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The Axis Of Naughty - Update

N.Z. Bear has challenged both sides in the great BlogWar to sponsor the New Weblog Showcase this week. Since the Axis of Naughty motto is "It's All About The Links" it's only natural that we accepted. The Alliance of Feeble Blogs is may never be coherent enough to respond. Read N.Z. Bear's challenge for the easy entry rules. TTLB is also tracking the links and traffic for both sides here. As you can see the Alliance of Feeble Blogs moniker fits the other side well.

How Do I Join The Axis Of Naughty?

Simple. Send a trackback to this post with a post of your own that indicates you are sided with InstaPundit. If you're on Blogger or a platform that does not automatically send trackbacks you can use the Stand Alone Trackback Pinger. If that is too complicated, just e-mail me a link to your post and I'll add you to the Axis list on the sidebar. All of the links on the the Axis of Naughty blogroll lead to posts of support for Glenn Reynolds. Bashing of the monkey boy and his minions is always encouraged, but to get listed you must pick a side.


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Comments (3)

Even though I do not seem t... (Below threshold)

Even though I do not seem to "qualify" to be a member of my own Axis of Naughty (cough, cough), I will gladly participate.

You do now. Welcome back!<... (Below threshold)

You do now. Welcome back!

Thank you, Kevin. :-)... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kevin. :-)






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