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Tennessee’s Federal Delegation on the Use of Force in Syria

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7-1 to send the idea of using force in Syria to the full Senate for a vote. This week the House and Senate return from the August recess. Both chambers will take up the issue. The president, for his part has been interviewed by all the major […]


Israel Goes There

IAF bombs convoy of trucks bearing weapons bound for Lebanon in Syria.


The Law of Corollaries and the Iron Law of Unintended Consequences

The corollary and is that Iran is now responsible forall actions by the Assad regime in Syria and beyond. The Consequence is that they are accountable for Assad’s actions.


U.S. Recognizes Syrian Opposition Council

From The AP via Fox News WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says the U.S. now recognizes Syria’s main opposition group as the “legitimate representative” of the country’s people. Obama says the Syrian Opposition Council is now “inclusive enough” to be granted greater legitimacy in the international community. The president says that level of recognition comes […]


Obama Conference Call Ignoring Administration’s Syria Stagnation

President Obama’s reelection team held a conference call recently. The call was meant as an attack on Mitt Romney’s trip abroad, a trip meant to burnish his foreign policy creds. But one thing that team Obama seemed to want to ignore was Obama’s own foreign policy failures in Syria. And so the civil war in […]


Right On, Mitt

“Russia is not a friendly character on the world stage and for this president [Obama] to be looking for greater flexibility where he doesn’t have to answer to the American people in his relations with Russia is very, very troubling, very alarming,” he said. “I am very, very concerned. “This is to Russia,” Romney said. […]


Despot Support Network; Putin sends aid to Assad

The stakes just went up and Israel’s window of opportunity has just shrunk. Interesting times are upon us.


In other “Non-News” today, things continue to go BOOM in Iran

…and Syria. The IAF and the 0bama Administration were not involved.


Meanwhile in Syria

An old school Revolution adopts hacker ways. Good luck and God Speed.

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The Carter Parallels are becoming absurd

Assad’s Government Sponsored Goons attempt to storm U. S. Embassy in Syria, FAIL.


"The Syrian regime is intentionally attempting to divert international attention…" (UPDATED)

"The Syrian regime is intentionally attempting to divert international attention…" (UPDATED)

That from an Israeli spokeswoman responding to what appear to be coordinated attacks on three Israeli borders: Israeli troops clashed with Arab protesters along three hostile borders on Sunday, leaving…

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Given the Obama doctrine, won't we soon be bombing Syria?

I’m talking of course about these words spoken by our President in late March in response to events taking place then in Libya: “To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader…

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