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Spirit Of America Challenge - The Final Day

team spirit.jpg

The Drive For $50K

Current Total Raised: $43,577.83 $45,068.83

Total Amount Needed To Reach $50,000: $6,422.17 $4,931.17

There are less than 24 hours left in the Challenge, the competition closes at 23:59 Thursday.

Go donate now via any of the three teams:

Or shop for Team Spirit offers at vBay:

The Victory
Coalition's Online Marketplace


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Comments (3)

Did we get a reprieve? I th... (Below threshold)

Did we get a reprieve? I thought we ended at 12:01 am today. Is it one more day to try to grab for the $50K?

As of 8:44am EDT, less than... (Below threshold)

As of 8:44am EDT, less than $5,000 to go!

I squeaked an auction item ... (Below threshold)

I squeaked an auction item in at the last minute - I left the details over at Deans World.

I doubt it will bring you up to 50K - but maybe it'll bring something :)






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