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Hoax Abercrombie Chick?

Surfing around I ran across this post at Julia Set (via overstated):

Just received an inside tip that the recently famous Hot Abercrombie Chick is really a male college student capitalizing on cute pictures of his girlfriend (previously unbeknownst to her) in a rush of "beggars" trackbacks. In retrospect, it's pretty obvious that he is quite the player. Over the course of the last couple of months, "Mr. Abercrombie" has played every text-book trick for raising his popularity on the blogosphere. The most recent flood of activity, which probably led to his bust, occurred by spamming comments on popular blogs all over the net. Obviously, since he spammed so much, search engines boosted his ratings enough for his girl friend to find out, er, ex-girlfriend that is.
Now calling someone out like this is fair enough, but you have to be prepared to eat some serious crow if you're proved wrong. And believe you me it will come down on the author (Drew) if they're bullshitting this "story."

Amanda guest posted at Wizbang during my vacation, and does engage in lively discussions on a variety of topics at her site. She has commented here, and none of her comments have been either off topic or "spam."

Did she "game" blogdex? Perhaps, but it's also equally possible that someone else did. I imagine there are plenty of begining bloggers who've pulled stunts when they are just starting out that they're not proud of later. My money is on petty jealousy, perhaps from Drew at Julia Set.

Of course quickest way to get to the heart of the matter is to just ask Amanda. That's what I intend to do, and report back.

Update: Amanda has responded to the rumor.


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Comments (22)

Or maybe the accusations ar... (Below threshold)

Or maybe the accusations are fake, and this is just a ploy to boost popularity...

I give up. I think I'll just reveal that I'm really a cat again.

Anyone who's been around lo... (Below threshold)

Anyone who's been around long enough to remember the Kaycee Nicole hoax, or anyone who's spent any time in chat rooms, knows that it's dead simple to pull off something like this. If the allegations are true, I'll be laughing my ass off, cause a lot of bloggers and commenters got played for suckahs. Let me be the first to demand DNA testing for Wonkette!

On the down side, I'll have to shelf my interview with "Sexy Old Navy Gal" that I had planned for the times.

I noticed that Abercrombie ... (Below threshold)

I noticed that Abercrombie chick was mentioned in some pretty harsh terms on blogdex this morning, and I wondered what was going on. Thanks for mentioning this, as it was something of a mystery. I guess it still is...

Since everyone's coming cle... (Below threshold)

Since everyone's coming clean about hoaxes, I might as well 'fess up too. The truth is . . . I actually am Allah.

You're all in really deep shit.

Aw, crap! I was hoping All... (Below threshold)

Aw, crap! I was hoping Allah was a hot lil blonde philosophy major in a tight Abercrombie t-shirt. Guess she's an agent of Satan.

He/She/It did seem to have ... (Below threshold)

He/She/It did seem to have a thing about affirmative action that would have been unusual for a girl.

Guess we'll have to wait.

I gather she's against affi... (Below threshold)

I gather she's against affirmative action? I don't know any women who are for it.
I've read about them in magazines and newspapers, though.

Maybe it's time to come cle... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's time to come clean. Michele, Ilyka, Sekimori and I are all the same people.

No? Have you ever seen us together, hm?

And Treacher. We're him, too.

I knew Treacher was behind ... (Below threshold)

I knew Treacher was behind this somehow...

I used Gender Genie to anal... (Below threshold)

I used Gender Genie to analyze the text on the site, and it's pretty clear the author is a man.

She's a man, baby!... (Below threshold)
A Steve:

She's a man, baby!

I actually have no opinion on H.A.C.'s actual gender, but someone had to say that.

She and her commenters are ... (Below threshold)

She and her commenters are still busily debating whether God exists, ignoring altogether the question of whether Amanda exists.

My head hurts, just thinking about the teleological, epistomological, or some-other-ogical implication.

Yet another prant has been ... (Below threshold)

Yet another prant has been foisted upon us again... who knew the Internet could be so cruel.

So Amanda Doerty is really.... (Below threshold)

So Amanda Doerty is really... Belle du Jeur?

"She and her commenters ... (Below threshold)

"She and her commenters are still busily debating whether God exists, ignoring altogether the question of whether Amanda exists."

Actually, she hasn't posted a comment on her most recent thread since 4/18... well before this "story" broke...

Also I've found that my gender varies by post, according to the Genie... which is quite interesting to me.

Well then, Pete, you're cle... (Below threshold)

Well then, Pete, you're clearly bi...er, um...ambidextrous.

She ought to change her nam... (Below threshold)

She ought to change her name to Amanda Huggankiss

Somehow, I feel as if I'm s... (Below threshold)

Somehow, I feel as if I'm stuck in some sort of Blogworld Crying Game.

Right. As if I'm of any importance at all in the Grand Blogdom Scheme. ::: cough :::

Just surfed in and found th... (Below threshold)

Just surfed in and found this really interesting place here. A lot of good stuff for everybody.
Go on like this and i will surely visit your site again sometime.

Hallo friends! Really nice ... (Below threshold)

Hallo friends! Really nice place here. I found a lot of interesting stuff all around. Just what I was looking for. Great joy!

She stole my blog and pur h... (Below threshold)

She stole my blog and pur herself in the links, how is that for nasty!

She stole my blog and pur h... (Below threshold)

She stole my blog and pur herself in the links, how is that for nasty!






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