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Last Chance - BlogSpot Exodus

The King Of Fools has a good recap of the progress of our BlogSpot Exodus project, and why now is the time to act if you want a free Movable Type blog setup. The 3 year free hosting offer ends January 21, so don't delay!

To date some 50 or so people have taken us up on this offer, have you?


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Comments (4)

I have already setup a doma... (Below threshold)

I have already setup a domain on 1&1 and I can't tell you how much I would appreciate you setting up MT for me. Thanks a million!

If we act by midnight tonig... (Below threshold)

If we act by midnight tonight, do we get a second domain for free? Or at least a set of Ginsu knives?

sounds too good to be true.... (Below threshold)

sounds too good to be true.
in any case, i went there, filled out the forms, agreed to the megaword agreement (read most of it, but i'm sure i missed the nasty bit if there is one), "placed my order" and ran into a server internal error. multiple times.

i'll try again, though, becuz i really want those ginzu knives!

I signed up a couple of mon... (Below threshold)

I signed up a couple of months ago when I heard about the deal here on Wizbang. I blundered through the MT setup myself, but have just "celebrated" my first month on 1&1. One day I had trouble posting for a couple of hours, otherwise the service has been rock solid.

Thanks much for the heads up.






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