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Democratic Lawmakers Flee Texas Again

The wingnuts are taking their show on the road again.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Democratic state lawmakers fled Texas on Tuesday for the second time in three months to thwart a Republican drive to redraw the state's congressional districts.

Eleven of the 12 Democrats in the state Senate left for Albuquerque, N.M., as a first special session called by the governor to address redistricting drew to a close and he called a second special session, scheduled to begin Wednesday. The second session could last as long as 30 days.


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Comments (3)

Hey, when you're onto a goo... (Below threshold)

Hey, when you're onto a good thing, stick to it! Why stop at 30 days... Or 365, for that matter.

I might not be the brightes... (Below threshold)

I might not be the brightest star in the constellation, and I may be partisan on the other side of this, but as a Texan who's closely followed this, I feel relatively safe in telling reflexively Republican out-of-state bloggers and commenters: don't go there.

I don't really care which p... (Below threshold)
John Anderson:

I don't really care which party they belong to (but I will note the same party did the same thing during the aftermath of the Civil War, got hauled back in cuffs by Pinkerton, were counted "present" to establish a quorum, then stuffed in closets while business went on) they are now political exiles. Let them estabish a government-in-exile and fill their seats by the same procedure as for death - hopefully with people who can debate without running away.

Norbizness, I am aware there is a great controversy about this, biut how many re-districtings (including by courts because the legislature fumbled) did the other party go through without screwing you and your fellow Texans by halting the whole government? Hmm?

Oh, and issue warrants, which is permissible, then set the Feds on them for crossing state lines to avoid arrest, which is why they didn't just go to a BBQ joint.






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