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Don't Step On The Little People

They'll get you back when you least expect it...

That's a lesson WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reporter Raegan Butler learned the hard way. From the last paragraph of a story since pulled by AP.

Investigators are not sure if Powell died where her body was found or if she was killed elsewhere, WLWT Eyewitness News 5's most-overrated, obnoxious, annoying, stick-like, ho-bag, sperm-receptacle staff member Raegan Butler reported.
Thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can view a cached version of the page or a screencap version.

Update: Via the Cincinnati Black Blog we learned that WLWT's General Manager apologized to Butler and says the guilty party has been fired.

Update2: The terminated employee is strongly encouraged to contact Wizbang to tell their story. Surely there must be a heck of a backstory on this...


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Comments (7)

Where is the link on Fark, ... (Below threshold)

Where is the link on Fark, couldn't find it - and couldn't scroll down to bottom of screencap either.

Any help?

It's only on TotalFark at t... (Below threshold)

It's only on TotalFark at this point. I'm fixing the scrollbars, and added a link to a cached version of the page.

That's beautiful. I hope t... (Below threshold)

That's beautiful. I hope they don't catch whoever's responsible.

Cool, thanks. ... (Below threshold)

Cool, thanks.

I love stories of creative ... (Below threshold)

I love stories of creative revenge . . .

Back in my college days, there was a particularly nasty (non-relationship related) feud between a guy & girl. He happened to be on the yearbook staff, and when the books came out, there was a little magic-marker dot right on the nose of his nemisis on every single picture of her in the book . . . no hard-and-fast proof, so no serious consequences, but a bunch of folks got a chuckle out of it.

After that description, I w... (Below threshold)

After that description, I was hoping she'd be better looking.

That cached page is respons... (Below threshold)

That cached page is responsible for roughly 300 megs of traffic on my end (it's 50k). I almost had a coronary (not as in, "how will I afford this", but "where the hell is all this traffic coming from?"). I tracked the swarm back to here.

And I'd thought it had just died a quiet death on TotalFark :).






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