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Just Desserts?

From Gawker:

Freemans tuesday night the 16th of nov. the bush twins along with 2 massive secret service men tried to have dinner they were told by the maitre 'd that they were full and would be for the next 4 years upon hearing the entire restaurant cheered and did a round of shots it was amazing!!! [Ed: We're hearing that this is actually true.]
It certainly has all the earmarks of an urban legend, and surely has sulking Democrats feeling all giddy inside.

Sorry to rain on your Lower East Side parade libs; but the story is sure bet to flame out before the weekend is up...

Comments (14)

Oh, I don't know. I see a f... (Below threshold)

Oh, I don't know. I see a forged memo from the maitre 'd on 60 minutes...

Actually, it's TRUE!!!... (Below threshold)

Actually, it's TRUE!!!

My sister's mother-in-law has an ex-boyfriend, whose cousin's half-sister's nephew works back in the back, washing dishes!!! He was in the bathroom at the time it happened!!!

He said the materdee really has a loud voice!!! And the entire restaurant spontaneously did a round of shots!!! Even the people who didn't drink just couldn't resist, and nobody worried about being a designated driver -- it was wild!!! The bartender personally came in and passed shots around to all of us in the restroom!!! I could see the bush twins were crying, too, when I walked out!!! The two massive secret service men were also crying!!! Humiliations galore!!! The bartender had a shot in each hand and was pretending to offer them to the twins, and as they reached for the shots, he would hold them high over his head so that the twins would have to jump up and down to try and get them!!! They weren't tall enough!!! It was so funny!!! The whole restaurant was dying laughing!!! Even the two massive secret service men were laughing, now!!!

There's a jerk born everyda... (Below threshold)

There's a jerk born everyday Chuckie...

...and when the Bush daught... (Below threshold)

...and when the Bush daughters and the Secret Service agents got back to the hotel, they discovered a hook embedded in the side of the car. And the hitchhiker they'd picked up on the way had vanished into thin air!

Even if the story were true... (Below threshold)

Even if the story were true, what would that prove? That there are a lot of resentful liberal jerks out there? We already knew that.

and then everybody was high... (Below threshold)

and then everybody was high-fiving each other and we all went out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and had 22 oz. Porterhouse's, which was the best EVER!!!!

This story is pitiful wheth... (Below threshold)

This story is pitiful whether it's true or not. The fact that people would celebrate the idea of the Bush twins being discriminated against just demonstrates again what is wrong with many libs. These same rejoicing libs would have their underpants in a lather if Kerry's daughters were treated this way. I believe the vast majority of Bush supporters would condemn such treatment of Vanessa and Alexandra, not do the jig and take pleasure in it.

If this had happened to Che... (Below threshold)

If this had happened to Chelsea Clinton there would be lawsuits, IRS audits, FBI investigations, allegations the restaurant/patrons had threatened the President's life, and untold wailing about the "new McCarthyism."

Who in their right mind wou... (Below threshold)

Who in their right mind would want to eat with Liberals? Eating with a Lib is like dining with a trained chimp.

BTW, this story -- true or ... (Below threshold)

BTW, this story -- true or not -- fits the profile of the mentally ill left. They've resorted to racism, discrimination and drudging up old stereotypes in their obvious madness. I'm waiting for Teddy Kennedy in the midst of another of his benders to haul off and call Condi a "nigger." These people need to be beaten back as one would beat back a horde of rabid carnivores.

I just love the lack of pun... (Below threshold)

I just love the lack of punctuation and capitalization in that run-on sentence. If it were true, the liberal blogs would be all over it. Er, wait... They were all over the See B.S. fake memo story, weren't they? Drat! So much for that theory.

This sounds like something ... (Below threshold)

This sounds like something from an ultra-liberal hater's wet dream. It sounds totally unbelievable, and truly is that. First off, I hardly believe any professional establishment would do something like that, if it had happened, which it didn't, the backlash would be immeadiate and severe. First off these are 2 young ladies who haven't done anything to hurt anyone. I would find it impossible to believe that the ENTIRE restaurant would "cheer" and then all do shots! I also find it impossible that the entire crowded restaurant would be able to hear such an interaction perfectly. The storyteller populates the entire restaurant with very bitter, mean-spirited liberals who rejoice through misguided anger at children of the president. The storyteller is very vauge and the whole tale wreaks of partisan wish fufillment. He obviously thinks that we are all as stupid as he is! This incident never happened and is clearly an imbeciles desperate attempt to launch an urban legend! The entire restaurant cheered and did shots????!!!!! Right! LOL!

The restaurant must discrim... (Below threshold)

The restaurant must discriminate against Republicans. :)

Waiting for Snopes to pick this one up.

ClusterChuck, you perfectly... (Below threshold)

ClusterChuck, you perfectly capture the tone of AOL spam. You have a great career ahead of you in the field of Nigerian finance.






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