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LOTR Free Zone

For no particular reason I just wanted to announce that I've never read any of the Lord of the Rings novels, nor have I seen any of the movies. Apparently this disqualifies me from blogging...

I'll wait for the porn version, Lord of the Cockrings ***

*** I wish I could take credit for that, but I found it here.


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Comments (8)

You know, I have no interes... (Below threshold)

You know, I have no interest in LOTR either. I haven't seen any of the movies. When I was in high school, I read the book because all of my friends were reading it, but I never was all that interested even back then.

You're just not cool anymor... (Below threshold)

You're just not cool anymore, but that ended as soon as you had kids.

LOL! I'm that way with Harr... (Below threshold)

LOL! I'm that way with Harry Potter. Never read the books, or seen the movies. and it seems like every single person I know is a huge HP fan.

And despite your having no interest in the LotR, I don't think I'll delink you just yet :)

I envy you... you have yet ... (Below threshold)

I envy you... you have yet to read this astonishing book. Of course, you do not yet know what you are missing! Ith is right not to delink. Perhaps we could stage a blogtervention?

Nah, he'd get more visits i... (Below threshold)

Nah, he'd get more visits if we delink him.

Let's publicly delink the philistine.

Similar embarassment here r... (Below threshold)

Similar embarassment here re Babylon 5. I'd be on SF panels at cons when someone would ask what I thought about B5 this or B5 that, and I'd have to admit I'd never seen it.

I finally did see something in the canon, a movie? Can't remember, and it didn't inspire me to seek out more. De gustibus...

As for me, I love LOTR. The... (Below threshold)

As for me, I love LOTR. They were my favourite books as a child, and I still love them and the films. I still have a respect for Tolkien as a historian, mythologist and linguist.

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org






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