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Obama’s Buttinski Trademark Board Hadn’t Received ONE Complaint About Redskins Name

Obama’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board which last month jumped into the debate about the evils of the football team’s name and summarily declared the name “Redskins” to be “offensive” has now admitted that there was no cause for its actions. This shows how Obama’s government is a left-wing, activist government that does not respond […]


Red Skinner: Obama Again Using ‘Regulation’ As A Weapon Against America

Barack Obama has become an expert at using his powers to regulate as a weapon to destroy Americans he doesn’t like. Just as he attempted to use the IRS to destroy conservatives, as he’s used the EPA to destroy our energy sector, as he used Obamacare to eliminate freedom of religion, Obama and his thuggish […]


V. Stiviano Also Said Weird, Racist Stuff on Tape

After “outing” her boss to the world as a racist with a secretly recorded phone conversation, old video has emerged of Donald Sterling’s would-be girlfriend, V. Stiviano, also making racially charged statements. A video from 2011 has re-emerged made by Sterling’s “helper” as an audition for a failed reality show about gold digger women. On […]


An Historic Day in Major League Sports

On Saturday, President Obama called to congratulate new NFL draftee Michael Sam.  It was an historic event; in fact, I can find no news stories about a Presidential phone call to any NFL draft pick prior to this.  (The President customarily congratulates winners of the Super Bowl.)  So Michael Sam must be an extraordinary athlete. […]


Wiz-Blab Open Thread (Because I Forgot Over the Weekend…)

So, after all that about being sure to have an open thread each weekend…. I forgot to put one up! Here is one bit to start ya’all off: Dolphins player Don Jones was slammed by the team, forced to pay a fine and go to sensitivity training after using social media to slam the drafting […]


Georgia’s Establishment Republicans Want to Waste Millions on This, Local Tea Partiers in Strong Opposition

Local Tea Partiers Oppose This Giant, Secret Waste of Tax Dollars. The GOP establishment in Cobb County, Georgia wants to spend upwards to $600 million in local tax dollars to help the Atlanta Braves move north of downtown Atlanta. They say it will bring new development and increased economic activity to the area. Tea Partiers, […]


Sports Illustrated’s ‘Racist’ Swimsuit Issue

Everything is racist these days. Even the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, apparently. At least that is the latest tempest in a teapot being stirred by our busy race merchants. The website Jezebel is the latest to stir the pot claiming that because SI used locations on all seven continents and featured people in native garb […]


Deer Antler Spray Is The New Snake Oil

Sports Illustrated has a fascinating look at the shadowy underworld of sports science con men who are peddling just about anything they can think of to desperate players. If you thought Manti Te’o was naive for falling for the fake girlfriend hoax, he’ll fit right in as a professional athlete as his brethren are trying […]


You Can Refer To The Super Bowl As “The Harbowl” Or “The Harbaugh Bowl” All You Want

If you were thinking that someone should have trademarked the terms “Harbowl” or “The Harbaugh Bowl,” you’re a little late to the party. Someone got that bright idea last year, when the possibility of a the San Francisco 49ers (coached by Jim Harbaugh) and the Baltimore Ravens (coached by John Harbaugh) were potential opponents, before […]

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Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend Was A Hoax

Deadspin broke the news that broke the Internet this afternoon that Heisman Trophy finalist Manti Te’o’s from Notre Dame’s famed dead girlfriend was a long running and elaborate hoax. It’s a very complicated story, but was summarized by Deadspin writers Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey in these paragraphs: There was no Lennay Kekua. Lennay Kekua […]


Yogi Berra Might Join Twitter

Jack Curry from the YES Network is reporting that New York Yankee legend Yogi Berra is seriously considering joining Twitter. Breaking news: Yogi Berra said he is thinking of joining Twitter. I am serious. Dave Kaplan, his right hand, is pushing for it. — Jack Curry (@JackCurryYES) January 10, 2013 I have three possible first […]


Katherine Webb Was More Interesting Than The BCS National Championship Game

As you may know by now Katherine Webb is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. During Monday night’s BCS National Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame ESPN’s Brent Musburger had some pretty kind words for Webb, and Auburn graduate and the current Miss Alabama. “Wow, I’m telling you. You quarterbacks, you get all […]


South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney Made The Hit Of The Year

The year’s only two day’s old, but I doubt we’re going to see a more highlight-reel worthy play in college football this year. That’s South Carolina sophomore defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney destroying Michigan running back Vincent Smith and forcing a fumble (which he scooped up one handed) in yesterday’s Outback Bowl. Because of draft rules […]


Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton’s Life As A High-Priced Las Vegas Hooker Revealed

For the last year runner Suzy Favor Hamilton, a 3 time U.S. Olympian and 9 time NCAA individual champion, worked for Haley Heston’s Private Collection escort service as a $600/hr prostitute under name Kelly Lundy. The Smoking Gun broke the story today ending her new career. [W]hen working as an escort, she inexplicably shared her […]


Nick Newell Won A MMA Championship With One Hand

Some things you just need to see to believe… XFC fighter Nick Newell won the XFC Lightweight Championship last night. He did so quickly (in about a minute and a half), and convincingly. What makes worth watching is that Newell was born with a condition called congenital amputation; his left arm stops just past his […]


Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend Then Commits Suicide At Stadium

Tragic news today from Missouri. The Kansas City Star reports: The argument apparently started about 1 a.m. Saturday, when Kasandra Perkins returned to her Kansas City home from the Trey Songz concert at The Midland and drinks afterward with friends. Her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, lived with her and was mad that […]


Anthony Starego’s Kick Of Hope

On Saturday EPSN’s College GameDay profiled Rutgers’ superfan Anthony Starego, an autistic teenager who recently kicked a game-winning field goal to help his high school football team in Brick, New Jersey upset Toms River North. It’s a piece you really shouldn’t miss, and one you’ll want to share with friends. You can read more about […]

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The Notre Dame Player Who Allegedly Assaulted A Woman (Who Then Committed Suicide) Is Playing For A National Championship

Flush off a dramatic 22-13 victory over USC to extend their unbeaten season and propel them into the BCS College Football Championship Game, number 1 ranked Notre Dame is sky-high right now after being largely irrelevant on the college football scene for the past two decades. ABC’s prime-time coverage Saturday night was filled with stories […]


Two Colts Cheerleaders Got Their Heads Shaved During Sunday’s Game

Two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders, Megan M. (right) and Crystal B. (left), got their heads shaved during Sunday’s Colts-Bill game after they raised over $20,000 for cancer research. From The USAToday: Indianapolis Colts fans far exceeded the $10,000 in donations needed for a member of the team’s cheerleading squad to shave her head. So, on Sunday, […]


Attention Race Fans, Danica Patrick Is Single Again!

Wizbang first introduced our readers to Danica Patrick before the Indianapolis 500 in 2005. Since then she’s gone on to fame, fortune, and NASCAR. Though she has but a single victory to her name since she started racing professionally in 2000, she’s become more famous every year. And now she’s single again. To celebrate we’re […]


Witness MLB’s First Official Pantomime Grand Slam

Michael Morse of the Washington National scored perhaps the weirdest grand slam ever witnessed in baseball history. Umpires reviewed his blast which was initially ruled a single (Morse was tagged out in a rundown) and determined that it was a grand slam. That’s when things got weird. Watch as Morse is made to pantomime his […]

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NFL: Deal Reached With Referees, Lockout Over

Starting this evening at the Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns in Baltimore, regular NFL referees will be back on the job. From NFL.com The NFL reached an agreement with the NFL Referees Association late Wednesday to end the referee lockout and the two sides are working on the paperwork now, according to a league source. […]


Is it Unfair to Bash the Refs for the Worst Call in NFL History?

If you have not seen it by now, it’s being called the worst call in NFL history. Looks like Roger Goodell is going to have to reevaluate this whole replacement referee idea. I’m sure they are doing their best but these guys simply are not NFL talent. Many years ago I was a stringer (freelance) […]


Hope Solo Fishing In A Bikini

I don’t know why I find this so oddly fascinating… Hope Solo, goalie for U.S. Women’s Olympic gold medal winning soccer team, posted this photo to her Whosay account this week. The former Wizbang Olympic Babe Of The Day knows how to keep people interested…


Honoring Art Modell In Cleveland Might Not End Well…

The NFL plans to honor the passing of Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell league-wide this weekend. This could present a serious problem in Cleveland because Modell has long been vilified there for moving the Browns franchise to Baltimore. BEREA, Ohio — Art Modell will be recognized Sunday by the team he moved to Baltimore. The […]