internet and…


The global warming house of cards is on the verge of collapse

The global warming house of cards is on the verge of collapse

So much for peer review: SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming…