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Washintonienne - The Big Reveal (Continued)

Jessica Cutler, aka Washingtonienne as pictured in the Sunday Washington Post:

© - Washington Post

From Wonkette, two chicks who write about ass-fucking enjoy a night on the town. CVS reports that KY Jelly is now on backorder...

© - Wonkette. Used with permission

Update: The New York Post runs a new picture with their story.***

Update 2: DazeReader has the lost pictures from the night on the town. Here's a preview:

Click to see the rest

And, of course, there's the Playboy pictorial you might be curious about...

Washingtonienne Coverage:

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*** The copyright owner has requested that the original image be removed. This request has been honored, since he asked nicely.


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Comments (129)

Oh dear. Two girls... (Below threshold)

Oh dear.

Two girls who spend way too much time in front of mirrors, looking for their best angle.....

Yeah, but the redhead has f... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but the redhead has found it.


... yeah, nevermind... probably best to leave that lay right there.

They have weird eyes, like ... (Below threshold)

They have weird eyes, like Bild Lilli dolls.

Nice head bonage, though Washie (she's what, 24? I can't remember) looks a little used up for her age.

Looks like a couple of fuck... (Below threshold)

Looks like a couple of fuck n' dumps to me. They think they're Sex and the City. Probably both got the clap by now. The kind of girl that gets mad cause you don't call her, but you say I'm sorry and she'll fuck you again.

God, these women think they... (Below threshold)

God, these women think they're HOT? Not in MY book. Maybe that's why they're into anal sex!

A. This woman is a skeeze -... (Below threshold)

A. This woman is a skeeze - an outright whore. She is being celebrated. WTF is wrong with this picture?

B. Washingtonienne could only find such carnal success in DC - the ugly genes are strong here - very strong. If she lived in FL or LA she'd be giving $15 handjobs at intersections, at best.

Well, I guess you should kn... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess you should know, Bill. The expert has spoken. ;)

She is only 24??? I put her... (Below threshold)

She is only 24??? I put her age at 38 when I saw the top photo. She's a shoo-in for Atlanta's Clermont Lounge. She'd make at least $6 in tips every night.

Dammit!! Sugah knows where... (Below threshold)

Dammit!! Sugah knows where sleazier strip clubs are in Atlanta than I do, and Bill's found a better deal on handjobs in Florida. I feel so out of the loop.

Maybe that guy was obsessed with anal because he's gay. Just a theory.

I've been laughing my head ... (Below threshold)

I've been laughing my head off about this story. BTW, I believe the applicable term here is "butterface," but that's a judgment call, I suppose.

Wonkettes abutterface. Wash... (Below threshold)

Wonkettes abutterface. Washingtonienne is just "partied-out." Rolled hard and put away wet, if you will.

I had to look up <a href="h... (Below threshold)

I had to look up butterface. Like I said, out of the loop.

They say you're nothin but a party girl,
Just like a million more all over the world.

to each her own... (Below threshold)

to each her own

How sad. It's amazing to ... (Below threshold)

How sad. It's amazing to me that Jessica, an educated woman has no self-respect. I suspect her father never taught her how she should be treated by men. What's funny to her today will bring years of heartache...that she will surely take into marriage. You can choose your kicks, but you don't get to choose your kick-backs. She chose poorly. My heart breaks for women who don't know that they are to be cherished and adored by one man who will want his love for her to last a lifetime. Anything short of that is tragic. My prayer is that she would one day find forgiveness and healing from God, who loves her most of all.

uh henry, lighten the fuck ... (Below threshold)

uh henry, lighten the fuck up, willya...
i like the caption to the girl-on-girl pic - "used with permission" - very apt.

It's amazing to me that won... (Below threshold)

It's amazing to me that wonkette considers this girl "empowered" because she sells her body for money

I think she's pretty hot. A... (Below threshold)

I think she's pretty hot. And if you don't think YOU pay for sex then check this out:

where is the blog link??</p... (Below threshold)

where is the blog link??

Hey Wizbang, I name the nam... (Below threshold)

Hey Wizbang, I name the names and have the pics of the 6 politicians she was banging on my blog. How come you don't do that? How come no big blogger does this? Am I out of line?

My friend just pointed this... (Below threshold)
A Dude:

My friend just pointed this out to me. She always talks about guys wanting to have anal sex with her... could it be that she has such a butterface that guys can stand screwing her in anyway that would require looking at her face?


well, it's like my daddy us... (Below threshold)

well, it's like my daddy used to say: politics is ass-fucking for ugly people.

More amusement - the nipple... (Below threshold)

More amusement - the nippleage in the Post picture. Still skanky looking, though

An asian hooker. How origin... (Below threshold)

An asian hooker. How original. I wonder how many of her clients made her repeat the infamous lines from Full Metal Jacket?

I am so embarrassed reading... (Below threshold)

I am so embarrassed reading this. A person writes about having sex and is immediately criticized. Sex is okay only if you're rich, then alot of sex is A-Okay.

Promiscuous guys are never called skanks. Gene Simmons of Kiss, Wilt Chamberlain are never degraded, they must have been martyr's to get virgins from allah.

Speaking of allah, that men-tality doesn't seem to understand sexuality either and they react in a similar but more extreme way.

God won't save you from this scourge.

It's true, looks aren't eve... (Below threshold)
Fanny Fox:

It's true, looks aren't everything by a long mile but I saw Wonkette on MSNBC tonight and that woman doesn't have a bad angle. She's a great looking gal.

Off the top, I find the story hard to believe, like a pr angle to make money in the media.

Find some photos of Wonkett... (Below threshold)

Find some photos of Wonkette (real name: Ana Marie Cox) from several years ago. Her look has changed substantially.

Well she is a female. I do... (Below threshold)

Well she is a female. I don't know too many who haven't changed hairstyles often.

Nothing!Nothing good... (Below threshold)
Jim Leeson:

Nothing good at all!
How old are you girls? Isn't it too late for all the play?
Probably, Jessica, it's all about money, isn't it?
I think America must be tired of being used by ambitious ugly adventurists!

Jim, 27

Could you please email the ... (Below threshold)

Could you please email the name of the guy who likes it up the date? Hard men are true to find!

HI from MILAN ITALY!!!... (Below threshold)


HI JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!


woooowwww!!! .. can u suck ... (Below threshold)

woooowwww!!! .. can u suck me.... my...!!! please!

How much in pounds are you ... (Below threshold)

How much in pounds are you taking per hour?

This girl is totally freeky... (Below threshold)

This girl is totally freeky, I bet , she is having thick skin. I will suggest posting a picture showing her ass focussed as she is getting highly paid for that, and will be more recognisable by that

Soccer Moms have changed a ... (Below threshold)

Soccer Moms have changed a lot. They hang out and party all night without their husbands, best friends with highly paid prostitutes, don't buy their own drinks all night but eventually go home, love anal, and the hubby doesn't mind. Or maybe guys have changed a lot.

To paraphrase Josef Stalin,... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase Josef Stalin, "Sluttiness has a hotness all its own."

Oh, Jessica, if you take it up the pooper and the guy leaves you a $400 "gift," you are still a ho.

I believe all the evil in t... (Below threshold)
Lied To:

I believe all the evil in the world is caused by people who charge money for sex!

These women should be selling cancer causing lawn chemicals or something else more noble more clean.

People shouldn't even have sex to begin with, unless they're married by a God believer ritual. Sex after praying to God or Allah and with nothing kinky is okay.

It's not industry or war that destroys people and their lives, no it isn't, it's sex that sets off those bombs in Iraq and Spain and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Morocco and Italy.

I wander how a woman could ... (Below threshold)

I wander how a woman could be so cold, heartless, and cruel.
I understand now why gay marriges become popular in US.

Second Monica Lewinksi?
Why not to keep some dress with some evidence of love for few years?
Another smart american star?

I can't imagine men who love to speak to that woman and work with her.
If those men can't find anybody else ?

American men best wishes to you! :)

Even though she is telling ... (Below threshold)

Even though she is telling the papers she is 24, However, Jessica Cutler from Syracuse is acctually 26.

Heeeeey, Jessica.. you can ... (Below threshold)

Heeeeey, Jessica.. you can call the Komissar of AnalLuube any time baby. Mwah!

Both of them look a little ... (Below threshold)

Both of them look a little worse for wear, I have a hard time with statements to the effect that they had been paid for sex

DC has it's share of hot looking wonks, but i don't think these are two of them


A funny thought occurs to m... (Below threshold)

A funny thought occurs to me looking at the top pic of Jessica... does anyone know for a fact that her birth certificate says "female"?

Maybe it just the lighting.

You know, I can't for the l... (Below threshold)

You know, I can't for the life of me figure out why Cox calls her site "Wonkette." If you read it, all you see is just vapid meanderings of a liberal ditz who never discusses policy in any meaningful way.

And not only that, she's miles away from being sexy. Anyone who'd pay her to have sex has more money than he needs. The same goes for her friend.

As a former pimp (don't ask), I've seen transvetites who are better looking.

Wonkette aint half bad look... (Below threshold)

Wonkette aint half bad looking. The other one looks a lil run down...

Everyone is so judgmental w... (Below threshold)
Wonkette and Washy Fan:

Everyone is so judgmental when they can just post a trite comment. All the power to both women.

is F George 'dubya' Bush ?<... (Below threshold)

is F George 'dubya' Bush ?

All power to do what? Sell ... (Below threshold)

All power to do what? Sell your ass for a little money?

I applaud her for having the guts to give us an insight into the behaviour of many women..then she gets crucified. Its common..just women's dirty little secret that they will play around on men happily and then take the moral high ground without flinching.

All I say is both the girls... (Below threshold)

All I say is both the girls knew what they were doing. It just the habit of living the life the way it comes plus penchant for luxary takes one to this path. Once the path is chosen there is no looking back, for a sinner one sin equals newer to come and he/she become careless. do they deserve this much of talk?

Do they sell make-up on the... (Below threshold)

Do they sell make-up on the eastern sea board?

I guess we can replace the ... (Below threshold)

I guess we can replace the elephant as the traditional symbol of the GOP with a partied out, cosmopolitan swilling skank that has a receding hairline and does anal on the first date for beer money.

I think they should take th... (Below threshold)

I think they should take the Playboy offer. It makes better commercial sense than taking it up the ass from some old guy you don't like for $400.

They might gain a little respect then.

My favourite story this yea... (Below threshold)

My favourite story this year. Both girls look great. Good and frequent! sex should be made mandatory, war (and politics) should be banned. The guys without names are pathetic but the W girls know how to have fun. I love them!

My favourite part is when they fire the girl for abusing an office PC but the guys who are abusing female colleagues keep spending your taxpayers' money. What a farce.

These girls represent the m... (Below threshold)

These girls represent the maniacal sexual pursuits of American poeple today mindless of any moral values or social structure.
They are a small fish in a big pond.

These girls represent the m... (Below threshold)

These girls represent the maniacal sexual pursuits of American poeple today mindless of any moral values or social structure.
They are a small fish in a big pond.

Lol, I've seen her before a... (Below threshold)

Lol, I've seen her before at Tortille Coast. What a hoe, this sort of superficial stuff amazes me about people. Unfortunate that she managed to find so many guys that couldnt control their hormones.

NOW, she is telling the men... (Below threshold)
A Dude:

NOW, she is telling the men she slept with to test for AIDS. NO SHIT, Sherlock. Six men during the same period of time, I would be testing for AIDS every 3 months if I were she. I mean, I love the fact that she makes it sound like that she is helping the men out by advising them to get tested. Hell, the men should be testing for HIV, and for ALL kinds of STDs that are out there. I am sure she is just a recepticle for germs at this point.

This story is nothing but j... (Below threshold)

This story is nothing but just a publicity stunt to make a commercial story. Girls like this first lure people in high position with their charm and then strike when the media goes crazy on them. I am sure this girl will end up making millions by this november throught Television interviews, Books, Movie rights, Playboy etc.
without this scandal this girl is not even worth $25K sal she is getting and not even fit to be a waitress in Denny's

i want to send this news to... (Below threshold)

i want to send this news to my weblog

Are they lesbians?... (Below threshold)

Are they lesbians?

For a Washington whore, she... (Below threshold)

For a Washington whore, she looks a lot like truck stop whore.

That Jessica chick has cree... (Below threshold)

That Jessica chick has creepy lizard eyes to go with her creepy personality. Women like that are pathetic. She thinks she's hot because goofy overweight men want to have SEX with HER? I am so sick of the publicity these two idiots are getting.

This bimbo reminds me of a ... (Below threshold)

This bimbo reminds me of a woman I once knew. Total slut that thought she was "Hot" and great in bed because she could get fucked by a lot of men. While she was in a Committed Relationship with some frat boy, she fucked my best friend and would have fucked me too, except I wouldn't touch her... Further, I hope Jessica will still be pro-abortion after she gets breast cancer (increased risk, which of course the media won't discuss)...Also, I don't think she needs to advise her ex-johns to get an AIDS test: "Wow! I'm paying some whore for sex, listening to people in the office talk about her banging multiple guys. I wonder if this falls in the category of safe sex." Duh!.... And finally, I can't wait to see how the press tries to turn this against Bush. Some cartoons I have seen already are trying to make the connection, though I haven't seen any criticize Leiberman (or whomever her boss was) for hiring this loser.

I personally find the blog ... (Below threshold)

I personally find the blog quite an interesting read. Maybe not everyone can appreciate the sarcastic humor to it. What's the point of people attacking her for casually recounting her sexual escapades? All the power to her.

What about the men involved? Why aren't people concerned with portraying them as sexual predators instead of calling this woman names?

Stop feigning self-righteous indignance.

For me personally, I think ... (Below threshold)
A Dude:

For me personally, I think both the men and our little Jessica are complete idiots. What pisses me off is not that she is getting laid, it's her attitude. If her blog just "casually" recounts her escapades, then, Monica Lewinski just casually mentioned her thing to Linda Tripp and Tripp just casually recorded their conversation. I really don't know why then both Clinton and Trip were prosecuted and Lewinski can't get a real job for like 10 years.

She thinks she is better and smarter than anyone. She wasn't just casually recounting, she was bragging and was secretly hoping to get caught so she could show off.

A few months ago Wonkette a... (Below threshold)

A few months ago Wonkette appeared, and seemingly overnight became a hit. I checked her out right at the first inexplicable flurry of links and am still bewildered as to what the attraction was.

On to this affair. I have to shake my head at young women who believe that they're so much more clever than the men they interact with. However, I seethe at the supposedly intelligent, sophisticated men who are myopic enough as to be taken in by this tag-team of opportunists and proving them correct.

Wow, some of you are really... (Below threshold)

Wow, some of you are really tearing into these girls. I think both girls are rather pretty. My jaw dropped the first saw the WW twins on Wonkette's page. As Rebecca posted, it's not really fair to just judge and brand these 2 girls.

Reading through the blogs and gossip of this really reminds me of the movie Snatch. Light hearted everyday romps and life. It's not my sexual life (non existant) but I find it pretty entertaining.

There is the politics, publishing and not to mention sex. Hot gossip that reality TV would die to have. It's rather easy to judge all of 'them'.


-ps: I don't think Jes was for play from behind. I recall her posting she left one of the guy's bc he just wanted to take her that way.

Ah, this "scandal" just mad... (Below threshold)

Ah, this "scandal" just made my day. It's getting pretty sad when Washington D.C. tarts start blogging their fantastic "exploits". Of course we all know these women are not feminists. And the men involved are just as much, if not more, pathetic, as they didn't even pay their (insert whatever term you'd like here) enough "gift money" to keep their mouths shut. We all know politicians are scum, it's nothing new. Look how long Strom Thurmond was in government, the dirtiest old man who ever lived, I think....look at JFK, king of camelot, America's golden boy, and his infidelities if you have to. Even Martin Luther King Jr. cheated on his wife. To say nothing of the ugly, dumb, morally corrupt republicans and democrats who fuck America in the ass...of course they'll get horny once in a while to fuck a poor intern or two. So kids, don't go to D.C. unless you know how to say no to ugly creepy old guys....if they even approach you in the first place. I mean, who knows how Jessica met her "sugar daddies"...flirting perhaps? So all this illustrates is once again, how in the age of rampant technology and depraved mass media, every money/attention hungry person gets way thirsty for their fifteen minutes. Thinking they can be the next Monica L. or Darva C. and make it into Playboy or something for a nice check, knowing they could never accomplish this task the old-fashioned way, more honorable way (peroxide, L.A., boob jobs, modeling, sleeping with Hugh Hefner, etc), for obvious reasons. Fantastic! Good luck Jessica. I hope all your dreams come true. The second best thing about this scandal (besides Jessica's advice to her lovers to get tested for AIDS testing...jesus) was her admission that she wants to be a journalist. A very fitting (second?) career choice for someone with her character and talents.

well yo sure hoped for rumo... (Below threshold)

well yo sure hoped for rumor gal aint yo ,but yo forget that to fuck a lil gook isnt much harm for soul

This woman is the consummat... (Below threshold)

This woman is the consummate partier and materialist. Strange how she mentions a boyfriend in one entry, since she's one of those young women who want as many casual encounters as possible, which are a kind of high for her along with whatever the boys are supplying her with at those NYC and DC clubs. There's nothing wrong with playing the field and experiencing life to the max, but this behavior becomes something else once cash transactions for assfucking is involved. This sexually charged woman moves too fast for love, but in that rush she also leaves behind respect and dignity. Just one more to add to the pile of bitches and hos.

Rebecca May30,Many... (Below threshold)

Rebecca May30,

Many people are sexually frustrated and the easiest was to deal with that emotionally is by denial and contempt for others who are active sexually.

The misogyny and apparent awkwardness shows this. There's a caste system in India right? Well there's a caste system here too. Alot of people are never liberated sexually, in fact they're oppressed sexually, pity. It's built-in to society that's why the politicians can have it but then preach to the crowd against it. You've surely seen how it has been used as a weapon against some very prominent Washington figures.

There's always hope for the individual.

Both women are in their mid... (Below threshold)

Both women are in their mid-thirties, and the illicit details that were "disclosed" were fabricated.

Reports say that privately they have admitted conspiring, planning and scheming to come up with an angle, a hook, a con-----to sucker people in with.

As noted earlier, it worked. Of course this proves that symbolism over substance is valued by DC and media elitists.

But we knew that.

She's a bit insecure, enjoy... (Below threshold)

She's a bit insecure, enjoying a hedonistic life, throwing caution to the wind and pouring out the details in a Weblog. If you put stuff on the web, you will get caught out. period. Good luck to her if that's how she gets her rocks of with cheating dirty old blokes, who get an ego boost and a cheap bit of skirt.
But do you know what? Maybe she made 50% of it up. Maybe its all crap, hogwash, made up stuff, but it's got everyone going. She'll probably do rather well as a fiction writer. She's an insider, would know how the system on the Hill works and could have a fine time embellishing their ficticious characters.

A big "So What!" goes out h... (Below threshold)

A big "So What!" goes out here.
As if people don't have any more important things to do other than criticize someone for being, at least temporarily, the office hosebag.
I've been there myself...and I'm male.
The difference here is that these two choose to publicize their trists and not keep them under wraps. More power to them. As for the Wonkette, she not a butterface in my book! And Jessica, she's not bad - she's just drawn that way.
Take your 15 minutes while you can get it, ladies,
and if you are ever in Chicago - e-mail me!

I'd do her and her friend. ... (Below threshold)

I'd do her and her friend. Would be really fun if I could do it at the SAME TIME!!!!

Who cares if she got paid f... (Below threshold)

Who cares if she got paid for sex.. Good for her if that is what she wants out of life.. It is her body and not anyone elses.. Who are all of you to pass judgement on what she does with herself? That is the problem in the USa today, everyone wants to get in everyone elses business. Take care of your own house first then look into others.. HEy Maybe your man has fucked her too, but you would not know cause your too busy reading this shit and writing about how much of a slut she is..

The world needs sluts too!

Who cares if she got paid f... (Below threshold)

Who cares if she got paid for sex.. Good for her if that is what she wants out of life.. It is her body and not anyone elses.. Who are all of you to pass judgement on what she does with herself? That is the problem in the USa today, everyone wants to get in everyone elses business. Take care of your own house first then look into others.. HEy Maybe your man has fucked her too, but you would not know cause your too busy reading this shit and writing about how much of a slut she is..

The world needs sluts too!

Sense of proportion lost he... (Below threshold)
Andy Pandy:

Sense of proportion lost here?

Somebody getting laid makes the news stateside these days? Wake up kids, your pres is fucking the whole world.

I really don't care ... (Below threshold)

I really don't care who she fucks or claims she has fucked. What gets me is that she was abusing a taxpayer-supplied paycheck to sit on her ass all day writing about it, and using Federal property to do it.

I took a glance at her blog, and noticed that she said she took "weekends off" from blogging. Maybe she should have used the money she accepted for services rendered (oh, excuse me... "GIFTS") for buying her own fucking computer. Whaddaya think?

And maybe a designer bag to go over her head?

I mean, really... Raise your hand if you honestly believe that someone as butt-ugly as Washingtonienne would have so many guys clamoring after her (particularly George Clooney look-alikes), much less pay her for services rendered.

Oh, sorry... "GIFTS".

I hope those whores die of ... (Below threshold)
The Reaper:

I hope those whores die of AIDS as well as all those that fucked them.

Sad, very sad.......

I don't know about her bein... (Below threshold)

I don't know about her being ugly, definatly not the most attractive woman I have ever seen but certainly she has some type of beauty to her.

I would just like to add that all of the men that she was fucking were prostitutes. you know what I am saying?

HI,GIRL,I ... (Below threshold)


Are they lesbians?... (Below threshold)

Are they lesbians?

this girl is not hot! who ... (Below threshold)

this girl is not hot! who gives a shit about her sex life. she only gets old nasty men because she is ugly and has no self esteem, and i hope she realizes that she is nothing more than a hooker.

The only reason I think thi... (Below threshold)

The only reason I think this story is relevant on anything more than a human-interest level is that it points up the utter hypocrisy so many of these so-called "family values" GOP ass-clowns (and the occasional democrat) in DC embody. Beyond that, the sexual frustration behind the limp anger and impotent rage in many of these comments is readily apparent. You know, if your religion or your weight or the fact that you live on a farm in Kansas/Rev. Fred Phelp's Compound or you have congenital acne has prevented you from having a satisfactory orgasm since 1982, hey, you have my sympathy. But, please, stop trying to take it out on the rest of the happily fornicating human race.

By the way, mr. dubious science- "abortion" only "causes breast cancer" in that not having a full term pregnancy before a certain age has been shown in some studies to slightly increase the risk. But it's not the abortion, it's the not being pregnant. And you need to have sex to get pregnant, don't you? Therefore, Abstinence causes just as much breast cancer as abortion. Genius.

Oh yeah- and if she's "26" then I'm a member of generation "bling bling".

Well...isn't there a differ... (Below threshold)
impeach indeed:

Well...isn't there a difference between having sex or having multiple partners per year, and having a committed relationship and screwing other people on the side? That's what gets me about people like that...not a fan of the cheaters personally...I don't think you can call it sexual liberation, it's just disrespectful of the person you're with...male or female. And the fact that all these politicians are doing this on our dollar is kind of a pisser too, if they want to take a pay cut then let them do as they please, but while senators are making 150k usd/yr each kinda puts me in a pissy mood to hear about things like this.

I'm hesitant to respond her... (Below threshold)

I'm hesitant to respond here - not because I'm afraid of the responses I might get, but because I'm afraid it will be buried in a steaming pile of hate.

First, racist bigots are probably the least evolved people on the planet.

Second, not that it matters at all, but both of the women pictured are beautfiul and sexy. Of course it doesn't matter! Some of the responses above give me the impression that the responders were personally offended by their finding these two unattractive, as if they're personally entitled to see only women *they find attractive* involved in whatever scandal is popular at any given time. The arrogance is amazing!

Third, the comments about the attractiveness of these two women have nothing to do with how attractive they are. If it did, these poor excuses for human beings would be beaten into a bloody pulp for spending their time on the streets commenting on "butterfaces". Isn't it interesting how the cowards feel free to voice their opinion on these two, with several layers of anonymity to protect them?

Fourth, the conservative religious folks who posted are lost in some warped world where they believe have a right to enforce their cult habits onto society, and condemn anyone who dares to live a different lifestyle. Congratulations to you all, you are welcome to take your throne next to the genital mutilators.

Fifth, it seems most of the people who are so hateful and angry here are either envious or sexually repressed in some way. Come on, it's obvious that the point that most upset anyone isn't the act itself but the fact that there might have been pleasure in the act!

Sixth, wage slavery is prostitution. There is no way around it, the principles are identical. There is no moral high-ground on this. We are all guilty of selling our blood and sweat to the highest bidder, at the expense perhaps of our highest aspirations.

Seventh, imagine if the sexual behavior of every person who wasn't entirely living the Puritan ideal were made public, and this much scrutiny were applied, even proportionally!

Eighth, there is no biological or scientific fact that says it is any healthier, spiritually or emotionally, to limit oneself to one lover than to have many, even at the same time. Physical health is a matter of safe sex habits, and the risk is proportionally *identical* no matter how many partners you have. There is nothing free or wholesome about being confined to marriage or monoamory except by choice.

Ninth, the people who complain that these two women aren't "feminist" are most amusing, really. As if traditional relationships under the monotheistic cultures is even remotely "feminist"!

To the hateful: do the world a favor and shut up.

1) Whores and DC employees ... (Below threshold)
Markus Bradley:

1) Whores and DC employees (and ex-employees, as it were), prostitutes, and ugly bitches are not considered a race, so hating them is not racism.

2) Yes, the arrogance of having an opinion about the attractiveness of anyone--much less those involved in a sex scandal to which the question would have more justification--is totally amazing. Also, what I just said was sarcastic.

3) "the comments about the attractiveness of these two women have nothing to do with how attractive they are". Cough. That's just stupid. Also, this is a community. I've been among strangers and friends and called people fat and hideous. I do it on the internet as well. Most people do. If you want to meet up, I'll call you a slut to your face. How is the anonymity of the internet protecting us against some mysterious threat you mention while we're in a community of like-minded individuals exchanging opinions and casual conversation?

4) You're quick to label thoughts of decency as conservative religious propaganda, as if it's impossible to conceive the thought of being a modest individual could stem from anything less than Bible fanaticism.

5) Yes, Miss Cleo, you can stare deep into our souls and see that we are envious of being buttfucked for money. It's just like how not agreeing with homosexuality makes you a closet homosexual. I'm glad she enjoyed herself. I don't think anyone really cares about the amount of pleasure she received from having her anus penetrated by fat politicians. That conclusion is almost illogical, since the overwhelming amount of comments on here are about the acts of prostitution and the retarded decision to populate a blog full of harmful entries. So, no, it's not "obvious."

6) Er, okay. How profound.

7) I think the point is that it was willfully made public. And besides, you'll find the majority of people who secretly live outside the "Puritan sexual ideal" probably aren't soliciting their anuses for money.

8) Hmm, I guess you missed that whole AIDS epidemic in Africa thing. Oh, and that whole porn ring AIDS thing in California. Oh, and generations of research saying risk of STDs becomes exponential with the amount of partners.. compounded through the practices of unsafe sex.. yeah, there's no scientific data on that anywhere. Oh, and the numbers of people with STDs climbing. Oh, and the commonly accepted idea that having sex with lots of people is dangerous. Oh, and that whole STD-infested prostitution thing. But really, who cares if it's any healthier to your yin and yang if you degrade yourself to a fuckbunny? Take pride in being a slut. Totally! Because as we all know, morals come from religion! It's not fathomable that morals could stem from anything like, like oh, maybe common sense.

9) Feminists enjoy apathy under the guise of feminine freedoms. I don't really care if they're feminist or not. If they are, boy do feminists look gross.

To the gnosis: do the world a favor and lose some weight, fatty.

WOW! Who was that c... (Below threshold)
Cholita LA:

Who was that condescending, fascist, S.O.B.?
Chill out for chrissakes! This is America,
is it not? The land of opportunity, a place
to re-invent oneself, and the home of free enterprize?
These ladies are merely exercising their rights as citizens of the good old U.S.A. So, who are you to cast the first stone?
Get a life for yourself, preferably as a missionary in some third world country. I'd like to see how fast they'd rip you another asshole, if you tried.

I live in Columbus,OH and h... (Below threshold)

I live in Columbus,OH and have received literature from Mike DeWine throughout the years.

None of this is in the local papers! I only heard of it 6/13/04 on NPR!

Typical Columbus Dispatch.

What's the problem? I thin... (Below threshold)

What's the problem? I think both these chicks are hot. Most men would go out with them in a heartbeat.

Wow, what a shocker -- a sex scandal in Washington! Powerful Republican and Democrat Senators with money and influence sleeping with younger women. Yeah, a REAL shocker!

We've seen this all before. Not a big deal. And I still think they are both hot.

The really funny part is th... (Below threshold)
hah hah:

The really funny part is that people are more interested in the sex than the politics...Well...enjoy your reality tv ship to capitalist hell :) (and don't any of you bother responding with retorts for the capitalism hate about how wonderful it all is, it would be a waste of your atkins carbs putting forth the energy to push down the keys). And while I'm on the subject of senators...none of those jerks should be making more than twice the poverty level considering every senator no matter length of service to the american people also recieves a pretty handsome pension and a couple bodyguards to boot...I bet you'd see poverty pay (right...because anyone can live on 12,000$USD/yr when your average apartment runs 7,000$USD/yr for rent alone) rise quite quickly. Should the position of lawmaker and "custodian of the people" and what not really be one of capitalistic opportunity?

Prostitution is the oldest ... (Below threshold)

Prostitution is the oldest business in the world.. Who cares.. The politicians have been fucking the USA and everyone for years, and we have recieved nothing from it. Atleast these girls are getting some money for being fucked.
Good for them if they want to be a "fuckbunny" as some oone ubove put it, then thats thier business.
I think the consentration of this thing should be on the politicians, they are the "married" ones. There the ones paying for sex. I cant belive the guy who wrote above thinks the girls doing this are fucked up, but the politicians are ok..

Looking forward to the next entry.

just old woman.ps.... (Below threshold)

just old woman.

to US governemt guys: if you want all be ok - fuck this enne everyday.

I don't understand anyone c... (Below threshold)

I don't understand anyone calling what this woman did sexual liberation. If all of this was going on and she didnt have a "boyfriend" then fine, but there was a person in all of this that kept getting hurt. No one should have to deal with a cheater especially one like her. To me she is scum, and for those people out there that are saying that this type of behavior is ok then it's time for you to look at your own values because something is definitely wrong.

You wrote: >> Many p... (Below threshold)
Kill All Fags:

You wrote:
>> Many people are sexually frustrated and the
>> easiest was to deal with that emotionally is
>> by denial and contempt for others who are
>> active sexually.

>> The misogyny and apparent awkwardness
>> shows
>> this. There's a caste system in India right?
>> Well there's a caste system here too. Alot of >> people are never liberated sexually, in fact
>> they're oppressed sexually, pity. It's built-
>> in to society that's why the politicians can
>> have it but then preach to the crowd against >> it. You've surely seen how it has been used as >> a weapon against some very prominent
>> Washington figures.

>> There's always hope for the individual.
>> Posted by: Iconoclast at June 1, 2004

You're full of shit. The only caste system here is that you sluts only sleep with homo fags with money, bitch. You don't give a fuck about anyone else, and that much is obvious. Capitalism is owned by rapists and pimps. Death to capitalism. Death to politicians. Death to pedos. Death to corrupt business mutherfuckers. Death to condescending amateur would-be psychologists. Fuck you, Fuck Amerikkka.

A lot of people are not 'liberated sexually' because you and your homo friends keep them poor, and obviously you sluts don't give a fuck about people with no money. Fuck you, hypocrite.

Who's the one creating a caste system? You and your ass-raping friends. You conspire against the poor to keep them unhappy and alone, then whine and condescend about how you 'pity' them for having the 'wrong religion' or for being 'fat' or for 'living on a farm in Kansas/Rev. Fred Phelp's Compound' or for having 'acne'.

No these women are not exercising their 'rights'. You rapist politicians are exercising your 'rights', as all the rapist rich do. Death to you scumbags. Nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the right to sell your ass granted. Fuck you retards.

You fascists and your rapist old-Europe Eurotrash and old-Asia Asian-trash friends who own the majority of this country are everything that is wrong with America, and hopefully you will be appropriately murdered as you deserve to be.

My 'frustration', as you so snidely put it, scumbag, has nothing to do with lack of sex, but with your greed and hatred for me. You can continue to lie to yourself and everyone else however much you choose. Keep up the propaganda. Maybe you'll fool enough of the people enough of the time. Everyone knows what is going on. You and your rapist friends own this world. I say death to you and your homo friends; death to all capitalists, and all who love America stand with me.

You whine about wage slavery being prostitution, but do you oppose capitalism? No. And why, one might ask? Because you are weak and corrupt, and unwilling to stand up to power. Because you are kept thus mindless by the handful of billionaires and multimillionaires who own your government, your businesses, and your communications (that is, propaganda) industry. Death to the fascist capitalist mafia. Death to its apologists.

You whine about people being upset with the evil of capitalism, but in reality you are secretly pleased, since it gives you someone to condescend to; someone to keep as an inferior; as a slave. I name you for what you are: sadists and agents of the devil. Death to you; Death to all retarded satanist mutherfucks. Death to all who conspire with them.

And, no, sorry, I am not one of you hypocritical religious fascist thugs who preach about 'forgiveness' for your evil while you let kids, women, and men starve to fill your pockets, and keep you with a ready supply of whores, when you're not busy being pedophiles. Then of course if anyone opposes you, you point out how you've successfully kept them poor, and blame them for it. You are evil, and you know that you are evil. I say death to you. The real reason for greed and capitalism is to promote prostitution and pedophilia.

>> I'd like to see how fast they'd rip you another
>> asshole, if you tried.

I know you retarded transvestyte hookers are always threatening to rape people. Death to you; death to your homo friends.

And no, sorry, this has nothing to do with misogyny. I have no hatred for women. I have hatred only for you rich rapist scumbags, and all your immoral imitators among the slave classes. If you loved women, you would not seek to degrade them through prostitution. But then you are all homos, so it is no real surprise, is it? Nor is it any surprise that DC is the city of the homos. Apparently it was modelled after Sodom and Gomorrah. The antichrist has arisen. Death to businessmen.

As to whether the fags are sexual predators, I have named them as such already several times. However, you whores who try to deflect responsibility for your actions solely to them are pitiful. And btw, where, exactly, did I claim the men sleeping around are to be excused? Nowhere.

Why would I care if these two sluts are pretty? Do you honestly think I'd want to acquire some std from these tramps? No thank you.

>> It is her body and not anyone elses
As to you, you stupid pimp, if it's her body, then why do you support it being owned by pimps and solicitors like yourself? Death to you.

Am I 'in someone else's business'? No, sorry. Your slut friends posted it. Obviously they hoped for controversy. It's interesting how you and your scumbag friends are always attacking people, then telling them to 'stay out of your business'. And it's interesting that you should name it a business, since in reality it has nothing to do with her personal life, but with business transactions, which is precisely what scumbag business-whores like yourself would like to reduce all of society and all relationships to. I say death to you.

>> I would just like to add that all of the men that
>> she was fucking were prostitutes. you know
>> what I am saying?
Obviously the men were also prostitutes. Death to homo politicians.

Hey K.A.F.,IT'S STIL... (Below threshold)
Cholita LA:

Hey K.A.F.,
Oh, and BTW, what makes you so sure that
there aren't any Socialists out there on the
ethernet who just might find your bombastic
tirade not only egregiously offensive, but
utterly banal and bordering on the dangerously psychotic? To quote Shakespeare, "Methinks
you doth protest, too much."
To be sure, there are many illegalities, which you've pointed out so illustriously, but I'd refrain from lumping the vices together, as if they should all be tried and convicted on the same penalty count. The punishment should fit the crime, so to speak.
Therefore, prostitution and pedophelia, unless
combined as a mother/daughter act, which would
constitute child endangerment, and, as this was not the case with Washingtonienne, would thus be considered as two separate crimes, and subject to two separate convictions in both penalty, and as to the degree of severity by which that penalty should be meted out.
I would advise you, K.A.F., to tone down your
rhetorical outbursts, as one such as your mindset
could easily be mistaken for that of a patriot terrorist, similar to the likes of the Unibomber, or a Timothy McVey. Hate Crimes are illegal and
subject to prosecution in these United States of

s00per, besides all the hom... (Below threshold)
woo woo:

s00per, besides all the homosexual hatred there kill all, i think you're onto something with that capitalism hate :) I'm awfully suprised that they didn't censor you though. In any case, keep spreading the word...I can't wait to see the day business and corporation falls on its face.

it's McVeigh...and you shou... (Below threshold)
cholita es stupida:

it's McVeigh...and you should read some Gore Vidal

I have been an ardent fan o... (Below threshold)
Cholita LA:

I have been an ardent fan of Vidal's
for many years, you nit-picking twit!
Tell me something I don't already know.
Do you think these fascist-minded, right
wing, fund-a-mental midgets to be the only
ones allowed to regurgitate their indoctrinated diatribes, without rebuttal from the other
side? Where's your sense of fair play?
Or, are you simply of the same antiquated
perception of those who literally subscribe to the, "In God We Trust", idiom. This country is
no longer white-bread territory, as if it ever was, to begin with. Hate-mongering needs to
be addressed and dealt with immediately, and
not given short-shrift, as if one condoned it.
So, get off my case if you can't lend a hand
because the times definitely have changed, and
there's no other road but up, pal.

It's funny how all these "i... (Below threshold)

It's funny how all these "investigative" journalists are trying to find out who the people are in the blog. When simply reading it would be the first clue. RS has a first name Rob where Washingtonienne says ....

"RS called last night. He had a visitor flying in from NYC who was stuck in a holding pattern over DC for an hour. (Who flies from NY to DC anymore? Take the train! Or the $10 Chinatown bus.)

He was bored, so he picked me up and took me back to his house. His friend arrived around 11:30pm, and was exhausted from his hellish plan ride. So Rob and I went upstairs and got ready for bed."

I think the whole thing is funny. More so because the people who condemn her simply give her more exposure.

Why is everyone so quick to... (Below threshold)

Why is everyone so quick to put her down as being ugly? What do her looks have to do with how to judge her? If you're going to say something about the sexual deviance she undertook, fine, but labeling her as ugly is just misguided and cruel.

What is really sad here is ... (Below threshold)

What is really sad here is the whole concept of a blog: that people feel that their miserable lives are so important and that they are so desperate for recognition that the diary of their lives has to be published. And what is sadder is the lack of intelligent response, cleverly phrased, elegantly written, properly punctuated, grammatically correct, witty, charming, graceful. The loss of the ability to communicate intelligently, with style and verve, and yes, even a bit of arrogance, explains in part the dumbing down of America.

Is sex here to stay is i... (Below threshold)

Is sex here to stay is is it just another passing fad?(10,000 year old quote found on a smiling skeleton)

Is sex here to stay is is i... (Below threshold)

Is sex here to stay is is it just another passing fad?(10,000 year old quote found on a smiling skeleton)

Pretty ladies. Seems like ... (Below threshold)

Pretty ladies. Seems like they might have found something interesting to do with their lives...

I can not condone the risk ... (Below threshold)

I can not condone the risk of Jessica's behavior, but it is her life to live. She is young and pretty and anyone saying she is ugly is upset because they know they could never get with her. I do believe that she will look back on these days and wish she took another route, but she is about to be rich so maybe not. However, men are having a tough time finding their place within society these days. Woman are scaring the hell out of men because we don't need them for anything anymore. In addition, we don't care about being called whores because that is just a scared man trying to put us back in our supposed place trying to make us feel bad for doing what men have done since the beginning of time. The entire problem is the fact that most men (straight) want anal sex and most women aren't into it. When a man finds a woman willing to take it up the ass, he will pay high dollar. Whether he is gay or not is still to be discovered. I think it is just because the it is a tighter spot and provides more pleasure. Men, make up your minds, do want Madonna or do you want a whore, you can't have both in one woman. I am just happy she did not end up like Chandra Levy, dead in Rock Creek! Don't hate the player, hate the game!

I think they're both cute.<... (Below threshold)

I think they're both cute.

You go Jessica girl. more g... (Below threshold)

You go Jessica girl. more guys you fuck, the better. I may even get a chace to fuck some body beautiful like you.

You go Jessica girl. more g... (Below threshold)

You go Jessica girl. more guys you fuck, the better. I may even get a chance to fuck some body beautiful like you.

Liked the blog.The... (Below threshold)

Liked the blog.

The girls are cute.

Cut 20 years later. (Its not like Alex P. Keaton finding old hippy pictures of mom and dad). "Mommy, guess what I saw cached on google."

The one on the right in the... (Below threshold)

The one on the right in the second pic is wearing her bukkake necklace - nice

Anyone discover who "F" is?... (Below threshold)

Anyone discover who "F" is?

The most amazing thing is t... (Below threshold)

The most amazing thing is that some of you women actually defend this girl for whoring her way across Washington like this is a good thing. Of course men will pay young slutty chicks to fuck them, no one is surprised at that. No one is surprised either that she ended up lonely, diseased and with dimming prospects.
Where are you feminists outraged at the men for using her and discarding her like a cumstained dishrag? No, instead you defend her choice to be abused. What shit. It it like the Lewinsky thing, none of the feminists blamed Bill for anything, not one of you defended the foolish young Monica against a man who used his power to seduce her oversized ass.... Instead, you gave BJ Bill a pass since he's a Democrat. And you betrayed an impressionable and stupid young woman. Here's her successor, and again with the "she's beautiful and it's her right to fuck whoever she chooses" claptrap again. If you really gave a shit about women, you would tell her to keep her legs and her mouth shut, to make her own way in the world and not debase herself to get ahead.
You never will have it both ways, ladies. Ever. All men know that there will always be the ones that you fuck and run, and those that you respect and/or marry. Flinging your pussy around Washington like a frisbee is not going to make you powerful, or get you anything but guys like the ones she wrote about. End of story. Is this fair? No. Does anyone give a shit? Men sure don't. Wake up, women and recognize that acting like men gets men to treat you the same exact way we treat other men. As stepping stones, as means to an end, as enemies. The only ones who don't know this are you liberal gals who think you have it all figured out. You win the battles of the sexes, but you have already lost the war. Don't believe me? Look around and tell me if you see any men brought low by sex scandals. What? None? Big surprise. So Jessica is marginally hot? Men want to fuck her brains out? Sorry fellas, you'll have to settle for that ass, the brains are looong gone.

She'd look pretty good with... (Below threshold)

She'd look pretty good with the right make-up, but is certainly no natural beauty. I agree she's got some HARD MILES on 'er for a 24 yr old. But that's typical. The real beauties wouldn't go to such ends for the notoriety. Skank any way you look at it.

looks beat... (Below threshold)

looks beat

oh stop it!!! everyone who'... (Below threshold)

oh stop it!!! everyone who's out to get this girl are a bunch of hypocrites. at least shes smart enough to get something out of this whole situation, the way i see it they were all consenting adults and with jobs on the hill should know better than to trust hot girls.

Hey now, this girl had fun.... (Below threshold)

Hey now, this girl had fun.

Repurcussions? Sure, but she knew they'd come before she posted online. This is a rational, if skeptical woman. Cutler can handle her detractors and detractors-to-be like John Stienbeck handled a hangover: "as a consequence, not a punishment." This blog is well written, especially for unpolished prose -- it is hard, clear and honest.

So let's not write about her as though we psychoanalyzed from on high. There's nothing shoddier than projecting one's own insecurities onto public figures in order to excise them from oneself.

this girl a lot of credit i... (Below threshold)

this girl a lot of credit i would love to meet her. yeah, jessica, youre really hot, fuck whatever all these other losers say. :)

I know women who have done ... (Below threshold)

I know women who have done far worse things for a lot less money. Good for these ladies. At the very least they injected a serious dose of day-to-day interest in Washington by telling rough sexy truths. We all like ass fuckin, Washington included. In fact, I'd trust politicians a lot less if they were obligated to refuse there own sexuality for any reason. It is very irresponsible for people to get all worked up about politicians and their sex lives. It is our duty to look the other way, just as we would with a good friend. Good job Washington, keep doing what you're doing (in the bedroom) and stop listening to my phone calls.

i wonder if she ever manage... (Below threshold)
mrs palmer:

i wonder if she ever manages to keep two hands on the keyboard while she blogs, if u know what I mean;)
Love itsasicksadworld

Jessica Cutler, gnosis, gab... (Below threshold)

Jessica Cutler, gnosis, gabbywacko, Cholita LA and everyone else who tells it like it is without holding back - you are my heroes!

It still never ceases to amaze me how when a woman does the exact same thing that men do on a daily basis, she is crucified and called a whore but the men are typically patted on the back. ...And so what if she wrote about it... BIG DEAL?! If people weren't so nosey and bored with their own pathetic lives, this whole thing would have been a non-issue.

Anyone delusional enough to think this type of thing doesn't occur on a daily basis [everywhere, but most especially in the most corrupt place in our great country - the Nation's Capitol] is living under a rock.

To those who have nothing better to do than sling [jealous] insults and preach puritanical "ethics" perhaps you could stand to drop a little 'e' and get LAID once in a while [I'm talking about good sex, of course]. In my own rather limited experience, I've found that good sex is so hard to find, it's no wonder so many women are such bitches and so many men are walking around with blue balls.

It's also been my experience that people with such a hard-on for forcing their own morals and beliefs down others' throats usually have some deeper, darker, nastier little "sins" [which they are so desperately trying to atone for] than those of the people they claim to be on a mission to "save"...

This country was built on a foundation laid by people seeking to escape persecution of all kinds and yet some 235 +/- years later it is still prevalent. Guess we just can't escape you nosey puritan bastards... We'll just have to keep trying!

Every body has his / her p... (Below threshold)

Every body has his / her personel life. What they do apart from there job is non of our business. Why to bother them with our toughts & suggestions.
What she did is what she liked

Back when I was in college ... (Below threshold)
Bill Stewart Jr:

Back when I was in college I got ANY hot chick I wanted and I even had/have a physical disability. My college had just gone co-ed so it had more chicks than guys that went at the time. Since graduating from college to this day I still play to the tune of a couple of chicks a year. Everybody does it even in the age of HIV/AIDS some of us are just not stupid enough to put it all aout there so it can be read by anyone who understands the Engligh language. Ms. Jessica Cutler is a dead ringer for my woman without makeup :)/:)/:)...only difference being my woman is 5"6 and is a BBW of approximately 200.

Both of these girls are the... (Below threshold)

Both of these girls are the kind that never got any attention in school probably based on looks among other things. One has a receding hair line that is worse than mine and the other probably cant go into the sun. They are both eating this up.

Came to this link due to a... (Below threshold)

Came to this link due to a news header..Thoguht it might have to do with politics... smirk..
Looked at two pics, three comments... then page down to here.. what a waste of time.

Ladies, I respect what you ... (Below threshold)

Ladies, I respect what you do, I think you are both beautiful. I think it was unfortunate that you had the bad taste to post some of the details online, but then again that seems to be working out well.
I think that any woman that has the courage to be open sexually in the sexual darkness of our hypocritical country should be applauded. So from a man that has had many beautiful women I send my love.

I'm sorry, but just have no... (Below threshold)
Totally Lost:

I'm sorry, but just have not had the time to look at the photo's or read all the postings.
What is this blog about ?

The only men inclined to me... (Below threshold)

The only men inclined to mess around with "women" such as this are those lecherous losers who are simply too lazy to stroke the bone.

Some people will do absolutely anything for money. I can't understand the public's fascination with no-talent nothings like these two grotesque examples of vermin in girdles and grandma underwear. These two things are as ugly as Roseanne Barr and Rosie O'Donnell but with infinitely less talent. This gruesome twosome, (there names escape me) aren't near as physically attractive as other infamous sluts, most notably Monica Lewinski and Anna Nicole Smith.

The final say has spoken!

I read some of the blog and... (Below threshold)

I read some of the blog and find it quite funny, but I do however don't find it right of her to hang out the men as she does. exposing their real names or not..

How come ugly ppl get so mu... (Below threshold)

How come ugly ppl get so much attention?






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