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William Kennedy Smith Accused Of Rape

I almost missed this, since it's a bit of a deja vu to 1991.

CHICAGO (CBS 2) - Thirteen years after being found not guilty of rape in Florida, William Kennedy Smith finds himself at the center of another sex scandal. The nephew of Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy is now being sued by his former personal assistant - Audra Soulias. [More]
The William Kennedy Smith trail put CourtTV on the map.


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Comments (4)

But it happened in '99, did... (Below threshold)

But it happened in '99, didn't it? Why'd she wait so long?

If this is true this dude s... (Below threshold)

If this is true this dude should have all his body hair shaved off, lipstick painted on, and have his ass thrown into a cell full of Bubba's!

To quote the Tinfoil Hat Co... (Below threshold)

To quote the Tinfoil Hat Coalition (THC), this seems like suspicious timing. Any chance she is a plant of the DNC to create a distraction from the self-induced shitstorm of scrutiny currently raining down on their chosen boy?

Hey, I can conspirorize with the best of 'em.

LB: My thought exactly<br /... (Below threshold)

LB: My thought exactly
Dave: Get away from the Season One "Oz" DVD
mAss: We'll soon learn she's the illegitimate stepchild of Karl Rove's undocumented housekeeper.






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