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Move To Movable Type Free!

Note: Comments on this post are closed. Send your request for setup or help to to Exodus at wizbangblog dot com and all the fine folks who have volunteered to help will be notified. One of them will be back to you with details on the setup.

It's time for Blogspot Jihad Part II.

It's time to put a new call to arms out for a mass exodus off of BlogSpot. The major objection to moving to Movable Type is that you must pay a monthly fee to a hosting service to run MT. That's not a problem anymore...

For some unknown reason 1&1(Part of United Internet) is offering a free three year hosting setup with 5GB monthly transfer, e-mail, FTP, PHP, Perl, MySQL, CGI, SSH, and Cron Jobs. This is not a fly-by-bight company - they have the leadoff ad in this months Wired magazine.


First - You will need to sign up for a free hosting plan at 1and1***. The plan is free hosting for 3 years no credit card required. You will need a phone number to activate the service.

Second - You will need a domain name for your blog. 1and1 allows you to register and configure a domain name for $5.99 a year, but you can use any registrar. You will need to handle the DNS settings yourself if you do not use the built-in registrations at 1and1.

Third - Leave a note in the comments that you signed up and are interested in an MT install (make sure you use a valid e-mail address in the form). I will contact you about getting the login settings for your control panel and other issues.

Call For Volunteers

Coordinators to help do blog setups for the less technically able should contact me. If we can get a small group to distribute the workload this shouldn't be too big a deal.

Additional Information

Since the 1and1 service is still sort of a technical unknown, it's going to be a few days before I have a feel for how MT will work on their service, but they appear to have all the proper components.

*** I have no financial ties to this company. Registering through that link does enter me in some sort of drawing, but you can find your way to their registration another way if you would like.

Update: I've got my fist site setup. No catch, no credit card required - just a phone number to activate. I used a work number (you have to be able to receive the call to get the PIN) and Hotmail to signup. I looked at the T&C's and there's nothing unusual. It's a full access hosting account, with all the features you'd get at other sites.

Here's a site I setup tonight with MT 2.64 running on MySQL: http://kevinaylward.com/. Total cost to setup: $0. Total monthly cost: $0.

Update 2: I've setup a new e-mail address to handle requests for the BlogSpot Jihad (Free MT hosting at 1and1). Send your requests to Exodus at wizbangblog dot com and all the fine folks who have volunteered to help will be notified. One of them will be back to you with details on the setup.

Comments on this post are closed. Send your request for setup or help to the e-mail address.


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Comments (51)

I can't help out with insta... (Below threshold)

I can't help out with installing MT, but once you get MT running, if you want to send folks my way with questions about templates, customizing, track backs, etc., feel free.


Ditto what So Cal Lawyer sa... (Below threshold)

Ditto what So Cal Lawyer said.

This is kinda related...</p... (Below threshold)

This is kinda related...

I'm having an online poll product installed:

phpQuestionnnaire Junior

It looks like it could be an interesting addition to my blog, similar to the Bravenet polls that many bloggers are using. But, I'll be able to run as many as I like -- have people vote on individual posts, etc.

If people are using a service with PHP4 and MySQL, the $49 may be worth it -- another advantage for using MT on a service like this 1&1. Plus, installation is free with purchase.

It should be fun testing it out.

There has to be a catch wit... (Below threshold)

There has to be a catch with the free web hosting service. The lack of "small print" has made me dubious of their offer.

For registration you can us... (Below threshold)

For registration you can use Ev1 (formerly Rackshack). 1 year domain reg is $5.

I've been involved in the p... (Below threshold)

I've been involved in the past jihad and would be delighted to help in this one as well. My offer is the reverse of what the other Xrlq offers; I'm useless with templates but can do installations in my sleep.

I can do both installs as w... (Below threshold)

I can do both installs as well as assist with templating. Just let me know what you need.

I'd be happy to help :) MT ... (Below threshold)

I'd be happy to help :) MT templates and MT itself. I went ahead and signed up for he 1and1 deal yesterday and familiarized myself with their control panel interface. I don't like it, but hey, they offer SSH so it's all good :D

Bugga, 1and1 appear to only... (Below threshold)

Bugga, 1and1 appear to only want people from USA and Canada, are there any others you know of, I can get a free domain name easy enough.

My only real problem (besid... (Below threshold)

My only real problem (besides being happy elsewhere) is that a free hosting account that rquires no real ID to start up is going to get abused by spammers. With some risk of blacklisting of IP blocks as a result. Let me know how it works out.

MT set up OK, but I'm getti... (Below threshold)

MT set up OK, but I'm getting Internal Error 500 every time I try to do any large batch jobs. I emailed tech support yesterday but have received no response as yet. Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm a little too busy doing... (Below threshold)

I'm a little too busy doing templates for a few people right now to do any more of them, but I'll be more than happy to help set up MT.

Xrlq - I tried a free host ... (Below threshold)

Xrlq - I tried a free host (Netfirms) with MT, and experienced that continuously. It worked fine when I had no posts, but I imported about 130 posts in and then I could never rebuild. I finally abandoned the host - it was unworkable. (Not for lack of effort...I found all sorts of tricks to minimize batches but never got it so I could actually use MT)

It seemed to be the a limitation placed on CGI, which proved fatal to MT, especially once you actually had content.

I'll be happy to help with ... (Below threshold)

I'll be happy to help with MT and templates as needed.

Ok, I have set up the domai... (Below threshold)

Ok, I have set up the domain and the webspace but will definately need help with the moveable type set up. Will accept any help you can give. Thanks!


Okey-doke. I've got a bran... (Below threshold)

Okey-doke. I've got a brand new account and a shiny new domain.

From here, where? Why? How?

Especially the "how?" part.

Um, my email addy as above.... (Below threshold)

Um, my email addy as above. You could also go to my blog and get it there (left side, about the middle of the page).

Ignore the incorrect email ... (Below threshold)

Ignore the incorrect email addy as of the previous message. This one is the really, really, true one.

Can a man so clumsy on the keyboard be entrusted with installing Movable Tupe by himself?

No, he cannot. So I welcome your input.


Okay.... I've signed up and... (Below threshold)
Mike Polak:

Okay.... I've signed up and would like to have MT set up. Please contact me at above email address.

Thanks, I am very intereste... (Below threshold)

Thanks, I am very interested...I've set up the domain, and the account at 1and1...Any help with a MT setup would be very much appreciated...

all the best,


I'm in need of having MT se... (Below threshold)

I'm in need of having MT setup. Please contact me.

I would be glad to help, Po... (Below threshold)

I would be glad to help, PoloRandy, but I need an email address from you.

1and1 will not install Imag... (Below threshold)

1and1 will not install Image::Magick, so you have to use the other alternative if you want thumbnailing for your images (I already did this but I forgot what it's called; look in your mt.cfg file to find out, then Google for some instructions. You will need to use ssh; download Putty if you are on windows, it's free and will do the job).

I believe that all the peop... (Below threshold)

I believe that all the people who requested assistance are taken care of. Are there any other people out there who need help getting Movable Type installed?

I'd like to take advantage ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to take advantage of the offer. My 1and1 account is setup.


Great deal! I've set up my ... (Below threshold)

Great deal! I've set up my account on 1&1. Any help you could provide on installing MT would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hey, all you MT phreaks! ;-... (Below threshold)

Hey, all you MT phreaks! ;-) Just to buck the trend, I've setup a pMachine blog. Took me long enough, but it was pretty easy, overall, to get the basic install up and running.

Glad to see so many people ... (Below threshold)

Glad to see so many people happy with MT. Just as a note, if you're interested in a hosted weblog service that, while not free, *does* support our development of Movable Type, you can try TypePad, which has a 30 day free trial, doesn't require any installation , and doesn't require you to know any HTML to customize your template.

And those of you who have donated to support Movable Type, thanks for helping us keep working on the system!

So what is the verdict? I ... (Below threshold)

So what is the verdict? I have a 1and1 account and am interested in the process, but I don't want to go down this path if the servers are not going to be able to keep up.

(Currently, I sometimes get 404 errors with just basic HTML pages).

P.S. Your advice is of great help!

I second what Ron said. Ha... (Below threshold)

I second what Ron said. Have the issues with doing rebuilds/batch jobs been resolved. I'm squatting on a 1&1 account but am not sure if I should move my blogs over there or not.

I think the verdict is that... (Below threshold)

I think the verdict is that things seem to work, if and only if, you use MySQL. That's how we are setting people up... I've imported 500 posts from a text file no problem, and The King, XLRQ and others have setup quite a few sites.

That's good to hear. Thank... (Below threshold)

That's good to hear. Thanks Kevin.

Just out of interest, What ... (Below threshold)

Just out of interest, What do you make out of the 1and1 link?

Hi,I have just follo... (Below threshold)

I have just followed the process above and registered with 1and1 and have secured a domain name (should have by the end of the day). I could really use some help with the MovableType install!
Brian Alger

I could really use the help... (Below threshold)

I could really use the help with the MT install at 1&1 Many thanks.

I have just secured a 1&1 a... (Below threshold)

I have just secured a 1&1 account. I have not yet attempted to install MT, so I don't know if I will need any help. But based on my past experience with MT, I probably *will* need help.

If anyone has a set of instructions or advice for installing MySQL MT onto the 1&1 server, please contact me. I would appreciate it.

Issues of migration do not concern me.

ok, everything is set up. ... (Below threshold)

ok, everything is set up. I figure I may need help with the MT install...thanks!

Hi: I have a 1&1 account. ... (Below threshold)

Hi: I have a 1&1 account. I would love those instructions on setting up MT on there! thanks

oops - maybe now you can se... (Below threshold)

oops - maybe now you can see my email address in the post...

I could use some guidance. ... (Below threshold)
John T. Kennedy:

I could use some guidance. I'm usually pretty good at these things but I can't even get PHP files to run.

I did setup MT but with PHP... (Below threshold)

I did setup MT but with PHP it looks so complicated ,Here again I think I will have lots of problems learning and doing it.

I just secured myself a new... (Below threshold)

I just secured myself a new 1and1 account, and would like to install Movable Type, but unfortunately have no experience with such things as "Perl." Can anyone set up my account? It's OK, I'm a Nice Guy.

Email, please, at edsvingen [at] cox {dot} net.

I saw the ad for 1&1 in eWe... (Below threshold)

I saw the ad for 1&1 in eWeek and it did look too good to be true but I tried it anyway and it seems legit so far hehe. I currently have an MT blog on a subdomain of someone else's domain and want to move it to my new domain (which I just registered). Any suggestions or set up FAQs or whatever would be helpful. Thank you! I really hope everyone interested is able to get this working for them. Thank you!

I have a 1and1 account, and... (Below threshold)

I have a 1and1 account, and could use some help setting up MT... thanks in advance!

I just got 1and1 setup, and... (Below threshold)

I just got 1and1 setup, and the domain has been going for months. I could use some help. Please with a MT install. Looks too tough for me.

Thank you.

-- Brent

Hi there,I registe... (Below threshold)

Hi there,

I registered with 1and1 recently and could use some help moving from Blogger to MovableType, since I haven't used much of perl or php myself.

Thanks in advance.

- Chandru

Just registered for 1and1..... (Below threshold)

Just registered for 1and1.. seems like a great service, but I'm having trouble installing the MT thing. Can anyone assist with the installation? It seems simple enough but I just can't get it working.. Thanks in advance.

Hi!I've just joine... (Below threshold)


I've just joined 1&1. I want to set up a MovableType weblog but I don't know where to start. Do I need to install it on my computer first and then upload it? I am using Windows and any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi,Thanks for the ... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the usefull info about 1&1 webhosting. I just created an account and appreciate it if you could help me with setting up the MT on my account.


I already registered with 1... (Below threshold)

I already registered with 1and1.com..
Plz i need help with the mt instalation and configuration..

Thanks for everything.. =)

Comments are closed on this... (Below threshold)

Comments are closed on this post.

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