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Breaking News Thread

On the assumption that there will be lots of news today, I'll put it all in one place. Newest at top.

Drudge says Kerry liking exit polls. I've heard the same.

In the enemy camp- My source from CBS mails. Ohio trending Kerry.

It ain't "breaking news," but I'm with Spoons on this one. It's been a soapbox of mine for years.

Media Mentions- Rush Limbaugh was just reading Jon Lauck's great post on the Daschle's late-night courtroom debacle.

Over 2000 votes were found on machines in Philadelphia -- before the polls even opened. Can anyone look at the map and tell me if it is a red or blue area? UPDATE: The major of Philly, who looks remarkably like Don King, was just on T.V. invoking the name of Karl Rove. Looks like the Dems are dirty. ;-) UPDATE 2: apparently there are counters on the machine from the LAST election. (huh?) those were apparently old votes. (don't ask me)


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Comments (15)

Philadelphia? You're kiddin... (Below threshold)

Philadelphia? You're kidding, right?

Howard Stern said they were... (Below threshold)

Howard Stern said they were all Bush votes.

Drudge doesn't say.

It'll be colored green with... (Below threshold)

It'll be colored green with envy by the losing side.

Come on guys, some disenfra... (Below threshold)

Come on guys, some disenfranchised voters just decided to avoid any GOP hassles at the polling site!

<a href="http://www.nbc10.c... (Below threshold)

Suspicious powder thrown at polling place in South Jersey: The incident happened at 9 a.m. at Fleetwood Elementary School at 231 Fleetwood Ave in Mt Laurel, N.J., police say.

A witness at the scene said a person apparently entered the building, threw a white substance into the air and fled.

If they were Republican vot... (Below threshold)

If they were Republican votes, why did the Kerry campaign come out with a quick denial, saying the story was false? They would have had it all over the news wires and television as quick as possible, if they had been Bush votes!

The bogus votes in Philly w... (Below threshold)

The bogus votes in Philly were in areas that no way Bush would get votes. Gore won in those areas about 6-1. I know the city well and I can say with certainty they were NOT Bush votes.

I'm amazed that you had to ... (Below threshold)

I'm amazed that you had to ASK whether Philly was blue or red, but I suppose if you don't drive through it every day like I do, and see the literally hundreds of Kedwards signs everywhere, you wouldn't necessarily know.

Out in the burbs it's a tad more balanced - signs for both candidates on my street, and no signs of vandalism. My car's in a protected lot during the day; otherwise, there's no way I'd park in Philly with the pro-Bush bumper stickers that I have.

The Republicans are wanting... (Below threshold)

The Republicans are wanting the "Preloaded" machines impounded.

When Stern's misguided bias comes through it makes him sound like a prevaricater. Once you have that repretation (like Gore, Kerry, and Clinton) its difficult to get away with screaming "the sky is falling". I'm surprised he didn't blame it on Rove.

Boy someone needs a spellin... (Below threshold)

Boy someone needs a spelling lesson (ME!). Or maybe is was a faux pas. I meant "reputation" not repretation (or did I mean reprehensible reputation).

I just heard a little bit o... (Below threshold)

I just heard a little bit of this but 30-40 cars, that the GOP rented for a get out and vote rally, tires were slashed not sure where it was will have to look it up

Did anyone see Ker... (Below threshold)

Did anyone see Kerry address the press after voting with his family?He may as well had a sign on his forward saying 'we lost'.The negative body language was overflowing.Tereza stood stone faced with head cocked at his side.His two daughters were all but holding each other up.Kerry himself seemd pissed and drained.My guess is the DNC internal polling is not looking good for KE04.

I meant 'forehead' ... (Below threshold)

I meant 'forehead' not forward.

Er....I don't want to rain ... (Below threshold)

Er....I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but those 'votes' that were on the machines weren't votes at all. It's the number of times those machines have been used in an election. The local news has been making fun of this story unmercilessly.

Mac - I heard differently: ... (Below threshold)

Mac - I heard differently: that the "votes" on those machines were from the last time they were used and never cleaned out. Sounds deliberate to me.






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