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The 10 Spot - Everybody Wants To Rule The World Edition

Ten things you might not have seen on the wondrous Internets...

  1. Billionairess Mama T's greatest hits, available now on KTel records! Don't miss her cover of the Tears For Fears classic Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

  2. Skanalicious Christina Aguilera is set to rule the world (Not quite safe for work) now that Britney Federline is content to squeeze out zits and babies. Christina wants you to know that she's into "pretty much anything" including hot girl on girl action. She appears to have two new additions as well...

  3. Thomas P.M. Barnett, author of The Pentagon's New Map and Kerry supporter, details why Kerry is losing the election, and will not rule the world...

  4. BoiFromTroy steps away from the blog for one day and all hell breaks loose.

  5. Are you wondering what the Kerry October surprise will be? Here's one possibility.

  6. Spirit of America want to help Iraqis bring the power of democracy to their own country this January. Support their Friends of Democracy - the Iraq Democracy Project.

  7. The diary of a first year Radio City Rockette, high kicking and everything. I've seen no indication that her goals are world domination... yet, but anyone with abs like that is bound to have a shot...

  8. Tim Blair rounds-up Operation Clark County, wherein Britannia's Guardian attempts to rule a little corner of our world - Ohio. Scott Burgess has more on the story.

  9. James Joyner tracks the ups and downs in his attempt to rule the blog world. Of course some of us are just happy to be nominated, especially when we stomp on the competition.

  10. WordPress bloggers - you want to rule the world right? Guess what? No one can read your blog on most major Windows newsreaders. WordPress' RSS feeds send malformed HTTP headers that Microsoft's .NET Framework (Service Pack 1) chokes on. That means most Windows newsreaders can't display your feeds. The issue is addressed in this WP support thread and the one character fix is provided in this post.
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Comments (6)

You guys should consider ad... (Below threshold)

You guys should consider adding this place to your EV tracker, it updates itself hourly based on the most recent poll numbers

What's interesting is, it uses the latest data from a ideologically left polling tracker, yet Bush is still up. But as far as I can tell, the EV predictor that updates hourly, has been very fair overall.

Does anyone remember when Christina Aguilera was actually really, REALLY hot and people didn't look down on her? Really, just once I'd like to see a celeb try to shock us by being more than completely worthless to society, instead of spilling all the details of her supposed sexual deviance.

Oh, Tuh-RAY-Zsa-Zsa! How w... (Below threshold)

Oh, Tuh-RAY-Zsa-Zsa! How we will miss your wit in '05 and beyond.

Don't be a stranger, sweetie. Not that you could be any stranger...

"Does anyone remember when ... (Below threshold)

"Does anyone remember when Christina Aguilera was actually really, REALLY hot and people didn't look down on her?"

You mean when "Blonde in a Bottle" first came on the scene?

That lasted about five minutes. Or did it actually start?

At 16 her break-out hit had the line: "I'm a Genie in a bottle. You've gotta rub me the right way."

She was destined for "Barely Legal" from the beginning.

Anne I rejected it for this... (Below threshold)

Anne I rejected it for this reason...

Bush wins the electoral college with probability 40.0055%
The probability of an electoral college tie is 1.179%
Kerry wins the electoral college with probability 58.8155%

Expected Bush winning margin: 3.4 electoral votes (95% confidence interval: [-80 76 ] votes)

Kerry has a 60% probability and Bush a 40 but they call it Bush by 3.4EV's?


I skimmed it 3 times had no clue what they were talking about. Maybe I should have taken the time to really check it out.

All in all, the above was not confidence inspiring.


Mama T is also referred to ... (Below threshold)

Mama T is also referred to as JFKerry's ATM, right? (CLASSIC!!) ATM can also mean "Another Theresa Moment".

I can hear the DNC workerbees complaining to each other about how everytime she opens her mouth in public it means, "ATM alert!!!...ATM alert!!!...Mission Critical....Get ready to SPIN!!!"

(I am still waiting for her to fall down drunk and wipe out the podium while stumping too)

Paul,They honestly... (Below threshold)


They honestly JUST changed their data since my first post. I went again, and they've now "adjusted" their data for their loyal (read: liberal) visitors who were upset that had Bush winning the electoral college by 56%

On their Bush/Kerry line graph, it had Bush up by much more on Oct 22. I swear, the site made a lot more sense last night, when all it did was use the latest poll numbers and graph each poll's data.

I'm looking at it again now, and it looks like some very forced, VERY creative "interpretation" of the data, but it had never done that for the past month. Sorry about that.






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