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Pssst... Want a free satellite radio system?

Howard Stern was giving away Sirius satellite radio systems today in New York to promote his move in January 2006. You mean you weren't there, but still wish you could grab one?

Howard was distributing a coupon, the details of which have conveniently leaked onto the Internet. Go here and claim your free*** radio.

*** Free with one year paid subscription...

Update: The offer code is 263 which should be pre-filled on the first screen for you. You must select the Audiovox model. On the second screen (where you choose your connector kit) enter any valid e-mail address as your Referral ID. The optional components on the third screen are just that - optional. Sign up as a new customer for 1 year or more and the receiver is yours...


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Comments (14)

Umm...dude, you need a "Ref... (Below threshold)

Umm...dude, you need a "Referral ID," which I suppose is on those coupons Stern was passing out.

well just on a whim I typed... (Below threshold)

well just on a whim I typed in the name howard stern in the "referral ID" box and it went thru. The catch is that you have to buy a 1 yr subscription plus the additional docking station and ant. that goes with one of the two models you select from. So, be prepared to spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars
Hardly free now...is it..

I tried "Howard Stern," "ho... (Below threshold)

I tried "Howard Stern," "howard stern," "howardstern" and "stern" -- all to no avail.

The "263" self enters on th... (Below threshold)

The "263" self enters on the referral. But then it wants a "referral ID" on the subsequent page. 263 doesn't work there.

Actually, never mind. All ... (Below threshold)

Actually, never mind. All you need is an e-mail address for the referral ID. Any e-mail will work, apparently.

Glad we could help, James.<... (Below threshold)

Glad we could help, James.


i wiped out the default 263... (Below threshold)

i wiped out the default 263 and re entered it and still used howard stern and it went thru...
May be just a ruse to get you to buy a subscription period??
I SWEAR...mine worked

THe offer code for the conn... (Below threshold)

THe offer code for the connector kit is HS7436. I just order my kit thanks!

XM Radio is alot better, th... (Below threshold)

XM Radio is alot better, they are on their 3rd generation radios introducing a Ipod type unit this christmas.
And XM has Opie and Anthony whom are way more funnier than Hoo Hoo.

Im just saying...

People actually still liste... (Below threshold)

People actually still listen to Howard Stern? Everyone tells me his "good days" have been long gone.

His movie was pretty good, though.

Stern/ShmernI think ... (Below threshold)

I think he's am egotistical ass myself. Demoralizes women and thinks it's funny..
Of course it doesn't help any that the bimbos on his show allow it to happen now does it...
And for the record I think his ass is ugly!!

I agree that XM Radio is su... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

I agree that XM Radio is superior...and the new portable Walkman type unit by Delphi is a breakthrough.

Speaking of Stern, he is ju... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Speaking of Stern, he is just a boring has-been...he's a one trick pony who's been using that one trick for far too long to remain cutting edge or interesting or entertaining...

Thus, to Stern I give the ultimate insult to an entertainer: he is just plain boring these days.

Please, Howard, just fade away...

don't say that, just wish h... (Below threshold)

don't say that, just wish him to have a sudden demise.

For him to fade away means that he's comparable to old soldiers ("old soldiers never die, they just fade away")

He's just a has-been






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