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True Confessions

I have a shameful secret to confess.

It's almost 9:00 p.m. on Sunday and I'm getting ready to watch "Desperate Housewives."

I gotta admit, I'm hooked on this chick show, this nighttime soap opera. But I have the manliest of reasons for loving the show.

1) Teri Hatcher. She's one of the best comic actresses around, both in timing and physicality. Put her on the screen and you're guaranteed laughs.
Further, she's a screaming hottie about whom I've harbored impure thoughts about since I first saw her in "Lois And Clark." She is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
But Teri, please, take it from someone who's loved you for years. Keep the clothes on. I saw you in "Heaven's Prisoners," and -- how can I say this kindly? -- gravity has not been kind to you. Keep wearing the hot clothes.

2) Felicity Huffman. I loved her on "Sports Night," and always thought she was fantastic. Plus, she's married to The Shoveler.

3) Marcia Cross. I wasn't familiar with her before this show, but she's a gorgeous redhead who, last week, stripped down to racy red lingerie. That, my friends, is quality entertainment.

4) The show is narrated by a character who died in the pilot. I've always enjoyed shows that had a strong element of the surreal (Scrubs, Ally McBeal, the occasional Drew Carey), and ya don't get much more surreal than a ghost narrator.

I'd write more, but the show's starting. Nobody bother calling me for the next hour -- you'll get the machine.



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Comments (10)

I watch "The Naked Chef," e... (Below threshold)

I watch "The Naked Chef," even though I can't cook and don't even like food for the most part, because the chef has the world's bluest eyes... so, I for one can't point any fingers.

I think you're right about ... (Below threshold)

I think you're right about Teri Hatcher and physical comedy, JT. She's well on her way to becoming the female John Ritter.

But, c'mon, reason #1 has to be Eva Longoria.

Yes, Eva is dead hot and I ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Eva is dead hot and I am shocked you left her out. I am also hooked on the show for the hot women but the plot is actually entertaining. I find myself week after week telling a dear friend I went to high school with, "Jenni! DHW is coming on!" She and I watch the show together via IM and it is the highlight of my Sunday night. Well, until Boston Legal comes on.

ABC has a great Sunday line up this season. I just wish Alias was still on.

I've always enjoyed show... (Below threshold)

I've always enjoyed shows that had a strong element of the surreal

American Gothic?

I had initially worried tha... (Below threshold)

I had initially worried that they wouldn't be able to keep up the camp, and the suspense, but so far-so good.

It really is a very entertaining show, and even I can appreciate how sexy the women are. And, although her character is obvious, I think that Nicolette Sheridan is doing a good job with the campiness.

What I dread now, is that every other network will try to come up with it's own DH, and the original will go overboard to keep its viewers in place.

It's 1130, and I just turne... (Below threshold)

It's 1130, and I just turned over to Fox for Seinfeld. It's the Terri Hatcher "they're spectacular!" episode.

I absolutely love this show... (Below threshold)

I absolutely love this show. I can't get my husband to watch it though. Every Sunday at 9:00 he hands me the remote and heads upstairs...I keep telling him that it's NOT a soap opera for women only but he won't listen...
My daughter (24) has a different insight as to why he won't watch it but I don't dare say it here...He now reads Wiz thanks to my referral during the election covereage. Still, I'll have to confess her reason once he reads this comment tonight.

I had a first date last nig... (Below threshold)

I had a first date last night, and we were driving back when my date got a phone call. I heard her say something about she had missed something, and "I would have taped it for you!" I asked what she had missed and and as it turned out she was talking about DH. I casually interjected "Hey, I think I've got that on Tivo." Hey eyes instantly lit up and she told her friend "OK I'm going over to this guy's house" and not to wait up.

I love you Tivo.

Terry Hatcher was EXTREMELY... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

Terry Hatcher was EXTREMELY HOT in Brain Smasher: A Love Story

JIt's not a "chick s... (Below threshold)

It's not a "chick show," my friend, more men watch it than women and I have absolutely no interest in seeing it but the males in this household can't wait for it to be on. Un believable.







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