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Some things you prepare for, others catch you unexpected. Now would be an excellent time to hit the Pay Pal tip jar, as I've found out I'll be newly unemployed as of today. Nothing to do with this site...

I guess I'll get to test out the booming economic recovery first hand...

The 2003 Weblog Awards will proceed...

Update: Thanks to all for the support. When I can tell details, I will.


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Comments (34)

Holy smokes! What happened,... (Below threshold)

Holy smokes! What happened, Kevin?

Bad quarter... Me and othe... (Below threshold)

Bad quarter... Me and others, shown the door...

I can't believe they let yo... (Below threshold)

I can't believe they let you go this time of year.

You sure have my sympathy, Kevin.

Good Grief...

That's horrible. You don't ... (Below threshold)

That's horrible. You don't work at Kodak, do you? They're infamous for letting people go before holidays. Usually they purge before Thanksgiving though.

Sorry to hear of your news.... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear of your news. I'll keep good thoughts.

Yikes. You're the second pe... (Below threshold)

Yikes. You're the second person this week to get the pick slip (my bro-in-law was let go on Monday).

I don't know how you feel about this, but I'll be praying for your job search and the transition.

I'm so sorry :(... (Below threshold)

I'm so sorry :(

Go work for Fuji.... (Below threshold)

Go work for Fuji.

aw, man, that bloody well s... (Below threshold)

aw, man, that bloody well stinks... sorry to hear!

Sorry to hear that, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear that, Kevin. Especially sucks at this time of year. Hopefully you'll get something pretty quick with your mad skillz. Cheers.

Oh no. With a baby on the ... (Below threshold)

Oh no. With a baby on the way, too. Damn. I'm really sorry, Kevin.

If you need a referral, Allah is indeed in the house.

Have no fear, Kevi, you are... (Below threshold)

Have no fear, Kevi, you are in such good company. As far as new jobs, NURSING esp. mental health nurses are in hot demand. As is anything military or defense, I would think. Border guards and the like could keep you employed. Of course I dunno what your skill set happens to be and I you know how the govt is: dont ask, dont tell.

Good luck my friend.

Oh , now that I see you are... (Below threshold)

Oh , now that I see you are expecting a wee little one, it is obvious they did not want to pay you maternity leave. GREED!

I'm so sorry - sending posi... (Below threshold)

I'm so sorry - sending positive vibes by the bucketful!

Companies routinely do this... (Below threshold)

Companies routinely do this now - it's driven by the annual report cycle. Tough luck, dude! We've been through waiting for the hammer when my wife worked for Sprint and Birch Telecom.

Damn. Sorry to hear. Welc... (Below threshold)

Damn. Sorry to hear. Welcome to the club though. We're all quite mad here. Yeah. Lots more interviews than 6 months ago. But from what I understand there are a great many companies "playing the field" to see what's out there.

Best of luck in moving onwa... (Below threshold)

Best of luck in moving onward and upward from this setback.

Sorry to hear the news - I ... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear the news - I got the same deal last year and it made for a lean holiday - but - excusing the sugary cliche-ness of the thought - eventually for someone of you talent and energy you'll have good news again.

Gee whiz, Kevin. I am very ... (Below threshold)

Gee whiz, Kevin. I am very sorry to hear that.

That sounds like how I lost... (Below threshold)

That sounds like how I lost my job a few years ago. I hope you find something good quickly.

I'm so sorry to hear about ... (Below threshold)

I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your job. I'll send prayers your way. I hope things work out for you.

Good luck in your job searc... (Below threshold)

Good luck in your job search. Be thinking of you.


My sympathies, Kev. If you... (Below threshold)

My sympathies, Kev. If you're ever near Richmond, I'll be happy to spring for your dinner some evening.

Good luck.

Sorry to hear about your jo... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear about your job. Unemployment is no fun, but it can give you opportunities. Hope the best for you.

Dude, this sucks man. I hop... (Below threshold)

Dude, this sucks man. I hope it turns out to be an "it was for the best" situation for you when you land a better job. Good luck man.

Awfully sorry to hear about... (Below threshold)

Awfully sorry to hear about this. I'll keep your family in my prayers and hope that you find a better job soon.

Sorry to hear this. Good l... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear this. Good luck in finding something new--soon. Being unemployed ain't no fun.

Jefe,So sorry to h... (Below threshold)


So sorry to hear that... Good luck and good riddance to the sack of asshats who would pull something like that. Best wishes for your Christamas and may your New Year be prosperous.


Hey Kevin I hate to hear th... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin I hate to hear that. I know that you have some sort of a technical/computer background. I happen to be rather close to someone in the Cingular organization in Atlanta. If you're interested, I'd be glad to help. Just drop me an email.

Well that sucks! I'm rathe... (Below threshold)

Well that sucks! I'm rather intrigued, knowing where you worked.

I think you have the skills and history to have no trouble finding something good. Hope so anyway!

I apologize for the late re... (Below threshold)

I apologize for the late response, I've been unconnected whilst traveling. These situations invariably work out for the best. I know. I see my former coworkers succeed outside the org constantly. My best wishes and thoughts are with you, Kevin.

Velociman made an observati... (Below threshold)

Velociman made an observation here that I have many times as well. We tend to develop inertia when we'd be better off seeking change, so quite often it's a fine development to have change thrust upon us. Even if it doesn't feel like it at the time! I spent a year unemployed once, and ultimately even that may have been for the best. It got me into the type of work I do now.

I'm sorry to hear about thi... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry to hear about this. Good luck to you.

Sorry to hear about that Ke... (Below threshold)

Sorry to hear about that Kevin, I hope they gave you some kind of severance.

Welcome to the ranks of unemployed bloggers. You are now qualified to join our web ring. The only web ring where ever memeber is trying to get off of.






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