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This Just In... Chevy Chase Is Still Not Funny

Richard Leiby, in The Washington Post's Reliable Source (registration required), has the details on Chase's Bush f-bombs bombing in front of a supposedly sympathetic Hollywood liberal crowd. The usual suspects were in town for an awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center staged by People for the American Way. The only thing missing was John Kerry rushing to the stage to proclaim Chevy as the "heart and soul of America."

Update: Michelle Malkin has more on People for the American Way.


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Comments (14)

Daschle was there too...FOR... (Below threshold)

Daschle was there too...FORMER Senator Daschle :)

As with Whoopi's grotesquer... (Below threshold)

As with Whoopi's grotesquery last July (one of your links, "heart and soul..."), there's a subculture in entertainment, particularly films, that gruop hugs itself into delusion. Or, moreso. Something about the closed society naturre of the film industry sets most who 'succeed' in that industry into some cloistered and bleak place about the United States, that sustains itself/themselves on one another's delusions and paranoia. Meaning, it's similar to institutionalized persons, all of whom compound and contribute to the institutionalized think and group mentality and anyone "new" is entirely baffled by the overwhelming group self confirmation and affirmation based upon delusions.

It's a tough business but it's only tough because there are impossible standards to be worse-yet-best all at the same time. Success is measured by who gets talked about the most, the old adage that "any publicity is good publicity" and it has nothing to do with ethical behavior up to a point (my conditioning clause here). Such that, the many performers and various spokespersons reinforce a twisted, fearful, paranoid and quite sarcastically undermining perspective about what it means to not be trendy and to be Christian (which isn't trendy to most in entertainment) and to be Republican (also not trendy) and to be, especially, an American.

There are several high profile success stories by Republican, conservative and even Christians in the entertainment industry, yes, but they are the exception to this general closed society group hug distortion that otherwise seeps out across the land from many involved in entertainment. Lots of Jewish psychiatrists keep very, very busy in Los Angeles and New York but I often wonder why many there never seem to get the help that they need.

People in entertainment are just confused as to what "values" mean and why they aren't always the equivalent with "box office." There are so many people who modify what they believe in and think just because the closed society stops calling them. It's a shame. But, mostly, I find it disappointing that the word, "values" and what they mean aren't often even an issue for many in entertainment, but represent something to be reviled. There are limits and fixed issues to many but you'd never know it based upon much of the American film industry.

I would have commented soon... (Below threshold)

I would have commented sooner, but a manure spreader jackknifed at the Kennedy Center. You should see my shoes!

See-Dubya, tell me about it... (Below threshold)

See-Dubya, tell me about it. He may not be funny now, but Fletch is still one of my all time favorites.

I'll have a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich.

Booze, pills, and P.E.S.T ... (Below threshold)

Booze, pills, and P.E.S.T -- a dangerous combination. But, the hell with Chevy. I want to see Hotel Rwanda. I love Don Cheadle. Please don't tell me he's a moonbat, too!

I stopped paying attention ... (Below threshold)

I stopped paying attention to him after I heard one of his paens of praise to Castro.

PLUS he's hasn't been funny for a long time.

The problem with actors isn... (Below threshold)

The problem with actors isn't so much that they're mostly idiots. It's more than they don't KNOW they're idiots.

I have to agree with my poi... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with my pointy friend above, Fletch is one of the funniest movies ever. (And Fletch 2 completely sucked.)

The only thing I ever thoug... (Below threshold)

The only thing I ever thought was funny with Chevy Chase was the Candy Gram bit. I still laugh at that shark.

How can they know, TallDave... (Below threshold)

How can they know, TallDave? Everyone is always telling them how great they are. They are all geniuses. Everyone in Hollywood is a genius. Listen to how many times they use the "G" word to describe each other.

Virtually all of Hollywood'... (Below threshold)

Virtually all of Hollywood's Whoopi's, Alec's and Chevy's are losers that have no self-confidence. Any press is good press for them. They worry about going to a party and speak for themselves, so they try to emulate what they think they are 'suppose' to say when in 'lala' land circles.

This is opposed to the way a Bruce Willis or Ahnold have always been when they walk into a room. These are men that are powerful enough in their own right, that they could care less what some liberal director in the corner thinks about their politics. They are, and have always been, winners, and don't need to whine like the rest of Hollywood.

You know the ironic thing a... (Below threshold)

You know the ironic thing about Chevy is he owes most of his SNL sucess to his imitations of President Gerald Ford. It allowed his physical comedy to be displayed and everyone thought it was funny. Chase's career was on the downhill slide when "Fletch" was released in 1985 during the height of the Reagan Revolution when people started attending movies again because they actually had some cash to do so. "Back to the Future" and even "The Goonies" out-grossed Fletch by a long shot, though.

I used to be a fan. Watchi... (Below threshold)

I used to be a fan. Watching Hollywood over the last several years has been like watching "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Someone put left-wing anti-American 'pods' in the bedrooms of these people while they slept. In any case, they get no more if my business.

I'm with SaaM and the King.... (Below threshold)

I'm with SaaM and the King. Fletch rules.

Gail Stanwyck: You ordered luch to my room.
Fletch: Well, I knew that's where my mouth would be.

Fat Sam: I've got some reds.
Fletch: You don't mean communists do you Sammy?

And the sequel sucked. As did most other CC films.






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