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Al Jazerra To Air New Bin Laden Tape


CAIRO, Egypt The Arab television station Al-Jazeera said Friday it would broadcast a tape from Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden on an evening newscast.

Al-Jazeera said the tape deals with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States and their consequences. While the announcer said the message was an audiotape, the station's Web site called it a video.

The Qatari-based channel did not say how it had received the tape nor how it had concluded that it was authentic.

Fox is supposedly running a this at 4PM EST. I'm sure we'll have much more on this later. Thanks to Paul for the tipoff...

Update: The linked report now has details on the tape.

Aljazeera reports Bin Ladin: Reasons to attack US remain

Gesturing at the camera with a finger to stress points, bin Ladin once again took responsibility for the September 11 attacks and said reasons to attack the United States remain.

He also accused US President George Bush of deceiving the American people.

"Despite the fact that we are into the fourth year after September 11, President Bush is still misleading you and hiding the real reason from you, which means that the reasons to repeat what happened remain," bin Ladin said.

In his address just four days ahead of the US presidential election, bin Ladin also said the US administration resembled "corrupt" Arab governments.

Update 2: Drudge has the transcript.


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Comments (9)

Just call this one "Weekend... (Below threshold)

Just call this one "Weekend at Osama's"...


He just offered us the same... (Below threshold)

He just offered us the same deal as Spain....call the WOT off and he will not attack.

The tape is now available. ... (Below threshold)

The tape is now available. According to the AP story, bin Laden brought up the bit about Bush staying at the school when he heard the news about the tower strike. Do you think maybe he's seen Farenheit 9/11?

The OsamaYomama tape will g... (Below threshold)

The OsamaYomama tape will give Bush the election....

Boy, John Kerry gave a stat... (Below threshold)

Boy, John Kerry gave a statement on the bin Laden tape. He actually almost fooled me into believing he was really a warrior. But thank goodness visions of him spouting his absurd utterances stopped my momentary lapse in good judgement. What was I thinking? John Kerry an effective Commander-in-Chief? Baloney!!!

Isn't it a hoot that bin La... (Below threshold)

Isn't it a hoot that bin Laden quotes Moore? Maybe next time he'll quote another traitor: John F. Kerry.

But wouldn't the fourth yea... (Below threshold)

But wouldn't the fourth year after September 11 (2001) be the 365 day period immediately following September 11, 2005? Maybe they accidentally released the wrong pre-recorded bin Laden video?

But wouldn't the fourth ... (Below threshold)

But wouldn't the fourth year after September 11 (2001) be the 365 day period immediately following September 11, 2005?

No. The 365-day period immediately following 9/11/01 would be the first year after, and the second year after would start immediately after 9/11/02 and the third year after would start after 9/11/03. So the fourth year after would immediately follow 9/11/04.

OBL should be hired by the ... (Below threshold)

OBL should be hired by the Kerry campaign as their speech writer. LOL. OBL would fit right in with Joe Lockhart, Lanny Davis, etc. -- they're all lying thugs.






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